April 30, 2010

Spring Looks for Outdoor Events

So with the weather like it is I have decided to put some looks together for the spring. It's looks that you can wear either for going on a picnic, an outdoor concert, or to ride a bike or just taking a walk in the park.

From left to right:
first look
Second Look:
Third Look:
Fourth Look:

April 29, 2010

Swirl: Karen Zambos

Swirl by Daily Candy has a great sale going on right now till Tuesday 5/4. They have a sample sale going on for Karen Zambos. You have to sign-up (for free) to be able to login and see the sale. Hurry now because things are going fast!
Here are a few cute looks from the sale:

Cyia Top - Olive $49

Paige Dress - Natural $79

April 28, 2010

Whitney Port and The City

For all of those who are like me and love The City and Whitney Port she posted a video from her Bryant Park Fashion Week debut!

I love her and her clothes. She is so talented! Her line is so girl, sexy, and fantastic. I seriously want the skirt and the halter top! It is so sexy and springy!
Also thanks to her twitter:
Special shopping codes for http://www.whitneyeve.com/. 10% off ALL orders if you enter "TheCity" , 20% off orders of $200+ if you enter "WESP10"

If you go onto her website http://www.whitneyeve.com/ there are some items on sale. The hoodies are super cute. I love the design on the back!

Did anybody watch The City last night? I totally almost cried at the end with Kelly and Whitney! My boyfriend thinks I'm totally nuts. Also, anyone else thinks that Olivia needs to get fired? I seriously believe anybody with a good eye and good work ethics can do her job with their hands tied behind their back. I say sign me up to be the fashion editor for Elle! That girl needs a SERIOUS reality check!

A-morir sunglasses by Kerin.Rose

These sun glasses are so funky and great. I feel like as soon as you would put them on you turn into a rock star. I'm absouletly in love with the sunglasses with the chains in them. If I had $200 to drop on sunglasses I would buy a pair. But behold I do not.
Check out Kerin.Rose's website here.

April 27, 2010

Genlux Spring Editorial

I came a across this by a fashion photographer named Melissa Rodwell, the blog is called fashionphotographyblog and found these photos on the first page. They are absoultely stunning! She had thought to base this Spring Editoral around the book "The Little Princess." What a cute and creative idea! I love the set up and lighting of these photos. It's dark but not to dark, it gives it a sense of imagery and wonder. I love the soft colors with some pops of bright colors that the stylist choose to use. I aso suggest you to check out her website MelissaRodwell.com.

April 26, 2010

Lane Bryant Model: Sad We Can't See Big Women On TV

I read an article posted by Gothamist called "Lane Bryant Model: Sad We Can't See Big Women On TV." The article is about how ABC and Fox won't air a Lane Bryant commerical of a plus size model (she's a size 16) in lingerie in their prime time slots. One was slated to run at the end of Dancing with the Stars and another at the end of American Idol. I don't understand why they wouldn't run it during Dancing with the Stars, they have woman on the show barely dressed and Pamela Anderson is on it (or was? don't watch the show so I have no idea if she's still on or not) but either way Pamela was in playboy, was known for her sexy body, and has a sex tape out there of her and Tommy Lee. We aren't looking at very wholesome woman here dancing with long dresses on. Also, the commercial isn't any more racier then the Victoria Secret or hell even the lubricate ads that are ran during Prime time slots. I think the condom and lubricant ads are more racier then any lingerie ad. They are just up right uncomfortable to watch with your parents, no matter how old you are. And honestly she is beautiful. It upsets me because we are stuck in this world that woman have to be stick thin. If we were back in Marylin Monroe days this girl would give Marylin a run for her money. Also there is a difference between begin overweight and being healthy. I don't she her as being unhealthy overweight. Plus she's probably like 5'9", girls who are this height aren't meant to be 110 pounds. Even girls who are 5'6" aren't meant to be 110 pounds. Yes there are some girls who are naturally skinny but we are talking about the girls who watch their weight and try to maintain this weight because that's what they believe girls should be, stick thin. Most woman can't be a size 4 without starving themselves. That's just not what our bodies are meant to be. I'm not a size 4 anymore and doubt I will ever be. I believe that woman should be healthy. We shouldn't look like we are starving ourselves but we also shouldn't be 600 pounds. There should be a healthy balance. We should take care of ourselves and love ourselves .
Anyway here is the video:

What do you guys think?

April 24, 2010

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

I updated my photo blog with pictures I took at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. You can view the pictures here.

