Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Style Guide: How to Wear a Long Silk Vest {PART 1}

 photo scarf vest3_zpsngqongxr.png

Who says you can't layer during the Spring? I love layering looks even in the Spring & Summer time. The trick to wearing layers during the hotter months are keeping the layered pieces light. And there's no better lighter piece then a long silky vest.

 photo scarf vest5_zpsg0bes6zq.png
 photo scarf vest_zpsp7jowze1.png
 photo scarf vest2_zpso9pnzbtp.png
 photo scarf vest4_zps8cbf1jye.png
 photo scarf vest6_zpsctfw0nxb.png
Vest: Susan Graver c/o QVC (similar styles here and here) | Shirt: H&M | Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Anne Michelle via Ideeli (similar styles here, here, and here) | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff 
Sunglasses: Feather's Boutique

pictures by Brian Cavanaugh

1. Keep It Light. When picking layering pieces for the Summer you want to think light and flowy. Pick a silky vest or a scarf vest, these have a bit of air to them and movement. Doing a light piece will not only help you from sweating everywhere but also won't add bulk to your look.

2. Add a Pop of Color. When doing a silk vest pick one that has color to it, it is summer after all! Doing a vest that has that summer color will also add a lightness to the overall look. When doing a colorful vest keep everything else neutral. I love all white outfits paired with a POP of color.

3. Play with Lengths. When doing something long you always want to make your legs look long. Wearing high heels will add the length to your legs while also equaling out the long length of the vest.

4. Keep it Basic. Don't clutter the look with lots of accessories. I'm a total minimalist, especially during the Summer, so I love clean looks. When it comes to layering, I like a look that doesn't have too many pieces as the focus should be on one or two pieces. The focus of this look is the silk vest so if doing a necklace or bracelet do simple little pieces with a nude bag and heel. Of course this doesn't mean boring. Go for a shoe that has some interesting detail like a lace up heel.

How would you wear a silk vest?

Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Wear: Summer Uniform

 photo summer uniform5_zpsxeq2jbyd.png
 photo summer uniform_zps6circb1o.png
 photo summer uniform2_zps2m7sm2xb.png
 photo summer uniform3_zpssdzjruit.png
 photo summer uniform4_zpszsyxcp0p.png
Shirt: Madewell | Shorts: American Eagle | Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs | Sunglasses: Feathers Boutique

pictures by Brian Cavanaugh

Cutoff shorts are always my go to for the summer. Paired with a casual t-shirt, you got the perfect casual weekend look. I love just kicking back in my easy wear, especially on those really hot sticky days during the summer. Which we really hadn't had yet.

What is your go to look for the summer?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Hair 101

 photo SummerHair2_zpsyzcmorsc.png

Summer is made for salty sweaty hair. After spending the day outside (whether at the beach, rooftop BBQ, or running around the City) my hair is typically a mess. I love throwing in a small can of dry shampoo (now using Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo) in my day bag. Amika's travel size can is a perfect fit for your make-up bag and can easily be tossed in your day bag. One of the highlights of this dry shampoo is that you don't need a combo to get it through your tousles. Spray your scalp and finger it into your hair. This will give your hair a cleaner look, which is great for after beach drinks or just touching your hair up after spending the day outside.

 photo SummerHair_zpsyxfdhoqb.png
 photo SummerHair6_zpssimzfijx.png
 photo SummerHair4_zps4adp3urc.png
 photo SummerHair3_zpsthi0dagg.png
 photo SummerHair7_zpso2zwft4j.png
 photo SummerHair5_zpsdvmokn3i.png
Top: American Apparel | Shorts: Topshop | Sandals: Kate Spade | Sunglasses: Feathers Boutique 

I also like to use Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo as a style tool. The best time to style your hair, especially for us girls with pin straight hair, is when you hair is a little greasy. Too keep my hair (especially my bangs) from looking totally dirty I spray Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo before curling and styling my hair. Not only does it fresh up my hair but holds my curls.

Do you use dry shampoos, if so which ones?

