Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Wear: Laundry Day

 photo laundryday-4_zps1b8095cd.png
 photo laundryday-2_zpsc2552890.png
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Sweater: Carlos Miele (sample sale) | Bra: Victoria Secrets | Shorts: Zara | Boots: Jeffrey Campbell | Bag: Coach | Sunglasses: Ray Bans

photos taken by Brian Cavanaugh

Sunday's in our house is typically laundry day. This Sunday was no different...but this time I had two weeks of laundry to do. Fashion week ate most of my time, energy, and clothes. Laundry day for me is anything that feels more like pajamas. I was happy that the weather on Sunday was beautiful, crisp enough for a light sweater and warm enough to still wear shorts. I'm def. looking forward to the fall temperatures as well as festivities.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

NYFW Spring 2015: Karolyn Pho's Vagabond Girl

  photo vagabondSS15_zps84b2ab03.png
all pictures taken by me. see more pictures here.

Karolyn Pho debuted her Spring 2015 collection down at Pier 59 in Chelsea Piers. Pho drew a bit of inspiration from her own life. Her girl this spring is a vagabond, "meanders through castles in the air, traipses between realities and crosses unknown borders. She is a nomad, a traveler, lost within her own self-perception" (press release). But unlike her character, Pho found herself couch surfing from friends apartments to her own families home. Her collection stayed true to who she is as a designer, masculine pieces with a touch of softness. Pho drew inspiration from one of my favorites places, Miami. Her color palette was inspired by the Med-Deco architecture of Miami.

 photo vagabond-3_zps6ae4dfcf.png
 photo vagabond-5_zpsad18a1c7.png
 photo vagabondSS15-3_zps7396b60d.png
 photo vagabondSS15-2_zpsbd430aed.png
 photo vagabondSS15-4_zps688d2ce1.png

Karolyn Pho's girl reminds me of the cool chick walking around Brooklyn's street. She looks effortless yet still put together. Her style would be the term "normcore." I love that her collection yet again is so relatable and wearable. There are pieces within this collection for every woman, for the funky gal who can rock a pale blue jumpsuit to the more sophisticated style who would rather wear a duster vest. I like that you can see that Pho has fun with her collections like adding oversized sequins to a top or having a simple leopard print tank but pairing it under a sheer top. My favorite pieces are are the duster vest as well as the pleated pants.

 photo karolynphobackstageSS15_zpsb772d9dc.png
 photo karolynphobackstageSS15-2_zpsf83ff2a8.png

NYFW Spring 2015: Luis Antonio's Maritime

 photo LuisAntonioSS15_zps08b574e7.png

Luis Antonio might not be new to the fashion seen but he is new to New York Fashion Week. Antonio has been designing in Puerto Rico for the past 20 years but made his New York Fashion Week debut under the tents last Saturday. His spring collection, which he named Maritime, was all about the nautical looks and effortless chic styles. He combined bold colors with bold patterns.

 photo LuisAntonioSS1-6_zps755165ab.png
 photo LuisAntonioSS1-2_zps12db1bbf.png
 photo LuisAntonioSS1-7_zps29158a01.png
 photo LuisAntonioSS1-3_zpsb7e1be28.png
 photo LuisAntonioSS1-4_zps33b88ee6.png
 photo LuisAntonioSS1-5_zps68592ee7.png
all pictures taken by me. see more pictures here. 

The first look down the runway had me going gaga. Look after look I was just so excited and interested in seeing more. This whole collection had this vacation/resort feel. I loved the abstract prints paired with the stripes. There was a sense of playfulness with in the collection with the use of prints, such as the abstract rope prints. It's hard to say what pieces were my favorites as I loved the jumpsuits and the abstract print gowns...but the long tulle skirt with the white shimmery top totally stole my heart...from the way it flowed and shimmered down the runway...SWOONS.

It's always important for a debut collection to make an impact and I really think this one made a statement. When asked which collections I've seen has been my favorite, this one is on my list.

What did you think of Luis Antonio's debut at New York Fashion Week?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

NYFW Spring 2015: Georgine's Cabana Glam

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all photos taken by me. see more here

After spending her days in bikinis off the coast of Thailand, designer Georgine Ratelband, delivered a cabana glam inspired Spring 2015 collection on Monday afternoon at Lincoln Center. The collection was inspired by 1970s glam which she used gold, rich cremes, and mints. She wanted a collection that can take a woman from beach to night but in a more luxurious way. These designs were paired with luxury accessories including mink towels and bags. Along with whimsical surfboard clutches in collaboration with Max Steiner Designs.

 photo GeorgineSS15-2_zps57cfa2b1.png
 photo GeorgineSS15-7_zps53306ff4.png
 photo GeorgineSS15-6_zpsbd5eaa26.png
 photo GeorgineSS15-3_zps406043ef.png
 photo GeorgineSS15-4_zps77ac2197.png
 photo GeorgineSS15-8_zpsbab3bdbf.png
 photo GeorgineSS15-5_zps41c94f97.png
 photo GeorgineSS15-9_zpsb38af94c.png

Georgine has quickly become a designer I look forward to seeing. Her debut collection last season (read here) was one of my favorites and this season is no different. I've always believed I was born on the wrong coast. I think I was made for the beach life and not so much the City. These looks were right up my ally, beach wear with a twist of glam. It was everything a woman who loves the beach and fashion needs. I loved everything from the clothes to the accessories (I need the NO DIVING mink towel...don't know what I would do with it but I need it) to the hair and make-up. The turbans were beautifully done and the make-up was a bronze goddess look. Her inspiration transported me from my seat in Lincoln Center to sitting in my private cabana on the beach being fabulous and drinking tropical drinks. This collection makes me long for my vacation in Hawaii thats coming up in November.

 photo backstagelookGeorgineSS-15_zps63b556cd.png
 photo backstagelookGeorgineSS15-2_zps937054b1.png

NYFW Spring 2015: Mara Hoffman's "The Sunrisers"

 photo MaraHofffmanSS15_zps89d355e5.png
pictures taken by me. see more here. 

