June 30, 2014

Inspirational Monday: Stars, Stripes, and Fireworks

What to Wear on the 4th of July

This weekend is the 4th of July which means BBQs and fireworks! I'm feeling a little bit retro this year and going with my red sailor dress from Urban Outfitters for our rooftop BBQ. I can't wait to celebrate the holiday with my framily (friends that are more like family).

 photo 4thofJuly-2_zpse99aa824.png
 photo 4thofJuly-3_zps980eb896.png
 photo 4thofJuly_zps45d90d19.png
 photo 4thofJuly-6_zps5b34fc01.png
 photo 4thofJuly-4_zps98cc3e97.png
 photo 4thofJuly-5_zps0b18b56e.png
Dress: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Zara | Hat: Forever21 | Scarf: LF Store | Sunglasses: Forever21

Photos by Brian Cavanaugh

 Do you have your red, white, and blue ready?

June 25, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: DIY Fan Wedding Programs

 photo programs4_zps3f66f99a.png 

Since my husband is photoshop savvy and I'm crafty, we combined our talents and did a lot our own DIY projects for our wedding. These projects included the Save the Dates, Invitations, and Wedding Programs. We were lucky to have a small sized wedding so that these DIY projects were possible. I knew since we were having an outdoor ceremony I wanted to do fan wedding programs.

What You'll Need:
- Paper Stock with your programs pre-printed (paper should be thick, we used Paper Source's cover paper)
- Program Sticks (bought ours off of Amazon)
- Glue Sticks
- Paper Cutter
- Corner Puncher Rounder *optional* (ours was Martha Stewart from Amazon)

 photo programs5_zps028679ef.png
 photo programs_zps9bc249c3.png
 photo programs2_zps2a991431.png
 photo programs3_zpsacba4502.png

Step 1. Work on the layouts your programs and print them out before starting to build your fan program. We put our front and back information on two separate papers.

Step 2. Slice your paper to the size you need it to be. We used a paper cutter to keep all edges straight as well as to have them be the same size.

Step 3. Once you have the papers cut to the size you need, take your corner puncher and punch out the corners of your programs. If your able to I advise you to stick both This will give your programs a finished look.

Step 4. Flip your programs faced down. Use the glue stick and glue the backs of the programs. Glue the stick to one side and then add more glue to the stick. Align the programs before sealing together.

 photo programs6_zpsb7d13268.png

Thank god we did these fan programs since the day of our wedding it was about 80 degrees and sunny! It was nice to look out at our family and friends during the ceremony and see them actually using it. The process was pretty easy, well thankfully having a husband that can slice in a straight line helped. I was the corner puncher and paster for this crafty project.

I look forward to sharing photos from our day with you as well as more projects that we worked on.

June 23, 2014

Photo Diary: St. Lucia Honeymoon

 photo Honeymoon10_zps13c983bd.png
 photo Honeymoon2_zps4501e619.png
 photo Honeymoon6_zps063ffaba.png
 photo Honeymoon4_zps0f217264.png
 photo Honeymoon14_zps249fdd5a.png
 photo Honeymoon_zpsebf071f7.png
 photo Honeymoon5_zps7baf5c89.png
 photo Honeymoon3_zpsb27e284e.png
 photo Honeymoon11_zps65656de7.png
 photo Honeymoon15_zps4238a67f.png
 photo Honeymoon9_zps2e92de10.png
 photo Honeymoon7_zpsde922947.png
 photo Honeymoon12_zps616e59ef.png
 photo Honeymoon8_zpsccd63658.png
 photo Honeymoon13_zpsbc38a1be.png

I seriously couldn't ask for a better honeymoon. It started with a easy plane ride, rum punch, and a helicopter ride. Once we got to the resort (we stayed at the Sandals Grande) we were on total vacation mode. It was 10 days of much needed relaxation, drinking, and non-stop eating. We did a few excursions on the island including visiting the sulfate springs for a little mud bath and a sunset cruise where we partied in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. It was hard to say good-bye to this beautiful island and people.

