March 31, 2010

Outfit Post

Turtle Neck: Free People
Blazer: H&M
Pants: Strawberrys
Shoes: Express
Necklaces: H&M and Forever 21

Hope everyone had a great day!

Wedding Rings?

I was flipping through the blog A Cup Of Jo and found her post on Wedding Rings. She had posted this picture:

I'm absolutely in love with this ring. It's from a Brooklyn shop called St. Kilda. I love how simple and classic this ring is. I love the script writing on it and that it says "Loved." So very cute.
I'm also in love with:
Once again just love the simplicity of it and the little diamond to give it a little something.
Whenever I look at Wedding things I always feel bad. It's like every time I hear a great love song I always thing "O that needs to be played at my wedding reception." I think I just feel bad because I feel like I might be pushing further ahead then my boyfriend is, but I'm a girl I'm allowed to. Right? I think most of us have been planning our weddings since we were little girls anyway. But gosh I really love that first Wedding ring.

March 30, 2010

Rainy Day = Neutral Day

Shirt: Target
Skirt: American Apparel
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Necklaces: H&M and Forever 21
Cardigan: H&M

I love my outfit today. I love the neutral colors this spring. I felt very springy today minus the rain.

Florals Florals Everywehre


Classic flap bag with interlaced chain strap and embellished with crochet flowers
Classic flap bag in tweed and silk with Chanel signature turnlock and interlaced chain strap
From top: Shoes, $130, Boutique 9; large earrings, $580, medium earrings, $520, small earrings, $390, Bottega Veneta; shoes, $1,250, Valentino. Marie Claire

I'm in love with florals this spring summer season. I am also in love with that Chanel bag....along with the new Zara lookbook! AH! I want everything this spring/summer!

March 29, 2010

$1 Sale on Outnet for 1st Birthday is celebrating their 1st Birthday on April 16th! RSVP now and sign up on their website to get $1 designer items on April 16th! Plus one lucky person with the "Golden Ticket" will get to pick out 5 items for just $5 and enlist the services of a personal stylist!

Saturday Night

Jacket: Michael Kors
Scarf: pasmina off the street sales men in NYC
Bag, Shirt, and Necklace: H&M
Skirt: Wet Seal
My bfs jacket is from Aeroposatle I bought it for him as a Christmas present.

My cousin took this picture of my boyfriend and I when we were all out Saturday night. This was at a really nice bar on Bleecker called 1849. Defiantely want to go back there and not sit by the door when it cold out. Anyway I love this picture. Mostly because I find it funny and I love the color fading she did on it.

I can not wait for the warmer weather that we are suppose to get this week. It is not as cold as it was this weekend but it is dark and rainy out.

Hope every one has a great Monday!

March 28, 2010

Two Outfits

T-shirt: from an outside shop on Venice Beach, Ca
Jeans: H&M
Under shirt: Hanes Men

Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Wet Seal
Tights: Mandees
Necklace: H&M
Boots: Urban Outfitters

Both outfits were from Saturday. Wore my ACDC shirt around the city when my bf and I were walking around. Second outfit was going out in the city with my cousin and her friends two of whom are from Australia. They were awesome guys. I love Australians. I'm hoping to make my way down there during their summer!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

March 25, 2010

The Real Culture Wars: Who Killed Alexander McQueen?

The Huffington Post had a great article called "The Real Culture Wars: Who Killed Alexander McQueen?" It's about McQueens death and funeral. The whole article is great but the last two paragraphs I found to be really powerful:

It's tempting to say that it's a "sad irony" that a genius fashion designer
hanged himself in his clothes wardrobe. It's tempting to say that it's a
"celebration" of his life that the most famous models in the world showed up to
his funeral wearing spectacular clothing. But it's neither ironic that he hanged
himself in his closet, nor an act of redemption that fashion models came to his
funeral looking like fashion models.
The closet full of clothes was the only
place he could go, despite his unlimited access to inaccessible people, and the
fashion models could never understand that a tribute to the man -- the person,
not just his work -- would come in the rending of rags worn, in spite of the
cameras, to his burial.

I think everyone should read this article. You won't be sorry that you did, maybe a little sad but not sorry.

March 24, 2010


One of my friends on facebook invited me to become a fan of this fantastic organization called ChemoClothes.

