February 27, 2017

Style Guide: How to Get Dress Quicker in the Mornings

 photo mornings_zpsmvycmxl2.png

My mom always taught me to pick out my clothes the night before so that I didn't have to worry about it in the morning. Most nights I do plan out my clothes or at least have an idea what I'll be wearing the following day. But...then there are some days that I don't have a clue what I'm going to wear. There some simple hacks that I have picked up for making getting ready for work easier, especially on those I have nothing to wear days.

 photo mornings5_zpsexrnbpp0.png
 photo mornings4_zps1fjneh91.png
 photo mornings8_zpsixxqny0y.png
Jacket: H&M | Dress: Zara | Sneakers: Zara | Bag: Kate Space | Hat: Banana Republic | Sunglasses: c/o Boohoo

TRICK #1: The Go To Dress. Have a dress in your closet that has a little flare to it but that you can wear any time (from work to weekend) with almost anything. For me it's my Zara embroider dress. This dress pairs well with over the knee boots (as seen here) but is also perfect for Fridays in the office with a pair of sneaks.

TRICK #2: Accessories. Simple yet impactful. Hats, jewelry, sunglasses, etc. can be the cherry on top of a look. While I threw everything on and one last look in the mirror I felt like I was still missing something, the hat for this look pulled everything together.

TRICK #3: Staples. It can be anything from a trench coat to a pair black pumps, these staples are pieces that go with everything. And of course, are timeless. Staple pieces are no brainers and will allow you to go straight to them whenever.

 photo morning2_zpscrdxuckb.png
 photo mornings7_zps7nqxvd67.png
 photo mornings6_zps13lxo5nn.png
 photo mornings3_zpskvc1z48g.png


February 22, 2017

Style Guide: Parisian Spring Style

 photo Parisian Spring3_zpsqs05wtxb.png
 photo Parisian Spring_zpsnm4djvqa.png
 photo parisian spring5_zpszhgcohfb.png
 photo parisian spring4_zpsheorkz3w.png
 photo Parisian Spring2_zpsq2itdgu5.png
Jacket: H&M | Shirt: J.Crew | Jeans: Madewell | Sneakers: Adidas | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Sunglasses: Warby Parker 

If you are looking to upgrade your Spring wardrobe with a chic sophistication turn to Parisian style. Parisian's are known for their timeless yet easy style. There are six staples that you will need in your closets to pull off this femme parisienne style.

1. Trench Coat. Timeless and always chic, a trench coat can pull you from work week to weekend. 
2. Striped Tee. Go for a linen loose fitting stripped tee for a casual cool look. 
3. Light Wash Skinny Jeans.
4. Bandana. Skip the neck jewels this spring and opt for a paisley print bandana.  
5. Neutral Bag. 
6. Adidas. Cool Parisian girls know how to rock a pair of sneaks. Of course Adidas are the brand of choice. 


February 20, 2017

Inspirational Monday: Spring Shopping List

This past weekend's weather has me so ready for Spring. It doesn't help that my husband and I are planning a small weekend away and our big vacation of the year...now all I want to do is shop for Spring/Summer. I'm really loving all of Anthrologie and J.Crew's new arrivals.

What are you guys eyeing for the new season?

February 15, 2017

Weekend Wear: After the Snow Storm

 photo after_zpst4mgtiep.png
 photo after5_zpswmm9i82u.png
 photo after2_zpscrcqcl2e.png
 photo after3_zpsytu3fxpl.png
 photo after4_zpsawdhj7ig.png
Jacket: DKNY | Sweater: ASOS | Jeans: American Eagle | Boots: Zara | Bag: Marina Galenti | Hat: Banana Republic 

New York definitely had some weird weather last week. Wednesday we had spring like weather, hitting the 60s. And then Thursday we were hit with a snow storm that left NYC in a slushy icy mess. Snow in New York is the prettiest when you are at home watching it fall with some hot chocolate in hand. About 2 hours after it stops it's just a mess and no longer pretty. At least on Saturday we got into 40s without any wind chill. I would like to say that we took advantage of the "nicer" day but we didn't. We are lazy folks that run errands on the one nice day out of the weekend. We did however go out to dinner Saturday night to a local steak place for a Valentine's Day dinner.

February 13, 2017

Inspirational Monday: Valentine's Day

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day so I thought I'd share some of my favorite pink and red items. Though I'm not one to really go all out for Valentine's Day I still love playing a little dress up and receiving macaroons. Yes, I will take macaroons over chocolate any day!

What are you wearing this Valentine's Day?

February 6, 2017

Weekend Wear: The Weekend Warrior

 photo camo_zpsrd1ypkkv.png
 photo camo4_zpsyrs9c3yi.png
 photo camo3_zpsb05bbzxw.png
 photo camo2_zpso5kwg8ji.png
 photo camo5_zpswgxxsral.png
Coat: DKNY | Jacket: Old Navy | Sweater: Forever21 | Jeans: American Eagle | Sneakers: Zara | Bag: Kate Spade | Beanie: Forever21 | Sunglasses: Feathers Boutique

The weekends are all about lounging and errands...and layers. Double jackets are my thing during the winter.

What's your weekend style?


February 1, 2017

Style Guide: Varsity Jacket

 photo varsity4_zpsglldausl.png
Jacket: Sixth June | Sweater: LOFT | Leggings: Aritzia | Sneakers: Adidas | Bag: Coach | Sunglasses: Feathers Boutique

Back in October we talked about some of my favorite varsity jackets for the season (read here), now lets talk about how to style these jackets. These jackets are sporty streetwear chic. They can easily be paired with a pair of jeans and a white tee. But let's think outside of the box a bit. How about pairing them with your favorite pair of sporty leggings or a pair of leather leggings. For a layered winter look, wear with a colorful turtleneck underneath and a casual pair of sneaks. This look can take you from brunch date to Sunday chores.

 photo varsity5_zpstwyqjafw.png
 photo varsity2_zpsga8zyxse.png
 photo varsity6_zpsum2pdlrt.png
 photo varsity3_zpsdgarbdhs.png
 photo varsity_zpslnyqzvi2.png

How would you wear the varsity jacket trend?


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