October 29, 2011


So for Halloween I decided to paint my nails orange and do a candy corn nail. I only did one nail since I don't have patience to do all my nails but of course it's up to you what you want to do so here's a small tutorial on my candy corn and orange nails.

What I Used:

- Brucci Max's Punkin'
- Sally Hansen White Tip
- Sinful Colors Orange Alert
- OPI The "IT" Color
- Essie No Chips Ahead Topcoat

Step One. I did TWO coats on all my nails but my ring fingers of Brucci's Max's Punkin'.

Step Two. Take you white nail polish and paint your whole nail (I only did my ring finger). Do two coats if need.

Step Three. Once your white nail polish is dry...From middle of your nail to the tip take your thin nail polish paint brush and paint all the way to the tip. If needed do two coats. I used the Sinful Colors Orange Alert for this step.

Step Four. After your orange coat is dry take your yellow nail polish and just paint the tip of your nail. I used OPI's The "IT" Color.

Step Five. Once everything is dry just top it off with a top coat!

Do you think you'd try a candy corn nail polish?

5 comments so far

  1. Very cute! I'm posting my Halloween nais on Monday ;)

  2. Great idea. I have my Halloween nails done already and probable postng tommorow or Monday.

    xoxo Ra

  3. how fun! very cute idea!

    hope you had a fun halloween weekend with the snow and all ;)

  4. Very clever. It's such a cute halloween idea! (Much better than my usual 'you don't know Jaques' gray) :)


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