June 20, 2014

Summer Essentials

by Stephanie from Kitschy

Hi, everyone! I'm Stephanie and I have a little style blog called Kitschy. Summer is one of my favorite seasons, so what better than to have a round-up for some must haves? I aim to look for pieces that are great for mixing and matching, or stowing away in a weekender for an impromptu trip. 

 photo summer-heather_zpsbae7c565.jpg

1. Nasty Gal Sandals, $48. Perfect for dresses or shorts.
2. Bauble Bar Wishbone Necklace, $28. A delicate pendant is always my favorite.
3. Sugar Lip Balm, $22.50. I love sheer tints -- one swipe is all you need for a glowy look.
4. Bonadrag top, $64. I renewed my love for graphic tees and this one is sassy enough for a outdoor festival but sweet enough for night time drinks with gal pals.
5. Forever 21 Sunnies, $5.80. Classic sunglasses go with a myriad of outfits.
6. Dorothy Perkins Cut Offs, $35. It ain't summer without shorts, am I right?
7. Modcloth Blouse, $29. I'm convinced that I can't go wrong with a pretty print, no matter the occasion.
8. Modcloth Dress, $64. My love for vintage flair knows no bounds -- get some rockabilly throwback with these cherries.

Come stop by Kitschy sometime and say hi!

June 18, 2014

Summer Beauty Tips and Tricks: How to Make Your Makeup Routine More Summer Friendly

by Amanda of Broke & Chic 

After a long, harsh winter and a barely-there spring, summer is indeed on its way. The pros of summer: beach days, tans, short shorts, ice cream, and iced coffee. The cons: melted makeup.

Yup, melty makeup is the worst. Since NYC summers can be brutally hot, I tend to wear less makeup out of convenience. But since I'm a makeup hoarder and a former makeup artist, giving up makeup 100% will never happen! 

That’s why I change up my makeup routine every June to make it more sweat resistant. Below are the do's and don'ts of summer makeup application. 


 photo summer-makeup6_zpse98cf721.jpg

1. Wear sunscreen! It's the first thing that should be applied after you wash your face. I like using face lotion with SPF 15 from Purpose. For extra protection, apply it to your neck and chest as well! 

2. After letting your sunscreen set into your skin for about five minutes, apply a face primer. This will be your saving grace! Primer helps your foundation stay put for hours on end. I really like the Radiance Primer from Lauren Mercier. It's a splurge, but it's so worth it! 

3. If you wear eyeshadow during the summer months, add an eyelid primer. 

4. Wear a shine-free foundation. The shine-free foundation stick from Maybelline is the only foundation I wear when it's hot outside; it stays put and doesn't get cake-y. 

5. Wear waterproof everything! Mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil...

6. Trade in your lipsticks for stains. If you prefer gloss over matte, just apply a Chapstick with SPF over your stain. 

7. Finish off your look with a setting spray. It sets your makeup and prevents fading and melting. It's kind of like hairspray for your face! 

I really like the setting sprays from NYX. Both the matte and dewy setting sprays work well! 

1. Avoid BB Cream! It seems like the right thing to do in the summer, but sweat + BB cream = a hot mess. Just don't do it. Trust me! If you'll miss the convenience, use the Miracle Blur with SPF 30 from Loreal. It'll smooth out your skin without adding color. 

2. Don't wear powder. If oil is a big problem for you, only put powder on your T-zone. Your cheeks really don't need it. 

3. Avoid cream blush and eyeshadow when you're in direct sunlight. Cream-based makeup tends to melt in the sun. 

4. Don't over do it. It's not necessary to wear a full face of makeup if it's 100 degrees outside. If you feel really naked without makeup, just wear sunscreen, primer, shine-free foundation, mascara, and a fun lip-color. 

Some of My Summer Beauty Must Haves

 photo Summer-makeup4_zps10f64d65.png
Purpose lotion //  Radiance Primer  //   Eyelid Primer  //   Maybelline Fit Stick   //  NYX setting spray //  Miracle Blur //  Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara  //   Cattiva Eyeliner  // L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Liquid Lipstick  //  Stained Gloss by OCC  //  Revlon ColorStay

Lip Color

Revlon ColorStay: This lip color applies like a Chapstick, but looks like a matte lipstick once it dries. Plus, it lasts for hours! 

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Liquid Lipstick: I dislike wearing lipstick in the summer because I'm afraid the tube will melt in my bag (it has happened before) if I'm outside too long, or if I leave it in the car by accident. This one is liquid and goes on like a gloss so I don't have to worry about it. 


