Friday, December 19, 2014

Gift Ideas: DIY Tea Gift Box and Coffee Box Sets

When it comes to office gifts I love doing more personal touches such as DIY gift. Not only is it more personal to do a DIY gift but cost effective too. These past couple of years I did little gift sets for my co-workers; a Hot Chocolate Mason Jar Kit (see here) and S'more Kit (see here). This year I decided to put together some tea and coffee gift box sets. This was super fun to do and easy to get all the supplies

Tea Gift Box Set:

 photo giftbaskets_zps256a4d50.png
 photo giftbaskets2_zps3be8c9c0.png
 photo giftbaskets3_zpsca77225e.png

What You'll Need
- Christmas gift box (from Lot For Less can also find in Target. find here)
- Tea Mug (from Lot For Less, Target has really cheap and cute ones. Find here)
- Mix box of teas (bought two boxes of Twinnings mix boxes 20ct)
- Cookies or Biscottis 
- Paper shreds (bought at Paper Source find shredded paper)
- Saran Wrap
- Seasonal Twine (bought at Paper Source find here)
- Christmas Tags (bought at Paper Source find here)

Step 1. Fill bottom of the box with paper shreds.
Step 2. Arrange your mug and teas into box.
Step 3. Wrap your cookies and biscottis in saran wrap to keep them fresh. I had did two of each kind of cookies. 
Step 4. Place cookies into box.
Step 5. Close the lip. Instead of using the twin to go all the way over the box twice I made it long enough to go over the box once and then over the top to tie the Christmas tag in place. Then I was able to tape the twine to the bottom of the box.

This the perfect little gift to give someone that you know is a tea drinker. You can personalize it with candy that you know they like or even a funny little mug that they will appreciate. You can even do loose teas and put in a tea infuser. Since I was making multiple ones of these I found it easier to just keep it simple.

Coffee Gift Box Set: 

 photo giftbaskets4_zps5a0f826b.png
 photo giftbaskets5_zpsc84694ac.png

What You'll Need
- Christmas lid gift box (from Lot For Less can also find in Target. find here)
- Coffee Mug (from Lot For Less, Target has really cheap and cute ones. Find here)
- bag of coffee (bought mine from Honolulu Coffee Company) 
- Cookies or Biscottis 
- Paper shreds (bought at Paper Source find shredded paper)
- Saran Wrap
- Seasonal Twine (bought at Paper Source find here)
- Christmas Tags (bought at Paper Source find here)

Step 1. Fill bottom of the box with paper shreds.
Step 2. Arrange your mug and coffee bag/
Step 3. Wrap your cookies and biscottis in saran wrap to keep them fresh. I had did two of each kind of cookies. 
Step 4. Place cookies into box.
Step 5. Close the lip. Instead of using the twin to go all the way over the box twice I made it long enough to go over the box once and then over the top to tie the Christmas tag in place. Then I was able to tape the twine to the bottom of the box.

Know a coffee drinker? This is perfect for the caffeine addicted. If you know they use K-Cups buy a variety pack or if you know their favorite coffee buy them a bag of that. You can even add in a french press or a giftcard to Starbucks (or any other coffee shop that they like). 

Are you doing any DIY Christmas gifts this year? 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How to Wear All Black and Not Look Basic

 photo allblack_zps075a5bd5.png

As a New Yorker, I think it's in our DNA to gravitate towards all black looks. Black is a stable in my wardrobe. It's simple, chic, and timeless. An all black look is basic but doesn't have to look it. With key mixes you can take an all black look from boring to interesting.

How I Wore It:

 photo allblack6_zps3ee69ca7.png
 photo allblack3_zps5e4e6de1.png
 photo allblack4_zpsed20a52a.png
 photo allblack5_zps914cf163.png
 photo allblack2_zpsef23b967.png
 photo allblack7_zps165d0ad1.png
Jacket: William Rast c/o Lord & Taylors and FashionIndie | Top: Gap | Jeans: c/o Vigoss | Boots: Aldo (old)
Scarf: NYC Vendor | Bag: Coach | Sunglasses:

1. Mixing Materials. Have fun with mixing materials and textures. Use pants like wax jeans, like these Vigoss jeans, or leather pants and pair it up with sueded boots. Try boots that are either knee high or over the knee. Mixing textures can give the look dimension.

