April 1, 2010

Cruelist April Fools Joke Ever!

Apparently a couple of funny people thought it'd be funny to play with the emotions and stomaches of New Yorkers. If you've been to to Cali or the West Coast then you probably had ate at an In-N-Out. Well if you have been there and live on the East Coast you know what its like to live without it, sad and no fast food burger could even compare (not even Shake Shack). Well these funny people thought it'd be funny to hang a sign and have people in aprons and hats passing out flyers on Broadway and 22nd street saying that an In-N-Out Burger was coming. Not cool man. You can read the full article from Gothamist here.

yes i know this has nothing to do with Fashion but in the spirt of April Fools thought this would be good. Also I already got fooled by my father. I always fall for it! EVERY YEAR!!!

Have you gotten fooled yet?

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