Cattiva Eyeliner: I wear waterproof liner year round and the one from Cattiva is my favorite! 


Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara: This is my favorite waterproof mascara! I don't feel it dries out my lashes as bad as the rest of them do. 

What are some of your summer beauty tricks?

Hope you enjoyed this post! Come stop by Broke and Chic and say Hi!

June 16, 2014

Style Guide: What to Wear to a Summer BBQ

by Simone from Fashion Runs the World

Summer is swiftly approaching and one of my favorite things to do during the warm months is to attend BBQ's. Other than the good vibes and tasty foods; the best thing about attending a BBQ is that you can wear anything! Which is great for majority of people, but not so great when you feel like you have nothing to wear. However, I have a few ideas on what you guys can wear to a summer BBQ.

The Rocker Look:

What to Wear to A Summer BBQ

Forever 21 rock n roll t shirt / Pop Boutique braided shirt / White cutoff shorts / Converse white flat / Kate spade handbag / Dogeared post earrings / With Love From CA midi ring / Ray-Ban cat eye glasses / Beanie hat / NARS Cosmetics red lipstick

Urban Vibe:

What to wear to a Summer BBQ part 3

June 13, 2014

Style Guide: How to Stay Stylish While Pregnant

by Carla from The Pretty Dish 

 photo fashionistanygirl_zps72c21003.jpg

Hi guys, I’m Carla from The Pretty Dish and I’m so excited to be guest posting on Fashionista NY Girl today! Since I’m currently seven months pregnant, I’m here to here to share a few things I’ve learned about making a wardrobe work during the roller coaster that is pregnancy.

 photo TPDMaternityCollage600_zpsa5098ed4.jpg

Fashion and style don’t need to totally take a back seat just because you’re pregnant! Gone are the days when our only options were unflattering tent-like garbs that made expectant ladies look even bigger. Though comfort is definitely key during pregnancy, more brands than ever are making maternity wear that feels and looks good. Beyond this, you’ll be surprised that by experimenting with your non-maternity clothes, you’ll find several pieces that work well into pregnancy…especially given the looser styles that are on trend right now.

The collage above features a few of my favorite maternity brands (and one brand that’s pregger-friendly but NOT maternity), and my picks for great pieces that should work really well for a maternity wardrobe.

  • 1.    This Emily Tunic by Imanimo is super on trend (hello chambray) and the casual vibe makes it super versatile.
  • 2.     These SOLD Design Lab Jeans are what I like to call “pregnancy perfect.” Amazingly comfortable, they’re just as cool as any jeans you’d rock outside of pregger time.
  • 3.     Drapey scarves like this one by Shawlsmith London are a great way to go during pregnancy. By adding one to a basic black dress or a simple white tee with jeans, you’re essentially dressing the bump.
  • 4.     Please, PLEASE invest in one, two, SEVERAL maxi dresses. You won’t regret it. My favorite is this one, by Old Navy. I have three of them – one in navy, one in black and the gray striped one that’s pictured. They’re so comfortable and the fit is flattering – hugs in all the right places.
  • 5.     Hatch is hands down, one of the coolest maternity brands out there. Check out this adorable jumper that can easily be dressed up or down.
  • 6.     Isabella Oliver is another brand serving up serious fashion for those of us who are expecting. The great thing about this snake print dress (if you dare to wear something so form-fitting) is that it’s designed to work when you’re not pregnant, too.
  • 7.     All Saints is one of those brands offering drapey items that work well into pregnancy. Consider this sleek black dress. It would look super cute even if you’re on bump watch.
  • 8.     Confession: I’m not one of those people that thinks one should steer clear of heels during pregnancy. However – pairs of comfortable flats are important, too! I love these Vince Camuto slip-ons…wearing them with the cuffed jeans pictured, or the chambray dress, for that matter, would look super effortless.

I hope you’re feeling inspired! Come over and visit me at The Pretty Dish any time ;o)

**Outfit photo credit: Lydia Hudgens**

June 11, 2014

Must Try Summer Beauty Trends

by Kimberlee from I Have Degrees in This 

Hooray for Heather and Brian! While they are off enjoying their honeymoon I thought it would be fitting if I talked about beauty trends. Trends come and go. They're never meant to be taken so seriously (i.e. clean out your entire wardrobe every season) but simply to help you experiment maybe discover new you love. Here are 5 beauty trends I'll be sporting this summer season, who's with me?

