September 15, 2010

Outfit Post

Head to toe H&M. YES. H&M everything but the socks. Socks are from ???

This is probably my new favorite outfit. I had worn this sweater and skirt combo to dinner with my boyfriend the weekend before last but I decided to wear it to work today with my H&M booties and socks. The sweater is so comfy and soft. Plus, it's perfect for the weather we are having in the city since it's not heavy but it's not to light either. It's the perfect medium. Please don't mind the mess that is my living room. We still have some straightening up to do but other then that the new place is really coming along. Once things are cleaned up more I will take pictures and post them. I even have some before shots when there was nothing even in the place. One more thing that couch is heaven! We just bought it the weekend before last and had it delievered this past weekend! I don't ever want to move from it. I feel like such a grown up. Besides paying rent and all the couch is the second most grown up thing I have ever bought!

I hope everyone is having a great week! Only two more days to the weekend! HIP HIP HOORAY!

BTW! H&M is having a competition on facebook: the person with the most votes on their blog will get an exclusive video of Lanvin Love H&M to post on their blog PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE VOTE FOR MY BLOG! You can click HERE to vote!
LOTS OF LOVE! <3 heather

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  1. The sweater does look super comfy! And the entire outfit is super cute! You should wear it out on the weekend some time and show it off!

  2. Gorgeous outfit, you look great xx

  3. I love the skirt!! So what s is this H&M contest?!
    Thanks for commentig and follow!!

  4. Lovely! I adore that skirt.


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