April 29, 2016

Now Trending: Parisian Style

 photo paris5_zpsf2ekgxq3.png
Shirt: Zara | Shorts: H&M | Shoes: Jessica Simpson via DSW | Bag: Remi & Emmy
Sunglasses: Feathers Boutique

I got Paris on my mind. Why you ask? Well...my husband and I will be heading to Paris and Florence at the end of August! This will be both of our first times over seas. We have been talking about a Europe trip forever. And with no real vacation plans this year we decided to book a trip overseas. It's really perfect timing as we will be celebrating my husband's 31st in Paris and about a month away from my 30th. To be honest ever since we booked our tickets I've been thinking about what to pack. Stripes and monochrome are on that list.

 photo paris3_zpseigtzygc.png
 photo paris_zpsmcmt8med.png
 photo paris6_zpsbkhp0dz3.png
 photo paris4_zpsnjhi8oha.png

What would you pack for a trip to Paris and Florence?

PS I'm totally up for recommendations on where to eat, drink, and any must see places to see!

April 27, 2016

Style Guide: Feminine Tomboy Chic

 photo girly2_zps6rqmdkb6.png

 photo girly_zpsy9e6khns.png
 photo girly3_zpsbedzozkc.png
 photo girly4_zps2e1hjxe3.png
Jacket: Zara | Shirt: Kate Spade | Pants: Loft | Shoes: Dolce Vita | Bag: Coach | Sunglasses: Feathers Boutique

I'm no stranger to the feminine tomboy look. I love pairing overly feminine pieces, like this Kate Spade top, with harder pieces like a leather jacket and boyfriend type of jeans. Keeping it feminine is all about adding a sweet and light heel. For me it's my go to chunky white wedge sandals from Dolce Vita.

April 25, 2016

Weekend Wear: Jumpsuit Style

 photo tobi7_zpslrc2ouop.png
Jacket: American Eagle | Jumpsuit: c/o Tobi.com | Shoes: Urban Outfitters | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff |
Sunglasses: c/o Lacoste 

It was another beautiful weekend in New York! So the husband and I decided to spend Saturday sitting in the sun drinking beers in our favorite local spot. For such a relaxing day I decided to take comfort to the max with my Tobi.com jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are typically dressed up with a pair of sexy stilettos, but for me on the weekends I'm a creature of comfort...so I strapped on a pair of sandal creepers. If these pants were shorter I would have totally worn flats with them. I love that this jumpsuit is sexy, which is perfect for a day/night date with your special someone, but has this island relaxed feel to it. Paired with a simple sandal and jean jacket is the way to go to dress down this look.

 photo tobi3_zpsj2m6eqat.png
 photo tobi5_zpsinmebuad.png
 photo tobi_zps27elz39p.png
 photo tobi8_zpsuvmnvscj.png
 photo tobi4_zpsocdhgdwh.png
 photo tobi6_zpsnfu3izgu.png
 photo tobi2_zpsweiccdth.png

How would you wear a jumpsuit for a weekend look?

PS Checkout Tobi for more looks that can take you from dressy to casual: Jumpsuits, Bodysuits,RompersMaxi Dresses,Midi Dresses, and  Skirts

April 22, 2016

Now Trending: The Cold Shoulder

 photo Shoulder7_zpstdalvbxk.png
 photo Shoulder4_zps8cgmgfxr.png
 photo Shoulder_zpsbe4kyqhm.png
 photo Shoulder3_zpseeusgloo.png
 photo Shoulder2_zpsm5wche2c.png
 photo Shoulder6_zpsvel7tkes.png
Dress: c/o Tobi.com | Jacket: American Eagle | Shoes: OluKai | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Sunglasses: Aldo 

Suns out. Shoulders out. I'm all over the off the shoulder trend again. Last Summer I showed you how to wear an off the shoulder shirt to work (read here) but this season I'm about the bare shoulder dresses. These dresses are the perfect summer day dress pair with sneaks for a day out, switch to a pair of heels for a dinner date. I took this Tobi.com out for a spin finally on Sunday as temperatures reached 70 degrees. This dress is super light weight and was just right for enjoying a walking around the hood eating tacos and ice cream.

Check out more at Tobi: Crop TopsRompersMaxi DressesPartyDressesJumpsuitsSkirts, and Midi Dresses

April 20, 2016

Style Guide: How to Wear Bell Sleeves

 photo Bell Sleeves6 copy_zpssewctsso.png
Jacket: Rebecca Minkoff | Shirt: Zara | Jeans: Mother | Shoes: Bettye by Bettye Muller | Bandana: American Eagle 

This Spring season it's all about the 70's bell sleeve trend. Of course no one does 70s vibe bell sleeves better then Free People (some of my favorites here and here). But if you are a little weary of rocking this look, you can update this piece with some simple key statement makers.

How I Wore the Look:

 photo Bell Sleeves5_zpsvv1y8gad-1.png
 photo Bell Sleeves4_zps8ao3ygsa-0.png
 photo Bell Sleeves2_zpswcrnzhyc.png
 photo Bell Sleeves_zpspmibl1y7.png
Jacket: Zara | Shirt: Zara | Jeans: Carmar from LF Store | Shoes: ASOS | Bag: Coach | Bandana: Thrifted
Sunglasses: Call It Spring

1. Use Layering Pieces. I'm totally digging the 3/4 sleeve leather jackets. Mine is from Zara but some designers like Rebecca Minkoff have great stable pieces as well. Quarter sleeve jackets allow you to layer the bell sleeve while showcasing what the shirt is all about...the bell.