Monday, June 22, 2015

Now Trending: Flared Jeans

 photo summerflare_zpstqs9x2qp.png
The wide leg pants trend has been around for sometime now. This Spring/Summer it's all about the flared jeans, from wide flares to skinny flares. To look lean and tall in a pair of flares, pick a pair of flared jeans that are skinny and sit higher on the waist. This will give the illusion of long leg. Plus, pair it with high heels for added length.

 photo summerflare4_zpsh0rhrbm8.png
 photo summerflare5_zpsmuiwr0ua.png
 photo summerflare3_zpseywhzco9.png
 photo summerflare2_zps952xtzhr.png
Top: H&M (old, similar styles here and here) | Jeans: Carmar | Shoes: Dolce Vita | Scarf: Topshop |
 Bag: Rebecca Minkoff  | Sunglasses: Boohoo (similar style here

Maybe it's a bit of the hippy girl in me, I've always been a fan of flared jeans. Before skinny jeans were all over the place, I've in jeans that had a bit of a kick to them. This summer, I'm totally embracing the trend. I like pairing flared jeans with oversized tops, like this peplum top from H&M, and a pair of heels to balance the look out.

Are you rocking the flared jeans trend this season?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Style Guide: How to Wear a Jumpsuit to a Summer Wedding

Summer is the time for love! it's the season of weddings, wedding vow renewals, engagement parties, etc. etc. etc. Breakout of the wedding style rut and jump into a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are perfect for your summer engagements, whether it's formal in or in formal as you can play with it's look. Slip into a pair of flat sandals for a casual party or strut your stuff in a pair of high heel sandals for a more formal look. These suits are comfortable enough for a outdoor event and cozy enough for something indoors.

How I Wore the Look:

 photo jumper2_zpsrvlkvaaj.png
 photo jumper_zpsikpfnln3.png
 photo jumper4_zpssx2uftl3.png
 photo jumper3_zps7p1s5itt.png
Jumpsuit: Topshop | Sandals: Forever21 (old) | Necklace: Topshop
Clutch: Anthropolgie (old, similar styles that I like here and here ) | Sunglasses: Raybans 

My husband and I attended his aunt and uncle's wedding vow renewals. It was a casual affair at his grandparents house in Maryland, where they had originally exchanged their vows 26 years ago. Though these photos are a recreation of the look, this is what I wore to the affair. It was perfect for a sticky evening outside, and stuffing my face with cake. The jumpsuit can easily transition from casual to dressy with a switch of accessories. I can't wait to dress this jumper up for work!

Would you wear a jumpsuit to a summer wedding?

Monday, June 15, 2015

Inspirational Monday: Flamingos

 photo Birds of a Feather_zpsrza3utzg.png

This summer I am all about Flamingos!! From the first time I saw the flamingo print on Kate Spade's summer collection, I've been HOOKED. Flamingos remind me of sun, beach, and just overall summer happiness. FLAMINGO EVERYTHING PLEASE!

 photo flamingo_zpsgimy8wkd.png
 photo flamingo4_zpsnq9wjtji.png
 photo flamingo3_zpsodjyvzsg.png
 photo flamingo2_zpsdlmyxzxl.png
 photo flamingo5_zps1cvl3abh.png
Shirt: Kate Spade | Skirt: H&M (old) | Shoes: Kate Spade | Bag: Anthropolgie (old, similar style here ) | 
Sunglasses: Feathers Boutique 

Since we went to Key West for our anniversary I couldn't think of a better place to rock the flamingo shirt. I wore this look out to dinner and drinks Saturday night in Key West. I had to pair this shirt with a feathery skirt! And I'm glad that I did, I got so many complainants on my look! More then I thought I would. 

What do you think of the flamingo print?

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Weekend Wear: From the Streets to the Beach

 photo streetstothebeach_zpsryevkgdx.png
 photo streetstothebeach3_zpst05vtcpc.png
 photo streetstothebeach2_zpsfd8zx3lg.png
Dress: Zara | Shoes: Kate Spade | Hat: Aritzia | Bag: Kate Spade (similar style here) | Sunglasses: Feathers Boutique 

photos by Brian Cavanaugh

This past weekend my husband and I took a quick trip to Key West to celebrate our one year anniversary. The number one essential for this trip was a dress that can transition from the streets to the beach. We spent time outside of the hotel exploring what Key West had to offer. Before hitting the beach Saturday, we spent it out wandering the streets and hitting up Blue Heaven for brunch. This Zara dress was the perfect day dress and beach dress. The transition from the streets to the beach was an easy one...flip flops and stripping down to your bikini!

How was your weekend?