February 27, 2013

Kensie 2013 Jewelry Sneak Peak

Last week I was invited to preview Kensie's 2013 Jewelry Collection. I knew it was going to be a fun event with beautiful jewelry especially since I knew a lot of fellow blogger pals (TBC what up!) were going to also be attending. There really is nothing like closing out a week with friends, jewelry, sweets, and prosseco. The jewelry of course was nothing short of eye catching. There were a couple of pieces that I was ready to run out of the showroom with like the white lace designed earrings and the scripted bangles. Both were so pretty and elegant, either one can be worked into everyday wear or something more formal. I was even thinking how pretty the white laced earrings would be paired with a white lace dress (wedding brain!).

Boy Meets Girl Fall 2013

Contributor writer: Natalie from Modaetc

Boy Meets Girl is always fun and their recent Fall 2013 collection is no different. With a simple playful aesthetic that characterizes Stacy Igel, the show started with music from the 90’s, which is part of the inspiration. It opened with a few children’s pieces, followed by her ready to wear collection. Neutrals, as well as vibrant colors; royal blue, hot pink, red and the classic “Boy meets Girl” logo prints were one of the main stand-outs from the collection. In the middle of the show, R&B singer Leah LaBelle came out to perform “Lolita," igniting the runway show with more musical energy.

February 25, 2013

1 Blazer 2 Ways, Part 1: Weekday Hustle

UK fashion store, Wallis, recently reached out to me and asked me if I would like to participate their blogger competition. The competition is to style their Blue Jersey Blazer four ways, winner of the competition gets a mini shopping spree at Wallis (and with spring around the corner who can pass that up!). Plus, I love showing how you can transition functional pieces in your wardrobe. What I need from my wonderful readers...I just need your help re-pinning my looks on pinterest! You can find my pins here and here. 

Today's post includes 2 looks to get you through the work week. From everyday office wear to the casual Friday look.

February 22, 2013

NYFW: Let's Hear it for the Boys

The more fashion weeks I go to the more tired I become of wanna-be street stylers wearing what seems like their whole closet. What happened to actually looking good? When did bad fashion become the in thing? I'm sorry running around with a actual cape or something kitschy isn't fashionable to me, you just want to get noticed. With that said I never seen so many well dressed woman and men (especially men!) like I did at both Bespoken and Perry Ellis shows, I'm not even talking about the models (even though they were handsome as well!). I was just so in love with all the well suited men that it made up for all the bad fashion choices that I had seen through out the week. Thank god for menswear shows.

photos courtesy of Perry Ellis

For the past 3 seasons I had tried to get an invite to Perry Ellis so I was over joyed by the fact that I got an invite to the Fall 2013 show, who cares if I had a standing ticket I was just so happy to be there. The small seating arrangements at the Highlines stages at first seemed to be empty but as time grew closer to the start it began to fill up, once everyone got situated the house music came on and it was show time. There was no denying that the woods was an inspiration to this line by designers Steven Cox and Daniel Silver. This Perry Ellis show was different then those I have viewed (online and in-store), this didn't have your usual casual menswear feel but much more rustic, woodsy, and a little more fashion forward. I'm a classic menswear lover, so tailored suits is the way to this woman's heart-- along with classic patterns and colors. I wasn't sure how to feel about the paisley prints (don't think I'd want to see my man in them) or the bright mustard yellows (to feminine for my liking). I did however love the more classic pieces to this collection, like the grey tailored suits. I did also liked the olive greens that were seen through out, which is a much more masculine color. I wouldn't mind seeing my guy dressed in the burgundy or olive green pea coat...even though he wouldn't even know it was by Perry Ellis (he had to ask who these designers were even though he has a couple of pieces in his closet that are Perry Ellis). Overall, I was impressed by the sophomore debut of these designers work.

