September 16, 2010

Rodarte Spring 2011

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I'm obsessed with this collection. I don't know why anyone wouldn't love this. You can obviously tell what inspired the sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy to create such an amazing collection. Themes of trees, leaves, flowers, everything that you would find out in your backyard or in the woods are represented through these pieces. I'm floored by the pieces that look just like bark from a tree. I just find this collection so refreshing. It's so creative but well put together. This is possibly one of my favorite collections for Spring 2011.
What do you think of Rodarte's Spring 2011 RTW collection?

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  1. Hah I'm as obsessed with it as you are I think :p It's amazing, inspiring, original and truly gorgeous :)
    No I just have to find someone who will financially support me for buying a piece :D


  2. Gorgeous collection! The last dress is amazing xx

  3. I love the third one from the top. The others, not really..


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