September 29, 2010

Dsquared2 Spring 2011

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These pieces are jaw droppingly beautiful! Men inspired pieces with a flare of elegance and feminism. I love the simplicity in some these outfits: shirts, pants, oxfords, fedoras, and glasses. The last dress in the collection takes tuxedo dresses to a whole new meaning. Dean and Dan Caten blew me away with this collection. Roberto Cavalli I love you but take a hint from the Caten's sometimes less is more.
What do you guys think of Dsquared2 Spring 2011 collection?

September 28, 2010

Zara Magazine Issue #1

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Zara now joins the rest of the online shopping world with their own online magazine. I'm hoping they come out with their own print magazine too, maybe even something more editorial. Probably my favorite part of this online magazine is that you can hover your mouse over the picture and it tells you the product name and price. Now if only we could shop online here in the US....
What do you guys think of their magazine?

September 27, 2010

Get Your Hands on Some Burberry Spring 2011

Well if I could throw down a couple of thousand dollars I would def. drop it on some Spring 2011 Burberry! Their bags are super colorful and sleek. I'm loving the tiffany blue and the mint green. Even the orange is fantastic, and I'm not a big fan of orange. Pair the bag up with a Burberry trench coat! YES PLEASE! If you have are lucky enough to be able to spend some cash on some Burberry go now to order your Spring 2011 collection! You can have it within 7 days! 7 days!!! It ends tomorrow!

Inspirational Monday: Halloween

Ever since I was a kid I always loved holiday decorating and baking. As I gotten older I loved it even more, esp. this year with my new apartment and all. I just bought gel cling stickers for our windows that say Happy Halloween with little pumpkins and another set with a haunted house, bats, stars, a haunted tree, and a black cat. Yesterday was my birthday and my boyfriend's grandmother who lives in Pennsylvania sent me a birthday gift which was a package of fall decorations: two little scarecrows (a boy and a girl) and a fake fall leaf plant. The plant is now sitting on our window sill in the living room and the scarecrows are in the kitchen window. Our apt. is slowly becoming Halloweenized. I can not wait till 10/16, in Redhook they are having a fall festival! There will be a pumpkin patch, apple cider, live animals, etc. I'm super excited!!! When I was a kid my parents always took me to go pumpkin picking and I can not wait to go this year since I haven't been pumpkin picking in a long time. I also love carving pumpkins. My boyfriend and these past two years have done two awesome pumpkins: an owl and a ghost. I hope we find another awesome stencil this year! Along with holiday decorating I love holiday baking. So far these past two years my boyfriend and I dedicate a weekend in December to just bake a whole bunch of cookies, we usually bake: gingerbread man, chocolate chip, and sugar cookies. Our gingerbread man kick ass! Also every Christmas Eve I do my chocolate covered pretzels which are topped with: coconut shreds, m&ms, and sprinkles. YUMMY! I haven't baked anything for Halloween, but I'm thinking this is the year to do so!

I put together a little set of Halloween decorations that I really love.
Mini Pumpkin Woopie Pies: Martha Stewart; Pumpkin Spice Pankcake Mix: $6.95 -; Pumpkin Woopie Pie Mix: $8.95 -; Halloween Cookie Cutters: $1.95 -; Halloween Decoarting Dots: $5.95 -; Ghost Plate:$3.95 -; Yankee Candle Pumpkin Pie Scented Candles: $19 -; Spokey Spider Mug:$4.95 -; Ghost Tealights: $6.95 -; Pumpkin Cooler:

Crate and Barrel has some really cute stuff for Halloween this year! I'm really in love with the ghost tea lights! I'm also loving Martha Stewart's idea of a pumpkin cooler. Such a neat idea esp. if you are having a Halloween party! Might have to steal this if we decide to host one this year! I also still need to decide what to dress as. Hmmm any suggestions?

Do you guys like to Holiday decorate? Do you still dress up for Halloween?

September 23, 2010

Alberta Ferreti Spring 2011

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If any woman wants to feel like a princess or a goddess Alberta Ferretti's Spring 2011 collection is for them. Beautiful long flowy dresses, floral prints, sheer cloth, and lace are in abundance in this collection. Ferretti has created beautiful textures in her dresses by adding ruffles and crinkles. I love the one shoulder dress with the leaves wrapping around the body. The silhouette that it creates is beautiful and I love how the top leaves look like they are about to wrap themselves around her. I also adore the sheerness to the dress and the under laying. It gives it a nice sex appeal without being over the top sexy. It's flirtatious and lovely. And what woman doesn't want to be flirtatious and lovely?
What do you guys think of Alberta Ferreti's Spring 2011 collection?

