April 26, 2010

Lane Bryant Model: Sad We Can't See Big Women On TV

I read an article posted by Gothamist called "Lane Bryant Model: Sad We Can't See Big Women On TV." The article is about how ABC and Fox won't air a Lane Bryant commerical of a plus size model (she's a size 16) in lingerie in their prime time slots. One was slated to run at the end of Dancing with the Stars and another at the end of American Idol. I don't understand why they wouldn't run it during Dancing with the Stars, they have woman on the show barely dressed and Pamela Anderson is on it (or was? don't watch the show so I have no idea if she's still on or not) but either way Pamela was in playboy, was known for her sexy body, and has a sex tape out there of her and Tommy Lee. We aren't looking at very wholesome woman here dancing with long dresses on. Also, the commercial isn't any more racier then the Victoria Secret or hell even the lubricate ads that are ran during Prime time slots. I think the condom and lubricant ads are more racier then any lingerie ad. They are just up right uncomfortable to watch with your parents, no matter how old you are. And honestly she is beautiful. It upsets me because we are stuck in this world that woman have to be stick thin. If we were back in Marylin Monroe days this girl would give Marylin a run for her money. Also there is a difference between begin overweight and being healthy. I don't she her as being unhealthy overweight. Plus she's probably like 5'9", girls who are this height aren't meant to be 110 pounds. Even girls who are 5'6" aren't meant to be 110 pounds. Yes there are some girls who are naturally skinny but we are talking about the girls who watch their weight and try to maintain this weight because that's what they believe girls should be, stick thin. Most woman can't be a size 4 without starving themselves. That's just not what our bodies are meant to be. I'm not a size 4 anymore and doubt I will ever be. I believe that woman should be healthy. We shouldn't look like we are starving ourselves but we also shouldn't be 600 pounds. There should be a healthy balance. We should take care of ourselves and love ourselves .
Anyway here is the video:

What do you guys think?

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