2. Statement Coat. Use your coat to make your outfit pop. Pick a coat that is patterned or colorful.

3. Mixing Prints. I love using accessories to mix in prints with a look. Scarves are a great way to add color and prints to this look. Especially when you can wear the scarf with just your overall look.

How do you wear all black looks?

Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Gift of Giveaways: Get Healthy Skin for the New Year with Pur Minerals

 photo purminerals_zpse711e972.png

Ever since I met Pur Minerals at NYFW Spring 2014 at the Birchbox lounge I have been obsessed with their products. My face is fickle when it comes to face creams and products, but Pur Minerals doesn't leave my skin irritated. Pur Minerals is a beauty company that is 100% cruelty free, no animal testing, and is eco-friendly. They are a innovative brand that doesn't just believe in covering skin imperfections but also helping correct it's over all appearance. Let Pur Minerals help you start off the New Year right with a fresh face! One lucky reader will win a prize pack of all my favorite Pur Mineral products which include: Dirty Girl Detoxifying Mudd Masque, Soak It Up Intense Hydration Moisturizer, Miracle Mist Hydrate & Set, and 4-in-1 Liquid Foundation. See how I use these products and enter to win your own set!

Dirty Girl

 photo purminerals5_zps7713e1dd.png
 photo purminerals6_zpse3bfd6c4.png
 photo purminerals7_zps8a6e599f.png

Dirty Girl was one of the first products I was introduced to by Pur Minerals. At the Birchbox lounge they should me just how Dirty Girl worked on my hand alone, I completely saw a difference in color right after the removal of the masque. I've never been a huge fan of masque since my skin can have a freak out from it. Dirty Girl is effective and safe for unclogging pores, exfoliating the skin, and eliminates excess oil, dirt, and impurities all without leaving your skin dry and irritated. I love using this masque at least once a month to do a deep cleaning of my face. This is also a fun product to have at a girls night in. The night before my wedding my bridesmaids and I popped some bubbly, watched the movie Bridesmaids, and did a Dirty Girl masque. It was the one thing I knew would leave my skin refreshed for the big day!

Soak It Up

 photo purminerals10_zpsc4fd038b.png
 photo purminerals11_zps536264df.png
 photo purminerals12_zps84c697e4.png

Winter dries my skin up like no other. Between the heat in our apartment and the harass winter conditions outside my face takes a beating. Soak It Up Intense Hydration Moisturizer is unlike anything I have ever used. It looks and feels a little like goo but it feels so amazing once you put it on your face. I love using this product after a shower and/or right before bed. It replenishes the moisture that has been drained from the day. If my skin is feeling extra dry in the morning I use this before applying make-up.

Miracle Mist Hydrate & Set

 photo purminerals3_zpsb53032c4.png
 photo purminerals8_zps98c115fb.png
 photo purminerals9_zpsd44e1d0f.png

I've never used a hydration or setting mist before owning the Pur Minerals Miracle Mist,. This has forever changed my skin care game. Since it's always about a thousand degrees in our apartment during the winter (when renting an apt in NYC you do not have control over your own heat), I wake up and my face just feels hot and looks a little flush. I like to use the Miracle Mist to cool down my skin before applying make up. This mist instantly feels cooling, soothing, and removes the flush look from my cheeks. To use as a make-up setter spray on after make-up application. This will set your make-up for a full day of running around or a night out on the town.

4-in-1 Liquid Foundation

 photo purminerals2_zps2abbfbae.png
 photo purminerals13_zpsc683c952.png
 photo purminerals14_zpse006e10f.png
 photo purminerals15_zps0f17973a.png

I've always found foundation to be too heavy on my skin. Whenever I applied it I felt like I was caked up in make-up. Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Liquid Foundation is the opposite of just that. It feels light on the skin and doesn't appear like you have a mask on. This foundation is also made to last all day so no touch ups are needed. You can go from work to cocktails without having to worry about reapplying. Also unlike most foundations the 4-in-1 is made to keep your skin moisturized by using a super-hydrating Ceretin Complex. Apply your liquid foundation with a liquid chisel brush like this one from Pur Minerals will help you get a flawless even look.