On a hot and humid Saturday afternoon Mara Hoffman debuted her light and airy Spring 2015 collection appropriately named "The Sunrirsers." This Spring Hoffman found inspiration in everything that is light, and it truly was. Her fist piece sent down the run was a white linen button down with a pair of white cut-off culottes, white brim baseball cap and white shoes. Though Hoffman went for a brighter collection and cut down on her usual tribal prints she kept to her cool boho style, flowy dresses, crop tops, and wide leg pants. The make-up matched the style with a nude face and messy beachy braids.

 photo marahoffmanss15-2_zpsaa051ace.png
pictures from

Once again the show was packed and it was hard for me to see the the clothes in its entirety. From the view that I had, I loved the hats, prints, and the messy braids. I truly wish I could have enjoyed the show and see the full looks, but with the set up change that was made inside the Salon tent it's hard to get a good view from standing. You really need to find the sweet spot in there. After viewing the collection online did I truly notice that Hoffman is refining her ashetic and adding more pants into her collection. There are more tailored looks then just beautiful boho dresses. I love that she is showcasing her talent and her use of colors (or sometime lack of colors). I think its a bold move for her to move away from her typical tribal prints and go into more playful use of colors and solids.

What do you think of Mara Hoffman's Spring 2015?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Outfit Post: What I Wore to NYFW SS15 Day 5

 photo NYFWSS15Day5-4_zps62fcfb97.png
 photo NYFWSS15Day5_zpsde61497a.png
 photo NYFWSS15Day5-3_zps8e0c6bd7.png
 photo NYFWSS15Day5-2_zps909086af.png
Top: Sam & Ash from LF Store | Pants: Anthropologie | Shoes: Zara | Bag: Coach | Hat: Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses: Aldo | Necklace: c/o UNA

pictures taken by Simone of Fashion Runs the World

Day 5 was all about the boho look. This was actually an outfit that I had planned to wear Saturday but since it was too warm out Saturday I opted to wear this on Day 5 since it was casual for a day time look and dressy enough for the Glam dinner that I attended. This look also is super comfy! I scored these pants on sale at Anthropologie for $30! As soon as I saw them I knew I needed them in my wardrobe and glad I did!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Under Armour #IWILLWHATIWANT Event with Glam Media

 photo IWILLWHATIWANT-12_zpsd2ec5389.png

Thursday night I was invited by Glam Media to attend Under Armour's #IWILLWHATIWANT event on the roof of the Hudson Mercantile. When someone says there will be fashion, a fitness class, and cocktails...then I'M THERE! I don't talk much on here about my fitness routine but if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you know that I love a good work. Under Armour is a fitness brand that not only is about fitness but really promotes strong woman (mind, body, and soul). Their new campaign #IWILLWHATIWANT truly proves that point by picking woman like Misty Copeland, Lindsay Vonn, and now Gisele Bundchen. Each of these woman faced diversity and who are strong bold in their fields. These women are truly doing what they want and killing it along the way. When the Misty Copeland campaign hit YouTube I couldn't help but get chills. There is something about their ads that really drive it home for me, that makes me want to push my workout sessions a little harder. So when Glam Media asked for my attendance I knew this was a night not to miss.

Under Armour not only provided an amazing trainer, Natalie Uhling (check her out!) to kick our butts for an hour but also provided all our workout clothes for all attendees and guest. Of course I brought my husband as my plus one since we work out all the time together. We do bootcamp and kettle bell training as well as we have been training for the Civilian Military Combine but Natalie Uhling really made me work muscles I never knew I had. My butt was literally hurting by the end of the night. As intense as it was I loved every minute of it. I mean, how could you not when you have a beautiful view of the Empire State Building and great music blasting.

 photo IWILLWHATIWANT_zps10bbfbbd.png
 photo IWILLWHATIWANT-2_zps009a9bbf.jpg
 photo IWILLWHATIWANT-3_zps8eb9fff7.png
 photo IWILLWHATIWANT-4_zpsb50148ad.jpg
 photo IWILLWHATIWANT-6_zps0c54d88c.png
 photo IWILLWHATIWANT-5_zps98a74ea9.jpg
 photo IWILLWHATIWANT-7_zps8debce07.png
 photo IWILLWHATIWANT-8_zps0969cf3d.png
 photo IWILLWHATIWANT-9_zps8eda9742.png
 photo IWILLWHATIWANT-13_zps661ef6f4.png
 photo IWILLWHATIWANT13_zps4eb12c76.png
 photo IWILLWHATIWANT-11_zps5acafe73.png
 photo IWILLWHATIWANT-10_zpsc75fe4b5.png
 photo IWILLWHATIWANT-14_zps6bc50a12.png
all clothes c/o Under Armour
SHOP THE LOOK: Tank Top, Sports Bra, Capri Pants, Sneakers

all photos taken by Brian Cavanaugh
see more photos here

I can't thank Under Armour and Glam Media for this night to remember. This is getting filed into the I feel very blessed for how far I've come in the blogging world. To be apart of a campaign that is amazingly noteworthy...I just feel so...blessed.

Check out the new Gisele Bundchen campaign: