October 27, 2011

How to Wear Your Summer Florals in the Fall

I love my floral skirts and I hate putting them away for the fall/winter. So this fall I decided not to put them away and embrace them this fall. You can transition your floral skirts with essential fall/winter pieces that you already have in your closet.

Floral Skirts for the Fall

1. Cozy Knit Sweater. If you don't have a knit sweater go get one! They are the ESSENTIAL of the ESSENTIAL of fall pieces. They not only keep you warm but they can go with skirts, jeans, pants, over a dress....they can make an outfit look chic and casual.

2. Floral Skirt. Florals are usually spring/summer prints but sometimes we need that sunny disposition so why not bring a ray of sunshine by using this spring print in your fall wardrobe. Use your floral skirts by pairing up your look with a cozy knit sweater, tights, shearling boots, leather jackets, and a fun---ctional bag.

3. Black Tights. What more can I say then tights just keep your legs warm....

4. Shearling Boots. Shearling boots whether flat or high heeled add a bit of city slicker coolness to a look. A flat boot adds a casual feel while a high heel boot adds a sophistication to the look. It all depends what look you are going for.

5. Leather Jackets. Just like shearling boots leather jackets add a coolness to overall look. Leather also a bit of edginess and can tone down the girlness of a floral skirt. It helps give a girly look a tougher edge.

6. Fun and Functional Bag. Winter is here and sometimes we can't wear the heels outside so why not tote them around in a big fun bag. Accessories can really make your winter stand out. Also playing off of the shearling and pairing it up with a fur bag it a fun and sassy contrasting twist.

What is the end result??

Sweater: Roxy
Skirt: No Name
Tights: H&M
Shoes: DV by Dolce Vita
Bags: courtesy of R&Em
Jacket: Michael Kors

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  1. Love this post! I'm pretty much fashion-demented right now due to getting rid of pretty much everything that didn't fit (which is everything but pants and tshirts) and this post is great for keeping the one floral print dress that still fits in winter rotation.

  2. I love your Halloween decorations :-) Great use of wearing something bright and floral in Autumn and still pulling it off!


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