2. Accessories. Play around with a throwback accessory like the bandana. Tie it around your neck for motor girl feel. Have fun and do a funky shoe like a pompom on the toe like the Bettye by Bettye Muller shoes.

3. Skinny Jeans. To down play the 70s feel, do pair it with a pair of skinny jeans. If you want to play up the 70s vibe try a pair of flare jeans.

Would you wear this trend?

April 18, 2016

Weekend Wear: Stay-Chella

 photo Staychella3_zpsthgwgfq4.png
 photo Staychella6_zpsp2zp1h18.png
 photo Staychella_zpscweimnev.png
 photo Staychella5_zps26yyp4cv.png
 photo Staychella2_zpsc7z35cfg.png
 photo Staychella4_zpsk75wy1ty.png
Jackets: Rebecca Minkoff | Dress: c/o Tobi.com | Shoes: Topshop | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Sunglasses: Feathers Boutique

This weekend was the first weekend of Coachella...and yet again I did not attend the festivities but watched it all unfold via Instagram. Instead I stay-chella and felt the boohoo vibe in my maxi dress from Tobi.com. I've been dying to wear this dress since receiving it, so as soon as I saw the temperature hit 60 I pulled this out my stack of clothes!

Thanks to Tobi.com you can dress the music festival part without having to be there. Find your festival looks: maxi dresses, jumpsuits, crop tops, skirtsrompers, and midi dresses.

April 13, 2016

Style Guide: How To Layer

 photo layers4_zps5nkeq7db.png
Jacket: Zara | Sweater: Splendid | Shirt: H&M | Jeans: J.Brand | Shoes: Zara | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Hat: Urban Outfitters | Sunglasses: Call It Spring | Scarf: c/o DSW

I can't believe I'm still layering...it's suppose to be Spring after all. The best thing about this look is that I can start peeling back the layers as the weather starts to feel more like Spring. Replacing the winter scarf with a Spring scarf (like these pretty ones here and here) and removing the leather jacket.

 photo Layers_zpsme0oytxo.png

 photo layers3_zpsdv2raohb.png
 photo layers2_zpsakmoemmc.png
 photo layers5_zpsmwsu3ibc.png

1. Go Asymmetrical. An asymmetrical shirt can add a surprise element underneath all the layer. You can always opt for a long button down shirt or a tunic. 
2. Sweater. Opt for a light sweater for a Spring time feel while to trying to stay warm on those colder days. 
3. The Leather Jacket. Motto Leather Jackets have a way of toughing up a look and are always perfect layering piece. 
4. Flared Jeans. Let those legs breath with a pair of wide leg jeans. When doing a pair of flare jeans do a high heel. These will add length to your legs. 
5. The Scarf. I have a ever growing scarf collection. I love scarves but can not wait to drop the heavy winter scarves for some light weight Spring ones. 

How do you layer? 

April 11, 2016

Weekend Wear: Sunday is for Chill

 photo sundays_zpsiy7hlenq.png

 photo sundays3_zpshvvqmhtu.png
 photo sundays2_zpshgel4ra7.png
 photo sundays4_zpsmqqzltps.png
Cardigan: Madewell | Shirt: Mango | Jeans: Madewell | Bag: Coach | Shoes: & Other Stories
Sunglasses: Feathers Boutique 

I'm a huge fan of the weekends...especially Sundays. Between work, school, and the gym I feel like I'm never home. When I am home it's basically to eat dinner and then go to bed. Saturdays for us are the days we like to spend adventuring around. So after spending all week not home and spending all day Saturday out it's nice to have a day at home. This past Sunday we got all of our chores done early (before 12pm!) so I was able to chill on the couch getting blog work and homework done, as well as make lunch at home and help out with dinner. For me this is a perfect Sunday.

What days are your chill days?

April 8, 2016

Style Guide: Trench Coat Season

April showers...bring the trench coat out. So April is off to a messy start. Rain, cold and some parts of the North East got sleet and snow. Okay maybe not total trench coat season, but I'm in serious need of a trench coat update. I've had my classic trench coat for a few years now but I'm ready to shake up the classic look. I'm seriously kicking myself for not buying this J.Crew jacket when I saw it, of course now that most of the sizes are all sold out. I adore it in the fiery sunset color, it's such a stand out color. And not that I need anymore items from Madewell but I'm loving their fun take on a trench coat with a stripe print. Since it's Spring after all, how can you not love a pastel piece like the French Connection trench. And April does brings showers, so maybe a jacket with a hood like ASOS raincoat would make sense.

Are you ready for April showers?

April 6, 2016

Outfit Post: On Repeat

 photo Black3_zpswg7mbsb6.png
 photo Black_zpsdxg1q77n.png
 photo Black5_zpsl0t8deah.png
 photo Black6_zpso8stvfdo.png
 photo Black4_zpsmzzfaia8.png
 photo Black2_zpsnbhhdefa.png
Sweater: Urban Outfitters | Shirt: Zara (similar styles here and here) | Jeans: Madewell | Boots: Zara | Bag: Coach | Sunglasses: Call It Spring 

I can't stop wearing these Madewell jeans. To say the least this purchase was well worth it, as I've been getting my money's worth out of it. Sorry(notsorry) if any of you are sick of seeing them, because I'm not sick of wearing them yet.

Is there anything in your closet that you like to wear on repeat?
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