1. Coconut oil. I've been using Coconut Oil for many things including oil pulling. There are so many uses it for it and you can find it at your local grocery store.
2. Ponytails. I'm looking forward to ditching the braids and sporting the classic ponytail this summer. I may even add some accessories!
3. Glowing skin. I have fair skin so I often find bronzer looks odd on me. So I've become a fan of these "luminizers" where you mix it with your foundation to give you a glow. Stila has a great option.
4. Radiant Orchid. Pantone declared Radiant Orchid the color of 2014. I think it's a gorgeous color and see myself rocking it on my nails. OPI's "You're Such a Budapest" is a great option.
5. Coral lips. I think every girl can pull off a coral lip... you just have to be bold enough to do so. You can opt for a lightly tinted lip balm or go for a full fledge lipstick.

What summer beauty trends are you loving?

June 9, 2014

Get the Look for Less: Summer Style Under $50

Hello there! I’m Nnenna from star-crossed smile and I’m excited to be hear on Heather’s blog today! I know that Heather has had to deal with a lot of extra stress and craziness in the last month since her wedding venue shut down suddenly, so I’m so happy that everything came together in the end and I hope she’s enjoying martial bliss right now!

Since summer unofficially kicked off a couple weeks ago, today I thought I’d share a simple summer look that costs less than $50 in total. I’m slowly dipping my toe into the crop top waters and I actually own the top pictured here in black. For this look, I paired it with an easy knit striped skirt and strappy sandals. I’m a sucker for a structured satchel and I adore this little white one (it also comes in mint and red). I love that the color scheme for this look is a little bit nautical and a little bit Americana. Throw on a couple of accessories if you’d like and that’s it! I think this would be a great look to wear on the weekend for a little picnic in the park or strolling around the flea market. 

I hope you guys liked this post and I want to thank Heather for having me on her blog today! Come say hello at star-crossed smile and tell me in the comments below:What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

June 6, 2014

Keep Calm and Marry On

 photo keepcalm_zpsaa36cdb2.png

It's finally here! My fiance and I are getting married this weekend! Then we are off to our honeymoon. Don't worry I have a wonderful line-up of guest bloggers while I'm gone:

Hope everyone stays tuned and enjoys these fab bloggers! See you all soon!

PS want to be part of the wedding action? Follow the hashtag #teamcavanaughwed on Instagram for the wedding fun!

June 4, 2014

Spring Trend For Less: The Embellished Sandals

This winter season was all about the embellished tops, this spring/summer it's about the embellished sandals. Designers like J.Crew and Kate Spade who aren't afraid of the overly feminine embellished clothing are now bringing their embellishments to their shoes. I for one fell in love with the Kate Spade Avila Sandal. They are easy to slip on sandals that can be dressed up with a skirt and dress for a day look or paired with a casual summer look with a pair of shorts. As soon as I saw H&M's take on this trend I knew had to get my hands on a pair of them.

How I Wore the Trend:

 photo EmellishedSandals2_zps4fbdc7a0.png
 photo EmellishedSandals_zps7be790de.png
 photo EmellishedSandals3_zps7074966a.png
 photo EmellishedSandals5_zpsf14011aa.png
 photo EmellishedSandals4_zps4569abbc.png
Sweater: H&M (old) | Shorts: Loft | Shoes: H&M (NEW!) | Sunglasses: Aldo | Bag: c/o Rebecca Minkoff

pictures taken by Brian Cavanaugh

I wore the H&M sandals for a casual Saturday while running some errands around the city. Paired with a slouchy summer sweater and easy breezy pair of shorts for a simple day look. These sandals def. added a bit of sparkle that a casual look needs.

What do you think about this trend? Would you splurge on the designers or steal the look for less?

June 2, 2014

Weekend Wear: With Love in Her Eyes

 photo WithLove_zpsb7985a67.png
 photo WithLove2_zps041338b9.png
Romper: H&M (old) | Sneakers: American Apparel | Sunglasses: Aldo | Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (sample sale)

photos taken by Brian Cavanaugh

I bought these Aldo heart sunglasses last week since I thought they would be fun to take with me on our Honeymoon! Of course I had to give them a test drive this weekend while out and about.

What do you think of the heart trend sunglasses?
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