March 17, 2010

City Living

Living and working in the City is always interesting and fun. Today was St. Patrick's Day which means the St Patrick's Day Parade down 5th Ave. My work building is located right between 6th and 5th Ave which was amazing. I was in my boss' office at around 11am and I could hear the bag pipes and people screaming. So of course I had to go down stairs at lunch and see what it was all about. I was greeted by bag pipers!! It was amazing! I have never been to the St. Patricks Day parade but it was great! I was so jealous of everyone who was there who was able to enjoy to the fullest. I had such a hard time going back to work after enjoying some of the festivities. But of course before returning I took some pictures (so happy I brought my camera to work with me!).

Now here are some photos of my St. Patty's Day outfit!!

Shorts, bracelets, tights, and shoes: H&M
T-shirt: old and can't remember where I bought it from
Tie: Target

Hope you all had a great St. Patrick's Day!!!

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