Outfit Post

My boyfriend and I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens today!!
Hiding behind some Cherry Blossoms

Some shoots before we even left the house
Dress: Forever21
Sandals: Forever21
Necklace: H&M
Jacket: Anthropology
Belt: (really a hair band) Forever21

I love the Botanical Gardens. I took some great pictures and will update my other blog with the photos that I took there.

Now I'm wearing my Hollister leggings, my college t-shirt, and a hoodie helping the boyfriend make dinner. Sausage and pepper calzones! YUM!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

and a picture of my boyfriend and i to end the post with :)

April 22, 2010

Sample Sales

Kooba Sample Sale
What: Up to 80 percent off clutches, totes, and satchels from seasons past.
Why: Snag the Arden mini leather bow bag with chain strap for just $95 (reg. $285).
When: Thurs. & Fri., 10 a.m.-2 p.m. & 3-8 p.m.
Where: 141 W. 36th St., b/t Broadway & Seventh Ave., 10th flr.

Jane’s Closet Sample Sale
What: Dig through $99, $69, $39, and $29 racks filled with designer frocks and accessories. Why: Rompers, tunics, and minis from Manoush, Corey Lynn Calter, and Deborah Sweeney.
When: Fri. & Sat., noon-8 p.m.
Where: 60 N. 6th St., b/t Wythe & Kent Aves., Williamsburg (212-772-0712).

source Dailycandy.com

April 21, 2010

The City

Holy crap!!! I just watched the trailer for The City, which premieres April 27th at 10:30pm AFTER the Hills. I am so psyched right now. I just want to watch the new episodes right now. I'm totally in love with Kelly Cutrone right now and that trailer just GOD makes me wish I knew her. She's my idol right now. Also, GO WHITNEY!!! I hate Olivia and her fake self. It's about time Whitney stands up for herself. Looks like she's finally listening to Kelly. I had to post this because I'm just am so excited! You can watch the trailer below!

Victoria Buckley

I was looking through Esty.com when I found this jewellery designer Victoria Buckley. She is an Australian jewelery designer and also has a boutique down there. You can also visit her website http://www.victoriabuckley.com/ and/or her 2 estys: victoria buckey and pocket full of poesy where she is selling selected jewellry. I love her engravement work. I also love the quotes she choose to engrave. I think these rings are perfect if anyone knows anybody graduating this year- whether it's college or high school. They would be the perfect gift. The quotes are inspiring and everytime they look down at their hand they would know that someone that they love gave it to them and wants them to do amazing things in life. There's nothing like a gift from that heart that is also inspirational.
I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it.
Einstein Quote

No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings

April 20, 2010

Oufit Post

Skirt: Betsy Johnson
Shirt: H&M
Shoes: H&M
Neclace: ??? don't remember have had it for ever hahaha

Love love love this skirt! So glad that I found it! What a steal!!! The color is perfect for the spring and its so light weight. I wish I was frolicking through the park with it on rather then wearing it to work.

Hope everyone had a happy Tuesday!

Olsen Haus Spring Collection

To view the whole collection go here
The designer's name is Elizabeth Olsen and she has created a line of "vegan shoes." Her shoes are made of earthy materials and not from animals. I absolutely love the faux suede/cork shoes. I love her use of innovative material. So creative and beautiful. Not everything has to be made of real leather to look gorgeous or feel expensive (even though these shoes are not cheap in any shape or form). Go Olsen for making green look so chic!

Bittersweets New York

Bittersweets Famous Letter Rings make an excellent bridesmaids' gift!

I'm in love with this jewlery by Bittersweet New York. They have the perfect engagment rings, wedding rings, rings, bracletes and necklaces. So simple and so perfect. I love that some are just so corky and so fun. I love the idea of getting your bridesmaids rings with their names engraved on them. What a sweet idea.
Check out their website here.
Also Dailycandy.com is having an offer from them:

From lovely personalized initial rings and pearl necklaces to earthworm bangles and vampire teeth necklaces, Bittersweets New York has something for every bauble lover.
Enter code DAILYCANDY at checkout.
*Offer good through April 27.

April 19, 2010

Celine Spring Ready To Wear

I love Celine's Spring Ready to Wear collection. I love the different brown and beige colors that she uses in her pieces. I also love how crisp the white pieces are.

I can't even bring myself to look at the Fall Ready To Wear collections. I'm in full swing spring/summer mode.
Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week!
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