Enter to win all of these products: Dirty Girl Detoxifying Mudd MasqueSoak It Up Intense Hydration Moisturizer, Miracle Mist Hydrate & Set, and 4-in-1 Liquid Foundation! One lucky reader will be chosen. No purchase necessary. Contest ends Sunday 12/21 at Midnight.

 photo purminerals4_zpsf548eb22.png

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What is your daily skin routine?

Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday Dressing: How to Wear Sequin Leggings Two Ways

I've wanted a pair of sequin leggings FOREVER, but the price was always to high when it came to how many times I would actually wear them. Thanks to Aerie for finally letting me get my hands on a pair! These bad boys are only $44.95 (buy here) and are perfect to wear for the Holiday Season. You can pair them up for a casual Holiday Party or for a New Years Eve party!

Casual Holiday Party

 photo Sequin1_zps91dc10ff.png
 photo sequin2_zps5f3a1291.png
 photo sequin4_zpsb40cbe68.png
 photo sequin5_zps189eafe0.png
 photo sequin3_zpsc2777711.png
Blazer: c/o Wallis | Shirt: Ripcurl | Leggings: c/o Aerie | Shoes: Shoemint | Bag: Coach 

Pair up your ugly sweater or a fun Holiday graphic tee with a pair of sequin leggings. Add metallic heel to balance the casual look and dressy look. I will be wearing this fun casual party look to my husband's office party. I decided to add a blazer for an extra touch of dressiness, plus it's winter so an extra layer doesn't hurt. I picked up this Rip Curl top while in Hawaii and just knew that this was going to be my go to Holiday shirt this year.

New Years Eve

 photo sequin11_zps1ef7158b.png
 photo sequin6_zps2c476733.png
 photo sequin8_zpsbffa7375.png
 photo sequin9_zpsbb23026e.png
 photo sequin10_zpsec49b861.png
Jacket: Calvin Klein | Shirt: H&M | Leggings: c/o Aerie | Shoes: Kate Spade from DSW | Headband: Aldo
Clutch: Anthropologie 

I've always been a dress/skirt girl for NYE, but sequins is made for New Years Eve. These leggings are super comfortable so they are perfect to either get your groove on in or your lounge on. This year we are heading to our friends place for a NYE party. I love that these pants are flashy but casual ...and I love any opportunity to play dress up. To dress up the look pair it with a champagne top and a bit of sparkle like these Kate Spade pumps.

How would you wear sequin leggings?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holiday Gift of Giveaways: Holiday Make-up with Flickable

 photo flickable3_zpsea7b0786.png

Holiday make-up is just as important as your Holiday outfits. This season Flickable wants you to put your best lips forward! Flickable is a brand new luxe lipgloss company that is fun, flirty, and cruelty free. Their lipgloss taste just as great as they look! Hate sticky lipgloss? Well you're in luck, Flickable is a non-sticky lipgloss, that will leave your lips shiny and kissable. ONE lucky reader will win Flickable's Pop Bouquet which includes all of their lipgloss colors: Better Off Red, Do Ya Pink I'm Sexy, Citrus How We Do It, Toffee Talk, and Fight for Your White to Party. These colors will take you throughout your busy Holiday schedule as well as your daily life.

 photo Flickable_zps80a91b21.png
 photo Flickable2_zpsaca1994a.png

1. Brown Smokey Eyes with Flickable Do Ya Pink I'm Sexy. Smokey eyes are sexy but can be to dramatic for a work function event. That's when neutral tone smokey eyes step in. This eyeshadow is perfectly dramatic without being overtly bold. Add pink lips for a punch of color. Pair with your favorite LBD (little black dress) and pumps.

2. Dark Smokey Eyes with Flickable Better off Red. Dark Smokey Eyes go hand and hand with red lips. This is a bold look to pull off and is better off used for a cocktail party or an outside work function. To add to the drama pair with a sequins dress.

