October 31, 2011

Outfit Post: Work Appropriate Halloween Costume

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Blazer: H&M
shoes: Payless 

Headband: Unknown

I hope you all had a great Halloween and Halloween weekend! My co-workers and I decided that we would sort of dress up today in the office for Halloween...so this is my Halloween Office Appropriate Sailor Costume. I thought it was a fun cute idea since I haven't worn this dress in awhile. I wish you could see the details better where to buttons are on top. Poop.


October 29, 2011


So for Halloween I decided to paint my nails orange and do a candy corn nail. I only did one nail since I don't have patience to do all my nails but of course it's up to you what you want to do so here's a small tutorial on my candy corn and orange nails.

What I Used:

- Brucci Max's Punkin'
- Sally Hansen White Tip
- Sinful Colors Orange Alert
- OPI The "IT" Color
- Essie No Chips Ahead Topcoat

Step One. I did TWO coats on all my nails but my ring fingers of Brucci's Max's Punkin'.

Step Two. Take you white nail polish and paint your whole nail (I only did my ring finger). Do two coats if need.

Step Three. Once your white nail polish is dry...From middle of your nail to the tip take your thin nail polish paint brush and paint all the way to the tip. If needed do two coats. I used the Sinful Colors Orange Alert for this step.

Step Four. After your orange coat is dry take your yellow nail polish and just paint the tip of your nail. I used OPI's The "IT" Color.

Step Five. Once everything is dry just top it off with a top coat!

Do you think you'd try a candy corn nail polish?

October 27, 2011



VOTE FOR ME FOR VERY.COM'S BLOGGER COMPETITION!!! Very.com is a British based clothing website that is coming to America! So what better way to celebrate their arrival here in the US by hosting a blogger competition with American based bloggers! SO VOTE FOR ME HERE!

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How to Wear Your Summer Florals in the Fall

I love my floral skirts and I hate putting them away for the fall/winter. So this fall I decided not to put them away and embrace them this fall. You can transition your floral skirts with essential fall/winter pieces that you already have in your closet.

Floral Skirts for the Fall

1. Cozy Knit Sweater. If you don't have a knit sweater go get one! They are the ESSENTIAL of the ESSENTIAL of fall pieces. They not only keep you warm but they can go with skirts, jeans, pants, over a dress....they can make an outfit look chic and casual.

2. Floral Skirt. Florals are usually spring/summer prints but sometimes we need that sunny disposition so why not bring a ray of sunshine by using this spring print in your fall wardrobe. Use your floral skirts by pairing up your look with a cozy knit sweater, tights, shearling boots, leather jackets, and a fun---ctional bag.

3. Black Tights. What more can I say then tights just keep your legs warm....

4. Shearling Boots. Shearling boots whether flat or high heeled add a bit of city slicker coolness to a look. A flat boot adds a casual feel while a high heel boot adds a sophistication to the look. It all depends what look you are going for.

5. Leather Jackets. Just like shearling boots leather jackets add a coolness to overall look. Leather also a bit of edginess and can tone down the girlness of a floral skirt. It helps give a girly look a tougher edge.

6. Fun and Functional Bag. Winter is here and sometimes we can't wear the heels outside so why not tote them around in a big fun bag. Accessories can really make your winter stand out. Also playing off of the shearling and pairing it up with a fur bag it a fun and sassy contrasting twist.

What is the end result??

Sweater: Roxy
Skirt: No Name
Tights: H&M
Shoes: DV by Dolce Vita
Bags: courtesy of R&Em
Jacket: Michael Kors

October 26, 2011

Steal the Look for Less: Dolce & Gabbana Star Prints

Okay a couple of weeks ago I directed you on where to get the Dolce & Gabbana Star pumps for less (which you can read here) but today is all about how to recreate the whole Dolce look.

