May 30, 2012

Outfit Post: Lace and Polka Dots

Shirt: Zara
Shorts: Tibi
Shoes: Hush Puppies
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Sunglasses: local Brooklyn boutique
Bracelets: Charlotte Russe and gifted 
pictures taken by Brian Cavanaugh

I had bought these shorts from the Tibi sample sale that was a couple of weeks ago in NYC. I had gotten lucky finding these in the sample boxes so I scored them for $40! I must say the Tibi sample sale was one of the best sample sales that I have been to in a long time, prices were reasonable (expect for some of the dresses) but I really loved that they had boxes full of samples and that they were cheaper then the other stuff. I love when sample sales actually have affordable items...makes it worth fighting for mirror space...or just fighting your way to the racks of clothes....

PS these pictures were taken right before my vacation so hence the very white legs. Sorry. 

May 24, 2012

On Vacation

On Vacation

As some of you know I will be away on vacation! I won't have access to my computer...or cell phone (since I'll be out of the States). Don't worry I won't be gone to long! I'll have lots of photos to share with you all! Don't miss me to much :)

For all my US readers --> Hope you all have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend! For the rest of you...hope you all have a happy and safe weekend

May 22, 2012

Weekend Wear: The Great Googa Mooga

Top: H&M
Short: DIY Tie Dye (read how I did it here)
Sandals: Forever21
Bag: Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Headband: H&M

pictures taken by me and Brian Cavanaugh

Saturday my bf, cousin, her bf, and I went to this music, food, and drink festival (The Great Googa Mooga) in Brooklyn. It was the very first year that the creators of Bonnaroo put this on so of course there were somethings that they could have done better like the fact to get beer and drinks you had to wait on ridiculously long lines. But for a free event it was worth going too. I just hope that they make some adjustments and bring it back next year. Sitting out in the sun all day was so pleasant and makes me look forward to more summer days spent like this.

May 21, 2012

Inspirational Monday: Studded


I've always been a fan of studs. In high school I had studded everything: belts, bracelets, etc.. I'm a little punk rocker at heart. I'm in love with the gurney lower eastside...especially what St. Mark's Place use to be like. I miss the grittiness of CBGB's. Even though I dress pretty polished or girly I'm really a New York Rocker at heart. I love studded items and I'm starting to get the impulse to stud everything again. I love that Zara has studded girly pieces and that Chloe came out with Susan Studded Ankle Boot. They are the perfect mix of feminine and rockstar glam.

What do you think about studded items?

May 19, 2012

Outfit Post: Happiest of Hours

Shirt: The Gap
Cardigan: Zara
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Kelsi Dagger
Bag: Remi & Emmy
Sunglasses: Raybans
Ring: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Watch: Slap A Watch
Bracelets: Forever21, DIY 

photos taken by Brian Cavanaugh

I have often said that I'm the type of girl that can't wear white. Well I proved this on Thursday while wearing this look...the original white pocket t-shirt I was wearing was from Target and I got chocolate sauce all over myself from my Starbucks Mocha Coconut Frapp. After work I had to run to The Gap to buy a new shirt since I was meeting my boyfriend and a couple of friends for drinks. I can't stand having a stain or something on myself and well it was more then just a drop of chocolate. It kind of looked like I painted chocolate on myself, yes I am a 4 year old.

May 17, 2012

SuperTrash Fall 2012 Preview

Last week I was invited to the SuperTrash Showroom to view the Fall 2012 Collection. I never heard of the brand before receiving my invite (perhaps some of my readers across the pond have?)-- at first I was hesitant due to the name - SuperTrash?- but at the same time it peaked my interest enough to Google the name. Well as soon as I saw the website I knew this brand was for me-- girls dressed in neon with a urban cool feel YES PLEASE.

SuperTrash is a brandname that was created by Dutch fashion designer Olcay Gulsen. Sadly all the brandname stores are in the Netherlands and one store front in Belgium but they have open a US headquarters here in NYC, so here's to hoping that a store pops up soon. The best thing is that you can shop online. The prices I think are pretty comparable to Topshop along with some of the feel of the SuperTrash line. The line has a very wearable streetwear appeal to it that has a nice mix for different types of girls. There are harder edgier pieces that woman who love the rougher edge or for someone like me who likes to mix feminine pieces with more edgier masculine pieces. My favorite looks were the motorcycle style jackets: leather with tweed, motorcycle style jacket with sequin, and the bomber jacket. I also loved the metallic motorcycle vest and the metallic jeans. The metallic jeans don't only appeal to the edgy at heart but for also the girl who loves going out at night and looking her best.