First picture taken by me
All others from style.com

Lots of English influences along with Japanese inspiration was found in designers Liam and Sam Fayed's Fall 2013 collection for Bespoken. The debut of their Fall 2013 collection took place at the Nomad Hotel Library, and as fitting of a backdrop it was-- there is nothing more intimating then well dressed men in small confided spaces. Also it is ridiculously hard to take pictures in a dark small room and having models non-stop moving. One thing I noticed from going to menswear presentations: male models are a lot more social-able then female models, either they are talking to one another or socializing with whoever is there. That is not to say that I haven't been to warmer feeling woman's wear presentations, ie Ann Taylors Spring 2013 presentation. Anyway, this is a line that I can sink my teeth into or at least dress my man in. It's your well suited everyday guy. Simple, tailored, and polished. Suits that fit your life style(work, after hour cocktails, work meetings, etc) along with specialty suits and tuxedos. The burgundy tuxedo had my heart, it's such a great play on your typical tux but it's still elegant and manly. I also loved the burgundy color blocking coat, it's a great way for men to subtlety bring in the color-blocking trend us woman so adore.

What do you think of these menswear collections? Would you want your guy dressed in any of these pieces?

February 20, 2013

Katya Leonovich Fall 2013 by Alex of Delayed Missives

Guest Contributor: Alex of Delayed Missives

Katya Leonovich opened with elegant paintbrush swirls of blue that reminded me of Asian artwork from 20th century. I noted quite a few monochrome looks that were big on the use of textures. Leather and fur were also sprinkled throughout the collection. I personally didn't love the fur and leather looks, but I think they could be great on the right person. 

February 18, 2013

Happy 3 Year Blogiversary

February 15, 2013

Outfit Post: Hey Sugar Lips

February 13, 2013

Mara Hoffman Fall 2013

Mara Hoffman without a doubt is my soul sister. Being in the Stage tent in Lincoln Center and watching her line go down the runway made me forget about the slushy snow that waited outside, which was funny since this was a fall line. Sticking to her own aesthetic and her consumers' appreciations, the Fall 2013 collection was full of beautiful tribal prints, vibrant colors and flowing dresses. This season Hoffman played off the idea of a traveling circus of "Gypsies, Tramps, & Thieves," which can be seen in playful prints like the "evil eye" and the Caravan print (which intertwines elephants and peacocks).

February 12, 2013

4 Corners of a Circle Fall 2013

Article by Iris of 260 Days, No Repeats

photos taken by Iris

Thursday afternoon fashionistas flocked to The Metropolitan Pavilion for the 4 Corners Of A Circle Fall 2013 runway show. As guests headed to their seats and waited for the show to start they were treated to complimentary Honest Tea and KIND snack bars. The lights dimmed and a simple percussion beat signaled the start of the show. Instead of models immediately hitting the runway guests were treated to some performance art as dancers gracefully flowed, in what was reminiscent of Tai Chi movements, down to their positions flanking the runway.

Designer Natsuko Kanno believes, “In today’s world… one must go out into the world and fight for the life they want, find their own way to make this world a better place.” The collection’s inspiration of traditional Samurai designs was clearly conveyed by the basic color palette, sparse patterns and textures. 

Parkchoonmoo Fall 2013

On a very snowy Friday night designer Demi Park debuted her Fall 2013 collection to a full Studio tent. Honestly, I couldn't think of a more perfect night for her to show this season's collection of Parkchoonmoo, it was a weird twist of faith that this line would be inspired by glaciers in the Arctic Sea while New York was under a blizzard. Much of her collection was perfect for the weather conditions that were happening outside: chunky sweaters, vest, and puffy jacket. This season much like her past season had a sense of causal coolness to it.

February 11, 2013

Erin Barr Fall 2013

Erin Barr was one of my favorite collections last season, so I was super excited to be invited back to not only to cover her show but was invited backstage to interview the talented designer and see the clothes up close...even though since my job gets in the way of all things fun I went backstage after the show missing all the pre-show excitement -- especially since this was Barr's first runway show. This season's collection felt like an extension of her Spring 2013 collection, not that it's a bad thing. She knows her woman and who she's designing for-- the confident sexy woman. She has a bit of a modern edge with a  little bit of a throwback to the 50s madmen era. The collection itself was inspired by her time spent at her family's cabin in Northern Wisconsin. She used it's natural landscapes to help her create the Fall 2013 collection.

photos courtesy of MAO PR

Erin Barr Fall 2013 from Fashionista NY Girl on Vimeo.
I love the seductiveness and confidence that her collection has. Full of sexy slits, cropped tops, cut outs, and leather tops. Maybe to much skin for a fall collection? That's why we have wool coats! Nature's colors can be seen through out: greens, nudes, and blacks. And if you know anything about me you know that I love my mint. I was also happy to see that Moscot paired up again with Barr to provide sunglasses for the show. The glasses really help pull the whole collection together to give it the feel that it needs.

Kimberly Ovitz Fall 2013

photo taken by me

As much as I love the Lincoln Center tents its always nice to get off site and see shows in different and unique locations. Kimberly Ovitz showed her Fall 2013 collection at Cafe Rouge which use to be a part of the Hotel Pennsylvania, but now is own by a private firm to host private events. This was the perfect space for Ovitz to show her collection: white washed walls, with a grungey warehouse effect. Her collection was full of downtown coolness, lots of blacks and metallic silvers. There were even pops of blues and and purples within the collection, which was thanks to the needs of buyers and consumers.

photo credit: style.com

I loved the ease of Ovitz's collection. It's something that you can throw on and run out the door...or layer. I also loved all the jackets and vest, I'm especially fond of the funnel neck. It's sexy, cool, and useful, with a funnel neck there is no need for extra accessories like a scarf. I just wished I can look half as cool in these clothes like the models do.

What do you think of this collection?

O and yes in the first picture...that is the back of Anna Wintour's head!

February 8, 2013

Red Dress Collection Fashion Show

(photos courtesy of Diet Coke)

Wednesday night for me was the official kick off to New York Fashion week! And I couldn't think of a better way to kick it off then to celebrate women's health and fashion with Diet Coke and The Heart Truth®  campaign at the Red Dress CollectionSM Fashion Show. For me the venue held personal memories, I grew up in the City and spent most of my teen years going to concerts-- the Hammerstein Ballroom being one those venues that I had visited on a number of occasions. It was a beautiful and unique backdrop to the event...especially the birds eye view that you had from the upper decks of the hall looking down at hair and make-up.

I love strong woman. And I love strong woman in bold dresses. Seeing woman like Gabby Douglas, Jillian Michaels, and Savannah Guthrie strut their stuff made me feel strong...inspired to go do great things. These woman in particular stand out to me not because the designer that they strut down the runway in but because I have let them into my home and my daily life. If you follow me on any social media network you'd know my love for the Biggest Loser, my obsession over the Summer Olympics, and my random tweets about something going on on the Today Show.

(photos courtesy of Diet Coke)

I couldn't explain to you my overwhelming feeling of excitement to see Jillian Michaels. She is an amazing woman who has battled with her own struggles and is now giving back ten folds. She not only helps people find themselves by getting fit but also by getting them to find themselves, to fight those battles within. She's strong inside and out. And we definitely saw the outside bit down the runway. She might have looked unsteady in those heels but the Cushine Et Ochs dress looked stunning on her.

(photos courtesy of Diet Coke)

Gabby Douglas is a role model to every woman and girl of color or not. She is the prime example of follow your dreams. This is girl who moved miles away to follow her dreams, this is also the same girl who called her mom and sister to tell them that she wanted to give up on gymnastics, her sister of course wouldn't let you (another example of the type of people you need to surrond yourself with). Now here she is not only a Olympic Gymnast but a Olympic Gymnast who won Gold in the All-Arounds and as a member of the USA Women's Gymnastic Team. She is the first woman to who have won both medals in one Olympics, and she is the first African American to win the All-Around. She is everything I want to be...fearless, brace...she a constant reminder to keep on pursuing my dreams. Sometimes you might want to throw your hands up and give up but then you need to remember what you are doing it all for, everyone has those days. Not only is she beautiful on the inside but on the outside as well. She was positively radiant in her Pamella Roland gown. The silhouette was age appropriate, especially with the high low hem, and her smile was the perfect accessory.

(photos courtesy of Diet Coke)

Every morning I get up turn on Today show and go about my morning routine, then sit down on the couch in front of the TV to catch whatever story they have going on before I need to leave for work. I have watched Savannah Guthrie start out on the Today Show as a interest story anchor to the co-host anchor chair. She is smart, funny, and just down right relatable  She's the woman that I wouldn't mind getting to know and picking her brain all at the same time. The beautiful off the shoulder Carolina Herrera was perfect to flatter her figure. Plus the detail bow on the back with the bit of pink gave it a pop.

I feel so lucky and blessed in have been in the same room with these woman and many others that are making strides in their communities and their lives. Thank you to Diet Coke for giving me this amazing opportunity to have shared this with you all! Don't forget to get involved and to continue to #showyourheart. Tweet or Facebook #showyourheart and Diet Coke will make a $1 donation
to the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (up to $100,000) to support heart
health research and programs.

Finally got around to post this video that I took of the final walks on my iPhone!

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February 5, 2013

Outfit Post: Gearing up for NYFW

Coat: Elie Tahari
Dress: borrowed from Dana-Maxx
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Shoemint
Bag: c/o R&Em
Necklace: c/o Bombom Jewelry

photo taken by Brian Cavanaugh

I'm so excited to be kicking New York Fashion Week off tomorrow with the The Heart Truth® Red Dress CollectionSM Fashion Show! This is my fourth season covering NYFW for Fashionista NY Girl and yes I had some amazing opportunities to cover some big shows like Tibi, Honor, Alice + Olivia, Mara Hoffman, and Charlotte Ronson...but honestly I really didn't think I would have ever imagined not only being invited to a star studded event (and for an amazing cause) like the Red Dress CollectionSM Fashion Show but to be asked to be a blogger ambassador. Since this is such a big opportunity for me I knew I had to dress to impress! I reached out to my friends over at Dana-Maxx to see if I could borrow a piece from her collection. I couldn't have been more happy that Dana agreed to lend me some pieces from her collection! I chose to go with the James Dress since it's red (duh!) and I just love the little details in it. The interesting neckline, with small sheer panelings, and the sheer sleeves. I love how it fits, it's sexy and sweet. Plus the red is so bold that it doesn't need a lot of other accessories. 

Follow me on twitter and instagram to keep up to date on the Red Dress CollectionSM Fashion Show tomorrow night...and all NYFW updates. 

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February 1, 2013

Outfit Post: National Wear Red Day

Sweater: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shirt: H&M
Jeans: American Eagle
Boots: Dolce Vita
Bag: c/o Rebecca Minkoff
Sunglasses: Glow Accessories
Necklace: Guess

pictures taken by Brian Cavanaugh

Today is National Wear Red Day in awareness of Women's Heart Disease and I'm wearing my favorite red boots and red/gold splatter sweater. My fiance and I discovered this red barn door in our neighborhood during the weekend when we were walking to the wine store. I had told him to make a note of this since it would be the perfect backdrop for my National Wear Red Day outfit, I'm always looking out for good local photo locations. I love finding unique doors and places within my neighborhood, especially those that are within feet of my apartment. It helps enhance the photos...at least this way you aren't continually seeing the same brownstone.

Show your support to fight Women's Heart Disease and wear your favorite red clothing today! Also since showing your heart is always on trend continue to show yours on Twitter and Instagram throughout the month of February and Diet Coke will donate to the Foundation for the National Institues of Health in support of women's heart health programs, by simply HASHTAG showyourheart on all instagrams and tweets

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