Belle of the Ball

Dolce and Gabbana Stars

Deep v neck dress, $78
Heel pumps
Tote handbag, $56

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana created these ridiculously beautiful chiffon flowy star gowns (which will run you $4,975 at net-a-porter.com). These dresses are jaw dropping, heart stopping beautiful dresses but for the average gal we don't have this type of money laying around. Thankfully Nasty Gal has this very pretty sexified star dress, the Fall Star Dress ($78). It has sex appeal like the Dolce & Gabbana dress -- Dolce is sheer while Nasty Gal has an asymmetrical cut allowing to show some thigh also the cut creates a flowy effect. To finish off the look pair it up with a simple black pump and a little purple bag like the one from Romwe.com ($56).

Street Star

Dolce & Gabbana Yellow Dress

TopShop three quarter sleeve dress, $110
Charnos opaque hosiery, £5
Forever21 pointed shoes, $23
ASOS envelope clutch bag, $36

The one thing I truly liked about this collection was the mix of differences within the collection -- you got the street style look, the tomboy, work ready, and the belle of the ball in the whole collection. Yet it appeals to the same woman. The street ready wear is defientially the play on bolder colors and bigger stars. To recreate this look go for a dress that isn't just black with white stars try a bolder color and go with bigger stars like the Topshop Star Pleated Dress ($110). Stick with simple black loafers and black ankle socks which will help give it the street style look. Make the whole look pop with a bright clutch bag like the ASOS Pyramid Lock Envelop Clutch ($36).

Shine at Work

Dolce and Gabban Stars top and glitter skirt

T shirt, £20
Gold sequin skirt, $45
Charnos nylon socks, £5
ALDO platform high heels, $100
French Connection crossbody handbag, $110
ASOS star earrings, $18

No literally shine at work. Go from day to night in a sequin skirt without looking like your going straight to the club by doing a sequin pencil skirt like Dolce & Gabanna. Finding a sequin star skirt is hard enough so just try a sequin pencil skirt like the Lulu's Hide and Go Seek Sequin Skirt ($45). Pair your skirt with a star button down like the Clothing at Tesco's Star Chiffon Shirt ($32) to give it a day appropriate look. Pair the whole look up with a simple studded bag and star print heels (the Aldo shoes make a come back!). Play with fun accessories like the ASOS Cascading Star Earrings ($18).

What do you guys think of the star trend? Are you going wear it?

October 24, 2011

Outfit Post: Fur Ball


Shirt: Old Navy
Sweater: Old Navy
Pants: H&M
Bag: courtesy of R&Em
Shoes: Target

Shoes, bag, shirt and sweater are all brand spanking new. The shirt, sweater and shoes were all on my buying spree on Saturday. This is my dressed up look for work (we had an important conference today) so I needed some new "professional" threads. And really what more says professional then a big furry bag? I really love my new R&Em bag not only have I been looking for a fur bag but I do need a big bag since winter means wearing less of my cute heels out on the street and more of carrying them around in my bag. I love that this bag is fashionable and functional. I totally toted my heels from my building (yes after taking these pictures this morning I switched to flats) to the train...then from my office building to the conference....then from the conference to home. This bag is HUGE but slouchy and comfortable. Plus I can pet it all day!!

October 21, 2011

Friend Friday: HALLOWEEN!!

Halloween is almost here and I'm totally gearing up for it. This weekend the bf and I are hitting up Target to get some Halloween decorations for our party and then we are making some yummy Pumpkin Woopie Pies annnnnnddd carving a pumpkin! I love being festive for the Holidays. I'm still a kid at heart!


1. Do you have plans for Halloween? What will you dress up as this year?
Actually my boyfriend and I are throwing a party at our apartment the weekend after Halloween since we are busy visiting a friend the weekend before and Halloween Falls on a Monday this year.

I'm going for a Mardi Gras themed Halloween costume since I picked up a beautiful mask while I was down in New Orleans a few weeks ago. I figured I'd really never wear the mask again so why not do a Mardi Gras themed costume this year.
Mardi Gras Costume

2. Where do you go for costume and makeup inspiration?
I find inspiration in all sorts of places. As I've gotten older I stopped buying costumes since I think it's a waste of money. I like now either making my own costumes or incorporating pieces that I can use over again. This year for my costume I found inspiration in my mask and found key pieces that work for a costume and real life. I guess really I find inspiration in real clothing that can be transformed into a costume.

For hair and make-up I think looking at pictures of examples of what costume I'm doing gives me some good ideas.