I also love the use of lace in the collection. Even though the lace sweaters remind me a lot of Joy Cioci's Fall 2012 line (which you can read about here). I'm just a fan of details even if they are small details-- if it's lace or sheer panels in the back. And this collection is not lacking in the detail department, that's for sure.

This isn't just a clothing line SuperTrash also has a magazine, shoes, and now a perfume line! This is a full force brandname wrecking ball and I'm totally loving it. Either I need to start praying to the fashion gods pretty hard for a brandname store to open up or I need to book my ticket to the Netherlands (which I want to do anyway!). 

*all above photos were taken by me. view more photo on my facebook page

May 15, 2012

Weekend Wear: Mocha Coconut

 Shirt: Joe Fresh

Bustier: H&M
Jeans: DIY cutoffs
Bag: c/o Remi & Emmy
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Sunglasses: Ray Bans
Bracelets: DIY friendship bracelets

Photos taken by Brian Cavanaugh

Nothing says summer like a Mocha Coconut Frapp from Starbucks. They are absolutely my favorite frapps-- they taste like Almond Joys! How can you say no to that?! Anyway the bf and I spent Saturday shopping for him! I didn't buy anything for myself (beisdes this frapp and his ice tea!). I'm so proud of myself since the only thing I was allowed to buy was a white blazer (which I didn't find). It was actually fun shopping and helping him pick out clothes for work. He got discover the wonder of Banana Republic. Yes he's 26 years old and never stepped foot into a Banana Republic until Saturday. I'm making his life a little more fashionable one step at a time.

PS I'm so in love with this H&M bustier top! It reminds me so much of Mara Hoffman's bustier top. I love wearing a sheer button down or a simple little button down over it in the city. I can't wait to wear it when I'm down in Punta Cana at the end of the month! But really I'm so in love with the Fashion Against Aids line at H&M this year.

Hope you all day a wonderful weekend!

May 14, 2012

Inspirational Monday: Floral Pants

 Cardigan: Stephanie Rogers for Fashion Trend
Shirt: American Apparel
Jeans: Delia*s
Shoes: Kelsi Dagger
Bag: c/o Remi & Emmy
Sunglasses: Ray Bands
Necklace: H&M

Photos taken by Brian Cavanaugh

I love this trend because it can be dressed up so easily. It can work for the office but can also be worn to brunch or to go shopping. I love the pastels and the lightness of these jeans which are unlike my other floral jeans from Delia*s (which you can see here). With this trend you don't have to spend that much money even though I love the Current Elliot floral print jeans but I think these Delia*s Jeans are pretty similar in print. 

Here are a couple of my favorite floral print pants:

Floral Pants

What do you think of this trend?

May 10, 2012

Land's End Canvas Fall 2012 Preview

Every new school year when I was in elementary school I would always buy a new school bag with the my initials embroider on it from Land's End. Along with school uniform t-shirts since I went to Catholic School from Kindergarden to 8th grade. Once I graduated from 8th grade and moved onto high school I had forgotten all about Land's End until recently when I got invited to the Land's End Canvas Fall 2012 Preview. I probably along with a lot of other people didn't even know that Land's End had another half. I was surprised to see how much of the Land's End Canvas clothing I would actually wear. A lot of their clothing is for the younger hipper end but with a professional edge. It's clothes that you can wear on the weekends, to work, on date, etc.. Canvas has that J.Crew feel to it -- well the new J.Crew feel. I adored the bright knits and pants, along with their transitional dresses.

Even the menswear was very fashion forward. It's the type of menswear that I love to see men in -- well dressed in khaki's, button downs, loafers, etc.. There was this one look that I could have easily have seen my boyfriend wearing the striped button down with the green cargo pants. Even though I'm not a total fan of the cargo pants on men but when done right in a military green then you have me.

The whole set up at the Public Restaurant in NOLITA was the perfect backdrop to all of the looks and for it's winter theme. Especially the Christmas morning room where they displayed clothing to wake up in for those special moment pictures when opening your gifts. And the perfect pajamas that you can run out to the store in when you forget an ingredient when baking your holiday desserts.

I'm really glad to have gotten the chance to view the collection. It really made me fall back in love with Land's End. What do you guy think of the collection?

*all above photos were taking by me. see more photos on my facebook page.
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