January 25, 2012

A Lesson in Wearing a Button Down with a Maxi Skirt

We've seen the maxi skirt with sweaters, t-shirts, tank-tops, crop tops, and bandeau tops. Celebrities like Jessica Alba, Diana Agron, and Kim Kardashian have been spotted out and about in their maxi skirt paired with a button down top.

 photo from people.com

With a button down top you can express different looks: the casual look, work appropriate, and going out. Like button downs maxi skirts can be worn in different ways to express different looks. Here's a mini guide on dressing maxi skirts:

Casual Dressing:
How To Wear Button Downs with a Maxi: Casual Dressing

Start with a top that is casual looking like a chambray, denim or even a plaid top (if doing a basic maxi skirt). To pull off the Jessica Alba look make sure it's a top that you can tie in the front. Sometimes maxi skirts can make us look smaller then we really all so to give you some height but still keep it casual looking pair the look up with a pair of wedge booties like the ones from H&M pictured above. Keep your accessories just as effortless as you look do a basic nude satchel like the ASOS leather bag ($90).

Business Casual:

How to wear a button down with a maxi

Maxi skirts are perfect to take to the office since they are quite modest...if you aren't doing a sheer maxi (make sure of that!). Pair your maxi up with a simple button down top but if you're to scared of looking to Amish (sorry Amish) take your look to new heights with a printed button down like the H&M polka dotted top. If you are doing darker top and button brighten your look my introducing playful colors. Don't go to bright since you don't want to shock the look to much but try pastel colors and light bright pieces like the Zara Two Tone Platform ($90).

Date Night:
Maxi: Date Night

A sheer maxi skirt is exactly the little peek-a-boo show you can give your date. It's just enough sex appeal without giving it all away. Play with soft colors like a pink pastel skirt like the one from Threadsence ($32). Keep your button down just as light and playful, mix in lace and pastels like the Yesstyle top. Keep your accessories nude to not over bear the whole look. This look is also great for Valentines Day!

Okay so they aren't the first gals to wear button downs with maxi skirts I did rock my chambray shirt with a printed maxi skirt back in August (see the post here):

But seeing these ladies rocking the look helped encourage that it's a great way to mix up a maxi skirt and get more mileage out of your button downs.

What do you think about this look?

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  1. Cute look - you pulled it off just as well (better!) than the celebs :)

    xo Jennifer


  2. I don't have any maxi skirts, but I like yours. I really want to try this now.


  3. Really great post! I seem to have a hard time wearing maxi skirts sometimes! Especially if they aren't flowy. So great inspiration :)

  4. Love this look, Your skirt is so cute and it is so easy to play a day, night, or date night outfit with any maxi! Love the post.


  5. Great styling tip! Love how you styled that ensemble too! :)


  6. love the top and bag plus perfect combination !

  7. Really really great post lovely!! It was such great styling advice!
    P.S Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and for leaving the lovely comment! Im so glad i found your blog! I like it! Following!
    If you like mine too, feel free to follow me back ;)



  8. You have great taste!!

    Beautiful <3

    Love L, Follow...

  9. I adore maxi dresses with denim shirts; I love the contrast you get between sophisticated and casual <3

  10. Oooh I never would have thought to wear a work shirt with a maxi... but loving this look!

  11. i really want a maxi skirt but i dont htink i suit them "/

    thanks for visiting my blog :)


  12. i wish i could suit a maxi skirt :(

  13. I don't like jessica alba's outfit, but I really really like kim's one =) and your's cute too!!

  14. You are so beautiful and I always love your outfits so I awarded you the versatile blogger award. Stop by my blog for more details.


    My closet it's full of them!!!

    Have a nice day...

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    Let me know if you...

  16. i'm really looking forward to all the pastels this spring and the super graphic florals!

  17. hard to find the perfect long skirt !

  18. loooove the way you wore the skirt, i must copy the look!!! lol

    i wanted to invite you to enter a giveaway i'm hosting together with tommy hilfiger, it's open to readers worlwide!!!


  19. I am definitely trying this! I just scored a great maxi skirt from Anthropologie (way on sale!) and hadn't thought to do this! I love your take on it too.

    Best from your newest follower,
    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

  20. I love this! I've never tried this trend before. Great post :)


  21. I love this look, especially with a denim shirt. I can't wait to get a maxi for summer! I always thought it could pretty much only go with a tank or tee, but this makes it a little more polished and covered up, great for a cold-ish spring day. Great tips!

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  23. Maxi skirts are wonderful for mixing and matching or dressing up & down! Great blog :-)


  24. LOVE this look! I will definitely need to give it a try for Spring!!

    From Brooklyn with love,


  25. My favorite entry ever. I love Maxi Shirts and i always trying diffrents tops and combinations with them. This entry will help me a lot !!!

  26. Love your post.. Very inspiring, yet I have wide hips and I never had courage to wear it >.<


  27. You look great in this outfit. I'm a huge fan of button downs with maxi skirts. You have great style! I'm now following with bloglovin :)

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  28. I absolutely love this trend. It's so easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. I find tons of vintage pleated long skirts at the thrift store, and button downs are everywhere!

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