3. What was the best costume you've ever done?
Hmmmm....I dunno. Last year was pretty cool..my bf and I decided to be Sea Shepherd's. One year my mom made me a cheerleading costume which was pretty freaking sweet.

4. What's the most creative costume you've ever seen?
O gosh.....One year I saw this chick dressed up like Amy Whinehouse and she looked JUST LIKE HER.

5. No holds barred if you could dress up as anything, what would it be?
Hmmmmm another hard question. What would it be....I have no idea. I've been wanting to do an Audry Hepburn costume for awhile just haven't gotten around to it...but I just don't know.

What are your plans for Halloween? What are you dressing up as?

October 19, 2011

Taking Notes from Tommy Hilfiger's Fall 2011 Campaign

Tommy Hilfiger is an all American brand created by designer Thomas Jacob Hilfiger. Tommy Hilfiger is known for it's American preppyness...bold American preppyness. His fall 2011 collection is no different: plaids, button downs, sweaters...I must say I really love the fall campaign this year: Home with the Hilfigers. Lots of layers, mixing of prints, preppy with an attitude. Something attainable and do-able. There was one ad campaign that totally caught my attention which was the one with the two stylish kids and I guess who suppose to be there young stylish mom. Personally the little girl's style caught my attention...layers and mixed prints! What more could you want in a fall outfit!

The reason I truly love this was because this look is so do-able with affordable clothing and doing your own twist to it. Most of us might even have the essentials in our closets like a long v-neck sweater, printed button down, and dark tights.

Tommy Hilfiger 2011

1. V-Neck Sweater: Most of us have the esstential winter sweaters like v-necks. Longer v-neck sweaters like the Dorothy Perkin's Black Sparkle V-Neck Jumper ($34). You want to pick a v-neck sweater that is long enough to go over a plaid mini but not long enough to complete cover the skirt. You want just enough to peek from underneath it.

2. Printed Button Down Top: Many of us have printed button downs in our closest (especially us working gals): florals, stripes, plaid...etc. Don't be afraid to mix up prints with the plaid skirt or to even go plaid on plaid, the sweater helps break up the prints.

3. Plaid Skirt: You'll need a plaid mini skirt, like the Free People Mohair Plaid Mini ($98), to fully pull off the look. The skirt needs to be short enough to hide under the sweater but long enough to peak out. Pick a mini skirt that is fitted and doesn't flare out to much.

4. Tights: Stick with darker color tights or stricly black. If your bold and dare to go plaid go with a dark plaid tight. I would stay away from plaid tights if you are doing a plaid top as well.

5. Boots: To take a grown female twist to this look try a dark mid-calf boot with a low heel like the Urban Outfitters Distressed Suede Boot ($69). This will give a work appropriate look and won't make you look to much like a school girl.

Here's how I pulled off my Tommy Hilfiger look:

Shirt: Abercrombie and Finch (SUPER OLD SHIRT...I think I had it since High School yikes)
Skirt: American Eagle
Sweater: H&M
Tights: H&M
Boots: Urban Outfitters

October 18, 2011


Thanks to Refinery29.com for giving me the idea to create the Split Nail effect. This nail effect was easy to create but took a lot of patience. Some of which I don't have but if I was able to pull it off you'll be able to do it as well.

What I Used:

  • Sally Hansen Choco-Latte
  • Sinful Colors Time Off

1. Take a nude color nail polish like the Sally Hansen Choco-latte and do a stripe down the middle of your finger or cover just the base of your nail (enough of the base so that you can create a triangle effect. Once you do one coat you can see if you'll need a second coat.

2. Once you have your base and it's dry take your black nail art nail polish and brush two cross crossing lines.

3. Color around your criss cross lines so that your nude color nail polish creates a triangle. Depending on your nail paint you might need to coats.

4. Once you finish painting your nails and it's dried just coat it with a top coat!

What do you guys think?