September 22, 2010

Steal the Look for Less: Galaxy Prints

From down the run way to celebrities the galaxy print is every where. Katy Perry, Carey Mulligan, and Claudia Schiffer are all shown sporting their out of this world look. The look is out there but it's great for a casual day look or for a formal event.

photo from

So you don't have the money to buy a Lela Rose Fall 2010 galaxy inspired pieces. You can steal the runway look and celebrities look for less. Here are a few pieces that I found:


Outfits from left to right: 1. Galaxy Vest by Your Eyes Lie: $84 -; Motorcycle Babe Leggings: $7.80 -; Deena & Ozzy Side Buckle Bootie: $68 -; 2. Glue Store- Stussy Galaxy Dress: $76 -; Orli Pump: $160 -; Forever21 Red Pump: $11 -; 3. Ditigal Galaxy Print Dress: $16 -; Matiko Nicki Peep-Toe Wedge: $148 -; Urban Outfitters Mint Green Pump: $40 -

Topshop's galaxy t-shirt ($84) gives a good dress down galaxy vibe. Pair it up with some leggings and ankle booties and throw a motorcycle jacket on for a cool fall look. This look is great for hanging out with friends during the day.

Try pairing up a galaxy dress with some red pumps like Carey Mulligan. It compliments the colors in the dresses well and it really makes a statement. Red satin like the Orli Pump ($160) will match well with a dress that has a sheen to it. For a more less expensive red pump try a Patten leather shoe like the Forever21 red pumps.

The galaxy prints are fun prints so have fun with it. Try shoes that are different and go with the color in the dresses like the Matiko Nicki Peep-Toe Wedge ($148 Urban Outfitters) or the mint green pump from Urban Outfitters ($40). Matiko Nicki Peep-Toe Wedge design and look is out of this world from the wedge to the small peep hole in front, this shoe is just not an ordinary shoe.

Although this dress is more on the expensive side I truely love it. It's the Kaylee Tankus Silk Charmeuse Galaxy Dress (orginally $451 on sale for $225). I love how this dress is like a blanet but form fitting and has a cascade back.

This look gives a whole new meaning to astronomy.

What do you guys think of the galaxy prints?

September 21, 2010

Erdem Spring 2011

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Everything that is spring is in this collection. Floral prints, lace, sun dresses, maxi dresses, free flowing dresses, shorts, skirts, etc.... Elegant and charming is how I would explain Erdem Moralioglu Spring 2011 collection. This collection exemplifies romantic spring days and nights. I can see editorials now for this collection: romantic picnics or movie perfect spring dates or a beautiful casual spring wedding. This collection is what spring dreams are made of. I have found a new spring collection that I love and can battle with the Rodarte collection.
What do you guys think of Erdem's Spring 2011 collection?

September 20, 2010

Inspiration Monday: Boots

This morning's crisp cool winds defiantly got me ready and wanting to put on some fall boots. Even this afternoon is still cool when in the shade. This makes me excited to wear my boots. I have a couple of pairs of black suede boots and a couple of ankle boots that I love and live in during the fall/winter. I also live in UGG boots during the winter, not because they are the most fashionable in the world but they are so cozy and warm for those bitter freezing days. BUT I will admit I'm LOVING the collaboration between Jimmy Choo and Uggs. Who knew UGGs could look so good! I'm pretty sure Jimmy Choo can make any shoe look good. You can check out the whole collection here. The studded UGGs and motorcycle styled UGGs are my favorite.


Boots by poetofsorts featuring lace up boots

From left to right: 1. Tory Burch Halima suede and leather ankle boots: $450 -; 2. Jimmy Choo - Ugg For Jimmy Choo Mandah Suede Short Boots: $795 -; 3. MEMORY Leopard Boots: $70 -; 4. Alexander McQueen Buckled leather shearling ankle boots: $1,695 -; 5. out and about lace up boots: $40 -; 6. Jimmy Choo Hexagon suede biker boots: $1,195 -; 7. SEE by Chloe: $560 -; 8. ANDREA Suede Cuff Boots: $135 -; 9. Forever21: $26 -; 10. Jimmy Choo Trixie suede shearling ankle boots: $1,195 -

Those Alexander McQueen boots are the most cozy, comfortable looking high heel boot I have ever seen. Cream shearling trim, yes please!! Also the Jimmy Choo shearling ankle boots look so warm and sexy. I'm thinking that I'm really into the cuff boots.

Some of the other boots that I found for a lot less that are super sexy and trendy are:
Charlotte Russe Lace Up Boot $40.00 (they have a promotion right now online for shoes that are Buy 1 get on for $ how could you go wrong with that??)

Charlotte Russe Slochy Harness Ankle Belt Boots $40.00 (promotion Buy 1 shoe get one for $15)

Do you live in boots during the winter? What boots are your favorite this season? What do you think of Jimmy Choo and UGGs collaboration?

September 17, 2010

L.A.M.B Spring 2011

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Who ever said musicians can't become major designers were mistaken. Gwen Stefani and her stylist did an amazing job with their Spring 2011 line L.A.M.B. Caribbean and tribal inspirations are found throughout this whole collection. And with every outfit you can defiantly picture Gwen Stefani wearing it. I think this is L.A.M.B's best collection so far. Fall's 2010 collection was good but I think this was a home run for Gwen.
Sad that NY Fashion week is over and I still have a lot of recapping to do but still my heart belongs to Rodarte. In light of NY FW being over London's Fashion week begins today or well a few hours ago if your across the sea. I'm excited to see Burberry and Acne's Spring 2011 collection.
What do you guys think of L.A.M.B's collection? Who so far is your favorite Spring 2011 collection? Do you guys have anyone your excited to see for London's Fashion Week?
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