3. Pink Shimmer Eyes with Flickable Toffee Talk. Will you be spending Christmas with your significant other's family? Don't look to over done, do a pink shimmer eye and a nude lip. Show off your fun side and pair it up with a festive sweater, jeans, and boots. 

4. Nude Eyes with Flickable Citrus How We Do It. Keeping your Christmas casual also means keeping your make-up casual. Do a nude eye and dramatic lashes. Make your eyes wider by adding white eyeliner to the bottom eyeline. Do a bright lip to counteract the nude eye. Just like your make-up keep your outfit simple: tunic, leggings, and boots. 

5. Glitter Eyes with Flickable Fight for Your White to Party. For New Years Eve go bold with your make-up. Do a glitter eye and a pouty frosty lip. Do a bright color dress like a little red dress to add a splash of color. 

Enter to win a Flickable Pop Bouquet! ONE lucky reader will win a Flickable Pop Bouquet. No purchase necessary. Contest will end Wednesday 17th at Midnight. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

MomentsofChic with Piperlime: Christmas Spirit

 photo moments_zpsbecf1159.png
 photo moments3_zpsb11f52c2.png
 photo monents4_zps9d2761f2.png
 photo moments2_zpsedf43adb.png
 photo moments7_zpsf95f4113.png
 photo moments5_zpse39cba97.png
 photo moments6_zps3a7bb8bc.png
Jacket: Sanctuary c/o Piperime | Sweater: H&M | Jeans: American Eagle | Boots: Chinese Laundry c/o Piperlime | Bag: Coach | Beanie: Free People | Scarf: c/o Aerie | Sunglasses: c/o Lacoste 

pictures by Brian Cavanaugh

This weekend the husband and I bought our first REAL Christmas tree together! I've always had a real tree growing up, but ever since we've been living together (5 years!) we've always had a fake tree. This year I talked him into getting a real one, especially since I thought our kitten would destroy our fake one. So Sunday I put on some festive gear to do some tree shopping. I felt super cozy in my Chinese Laundry over the knee boots and parka from Sanctuary. Piperlime totally read my mind, I've been wanting a parka jacket forever now but never seemed to have gotten around to buying one. The Holidays season for me is all about layers and bundling up. Pairing a festive sweater with over the knee boots is perfect for Holiday festivities as well as a casual Holiday dinner. I will be rocking these on Christmas for sure! PS This H&M sweater is actually from the menswear line!

Are you guys in the Holiday spirit?

Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Gift of Giveaways: Holiday Nails with Julep

 photo julep5_zps337be3aa.png

'Tis the season for Holiday sweaters, tights, and NAILS! I know I'm not the world's best nail artist but I do love me some festive nails, whether that it's painting Christmas tones on my nails or trying to master a Christmas tree on them. If your looking for the perfect Holiday nail color then look no further, Julep has your nails covered this Holiday Season! I have partnered with Julep to not only get you inspired for the season but ONE lucky winner will win THREE Holiday ready colors: Cara, Josephine, and Bradien.

 photo julep_zps3e46d4d4.png

Like I said I'm no nail art maven...but it doesn't prevent me from having a little fun. I used Julep's three colors CaraJosephine, and Bradien to create my own Christmas inspired nail art!

 photo julep2_zps66de71a0.png
 photo julep4_zps0fd102d3.png
 photo julep3_zpsea7e3c8c.png

These three colors are not only fun to mix together and make art with it but are perfect to wear on their own as well. I love that the red (Cara) is not a deep rich red but something a little lighter and had a bit of sparkle. Which makes this color easier to wear all year around. Josephine is a dark deep rich green color that is perfect to take you through out winter. Then there's beautiful sparkly Braiden. I mean who doesn't love a little sparkle on their nails? You can polish all 10 fingers or just one for a hint of sparkle. I'm sure those of you who art nail artist can really work these polishes!

Enter to win your own set of Julep nail polishes. ONE lucky winner will receive THREE Julep polishes: CaraJosephine, and Bradien. Contest ends Sunday 12/14/14 at midnight. No purchase necessary. 

PS Shop all of Julep's Holiday gift set here