March 11, 2010

Sweet Little Lies

Here's a little break from Fashion and into my geeky nerdy girly world.

I'm finally done with the Harry Potter Series. It took me about 6 months to read all 7 books. I was a little sad last night when I was reading the last page. I just couldn't believe it was over. I also couldn't believe it took me so long to get into them!

Anyway on to the next book which is Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad. I read the first book by her, LA Candy. It was good for what it was, a easy fun read. It's a "fictional" book about this girl, Jane Roberts and her best friend Scarlette Harper, who become famous off of a reality TV show, which is losely base on Lauren Conrad's life. I just find it fun trying to find the different character traits in these fictional characters that resemble people from The Hills. It was good quick easy read. I didn't have to think to hard about it or ponder what I was reading, which is good for the morning ride. Unlike Harry Potter, like the 7th book, where I sometimes had to go back and re-read a paragraph to try and make some sense out of it. Sweet Little Lies is the second book in the series. Not sure how many she plans on writing but I figured since I read the first one why not read the second. I'm 20 pages in and so far off to a slow start, but if I remember correctly LA Candy was the same way. A slow start. But well see. I'm sure this book will be done in 2 weeks. I'm already trying to think of the next book to read.

Has anyone read LA Candy or both books? What are you guys reading now? Any suggestions?

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