October 17, 2011

Inspirational Monday: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awearness

As we all know, at least you should know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I love that brands, designers, and other organizations (including the NFL there's nothing like seeing grown men who are playing an angry sport wearing pink) are standing up to the fight against Breast Cancer. I lost my aunt 4 years ago to breast cancer and still today she is the strongest woman that I know. I am ever so proud of every woman who fights cancer every day. We all should be. They are all role models in their own right. If you are looking for foundations to donate here are some that I love: Susan G Komen, Save the Tatas, NFL: Crucial Catch, and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

Friday I decided to wear my pinks for Breast Cancer: hot pink shirt, A McQueen pink skull scarf, and pink snap watch. I def. don't wear pink enough...well now maybe I will since I have a pink snap watch and my mom gave me a pink breast cancer awareness ban.

Shirt: No Name
Jeans: Free People
Blazer: H&M
Shoes: Zara
Scarf: Alexander McQueen
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Watch: Slapawatch.com 

October 14, 2011

Friend Friday: The Quintessential Fall Outfit

260 Days No Repeats asked us to show what our quintessential fall outfits are. For the most part this fall I've been living in my Michael Kors leather jacket and my yellow Target cardigan. Pairing them both up is perfect play on hard and soft. The length of the cardigan allows it to peak out underneath the leather jacket giving it a pop of color. It especially is a nice pop of color when wearing a lot of darker colors. Plus if I could I would wear my wide leg J Brand jeans everyday. I honestly now understand why everyone loves J Brand. I was so excited when I saw them in Loehmann's that I picked up two pairs. They fit me perfectly and I usually have a hard time finding jeans that fit my waist comfortably. I also love the long length especially since they are flared pants. Both these jeans are perfect to throw into my cycle of jeans and a great brake from skinny jeans. Pair them up with my JC Lita's and I got the quintessential fashion blogger fall outfit for sure!

Shirt: H&M
Jeans: J Brand
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Cardigan: Target
Jacket: Michael Kors
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Necklace: courtesy of Satya Jewelry 

October 13, 2011

Dareen Hakim Handbags

Looking for a standout bag? Well look no further then handbag designer Dareen Hakim. Dareen was born in Beirut but her work is influenced by the Lebanese life, which surrounded her growing up. From the looks of her architectural sculpted bags you would have never guessed that she has her MBA from Harvard Business School and worked on Wall Street. A handbag designer who is not only fashion savvy but business savvy as well, what more could you ask for? She started in the fashion business by managing L'Oreal Paris and Maybelline New York, which then lead her to design her own line of handbags.

Her handbags are a piece of art more then they are your average bag. Dareen's bags are powerful and stand out on their own, which means they are not for the faint at heart but are for fierce women looking for fierce designs. Unique forms and shapes rule her Spring 2012 collection. My favorite is the V-Clutch in Flame. Not only does the color call for your attention but so does the shape of the clutch. More like a boomerang then a clutch, but perfect for a night out on the town.

If you're a more subtle person and looking for a design that is more subtle then the Poise bag is for you. This satchel is elegant and lady like (hence the name Poise) and comes in a variety of colors that keep the bag sleek. To be honest I love all the colors but I must say the Jade and Truffle are my favorite. The Jade color gives it the WOW factor (plus its almost a minty green which is my fav.), while the Truffle color can easily be used for everyday. Neutral colors always tend to work well with every outfit.

Once again staying with the subtle powerful designs that can work for your everyday life The Casanova and the Starstruck bag also come to mind. The Starstruck bag is the perfect bag for going out. It's big enough to carry your essentials and small enough to not get in the way. The metallic sides and structure of the bag gives it a twist on the classic clutch bag.

Mean while The Casanova has an unlikely structure with a sleek defined style. This bag has just enough pop of color and a structured handle to keep the bag looking simple and not over done. Not only is my favorite part the extended wing look but that it also has a cross body strap-- it gives it an easy transition from day to play. Plus easy to tote around your essentials and everything else one might need-- laptop, camera, etc. This bag really has it all -- style, comfort, and a home for all your things you carry.

Dareen Hakim's bags do come at a high price, her bags range from $138 to $745. If you're looking to invest in a bag Dareen's the way to go. You can't go wrong with a good structured, designed, well made handbag that you will wear over and over again. Putting the money up is the hardest part but you won't be disappointed in the end.
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