Like many individuals facing cancer, Deb Levy took comfort in knitting scarves
while she endured the debilitating effects of chemotherapy. After she lost
her courageous battle, her son, Jared Levy, realized he wanted to do more
than just participate in walks and other existing ways to raise funds for
cancer research, treatment and programs.In 2008, Jared founded ChemoClothes
in order to turn handcrafted items into contributions. Together we collected
handmade works, held a few fundraisers and spread the word. In our first
full year of operation, we raised $13,000. -Facebook profile

I think that is absolutely fantastic. As someone who has lost a loved one from cancer and has another loved one who is a cancer survivor this is just fantastic. If you're creative and looking to get involved with an organization I defiantely think you should donate whatever it is that you make. Take a look at their website. Or if you are looking to buy some handmade crafts why not buy from Chemocares! Cute homemade crafties and for a great cause! These have everything from jewelry to cermaic pots to quilted blanks to knitted goods!
Handmade Sweater $25

Beautiful Multi-colored Quilt $300
Wool Knit Cap $10

Ideeli: Jessica Simpson, Besty Johnson, and Marquis & Camus

Ideeli has some great sales that are about to happen today! Jessica Simpson, Besty Johnson (sunglasses), Bestyville, and Marquis & Camus. I'm doing everything in my will power to NOT buy anything!

marquis & camus CHARM EARRINGS $69

marquis & camus 3 BOW NECKLACE $114

betseyville B MY SWEETHEART TOTE $44

Betseyville $44

Betsy Johnson Violet MODERN WAYFARER $25

betsey johnson MODERN WAYFARER $25

Jessica Simpson DOT HALTER DRESS $49

Jessica Simpson Multi CHIFFON MAXI TUBE DRESS $59

March 23, 2010

Macys Fashion Director Day 2

I'm determined to win haha. Every day its a new theme for the same prize. $500 gift card. Vote for me PLEASE! THANKS!!!!

Macys Fashion Director: "

I love this outfit - check it out!"

Dear Creatures Sale

The Daily Candy has it's own Sample Sale website called Swirl. They have a super cute sale on this brand called Dear Creatures. I have posted a few looks that they have up on Swirl's website. You should defiantely check it out!

Indian Creek Top - Heathered $49.00 (orginally was $106.00)

Gold Dust Top $29.00 (orginally was $91.00)

Camp Dress - Navy / Khaki $49.00 (orginally $131.00)

March 22, 2010

Macys Fashion Director is having an online contest. Create a new outfit and win a $500 gift card! It's a daily challenge the person with the most votes at the end of the day will win the gift card. You can click below to vote! THANK YOU!!!

Macys Fashion Director: "

I love this outfit - check it out!"

Jamin Puech

Yesterday when I was down in SoHo I stopped in the botique Jamin Peuch and can I just say Oh my god. I loved all the bags. Everything was so bright and unique. I loved the patch work, the fabrics, the use of different materials, and colors on all the bags and accesories. The store itself was even uniquely set up. If I could have I would have bought a bag from there.

$195.00 (EUROS)




March 21, 2010

Nice Day for A Walk in SoHo

Today I went down to SoHo to the Young Designer Market called The Market. There were some really great designers there and got some business cards from them. Didn't buy anything though since I was basically there for a homework assignment plus I really need to start budgeting myself. Anyway after wards I walked around went to different boutiques and stores. I went into Rebecca Taylor's boutique and loved EVERYTHING. I absolutely love her spring collection. Lots of floral prints and vibrant colors. You can check out her collection on her website.

Also found another store that I absolutely loved it's Pinkyotto! Their clothes are so cute! Lots of dress with lots of different prints. I loved this one dress that was white and had black little stars on it. Also had lots of floral prints and frilly tops and dresses. Pinkyotto carries some cute jumpers too. If you're ever in NYC, LA, or Boston you should defiantely go to their store. You can visit their website but their shop online feature doesn't work. Which is def a total bummer!

I came close to buying a pair of shoes that were on sale for $39...they were originally $145! But for some strange reason I talked myself out of it! UGH! What was I thinking! Also sound some cute shorts that were on sale for $29 from $100something but they only had a size small! Wish I could have squeezed into them! I guess it's better that I didn't. My bank account and closet and draws can't handle anymore new clothes. Next apartment needs a bigger closet.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

March 20, 2010

Outfit Post

It's been absolutely beautiful in the city these past two days. My boyfriend and I went to the South Street Sea Port for dinner and a drink before going to the City Winery to see Kevin Devine. Which was absolutely fantastic. Also got lucky and sat across from a great couple who were sweet enough to buy us another bottle of wine! I wish we were able to thank them or buy them around but they made for their check and the waitress came over after they left and brought us the other bottle! How sweet is that!!!???
Anyway here is a photo from last night down at the South Street Sea Port in front of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Jacket: Roxy
Shirt: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Shoes (not shown): Payless
Necklace: H&M

Today was gorgeous in the city! Wore shorts out because it was that warm out!! I got my taxes done and got a new cell phone! I got a blackberry curve in purple. So excited!

Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Shorts: Target
Shoes (not shown): Target
Bracelet: H&M

March 19, 2010

Ideeli: lil' lucca, Lucca

Visit Ideel on some great deals!!! Here are some great deal on lil' lucca and Lucca!

lil' Lucca

lucca FLORAL SKIRT $24.00

lucca GATHERED SKIRT $24.00



Lucca Couture Sale:

lucca LACE CAMI $26


lucca CAMI PRINT DRESS $30.00
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