September 20, 2010

Inspiration Monday: Boots

This morning's crisp cool winds defiantly got me ready and wanting to put on some fall boots. Even this afternoon is still cool when in the shade. This makes me excited to wear my boots. I have a couple of pairs of black suede boots and a couple of ankle boots that I love and live in during the fall/winter. I also live in UGG boots during the winter, not because they are the most fashionable in the world but they are so cozy and warm for those bitter freezing days. BUT I will admit I'm LOVING the collaboration between Jimmy Choo and Uggs. Who knew UGGs could look so good! I'm pretty sure Jimmy Choo can make any shoe look good. You can check out the whole collection here. The studded UGGs and motorcycle styled UGGs are my favorite.


Boots by poetofsorts featuring lace up boots

From left to right: 1. Tory Burch Halima suede and leather ankle boots: $450 -; 2. Jimmy Choo - Ugg For Jimmy Choo Mandah Suede Short Boots: $795 -; 3. MEMORY Leopard Boots: $70 -; 4. Alexander McQueen Buckled leather shearling ankle boots: $1,695 -; 5. out and about lace up boots: $40 -; 6. Jimmy Choo Hexagon suede biker boots: $1,195 -; 7. SEE by Chloe: $560 -; 8. ANDREA Suede Cuff Boots: $135 -; 9. Forever21: $26 -; 10. Jimmy Choo Trixie suede shearling ankle boots: $1,195 -

Those Alexander McQueen boots are the most cozy, comfortable looking high heel boot I have ever seen. Cream shearling trim, yes please!! Also the Jimmy Choo shearling ankle boots look so warm and sexy. I'm thinking that I'm really into the cuff boots.

Some of the other boots that I found for a lot less that are super sexy and trendy are:
Charlotte Russe Lace Up Boot $40.00 (they have a promotion right now online for shoes that are Buy 1 get on for $ how could you go wrong with that??)

Charlotte Russe Slochy Harness Ankle Belt Boots $40.00 (promotion Buy 1 shoe get one for $15)

Do you live in boots during the winter? What boots are your favorite this season? What do you think of Jimmy Choo and UGGs collaboration?

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  1. oooh i love the boots! UGG UGG UGG!

  2. Love those last slouchy boots...too cute!

  3. thanks for the sweet comment! :)

    ive been drooling over those mcqueen buckled shearling boots for some time now. if only i had $1695 to spare...& size 6 feet to rock em. unfortunately, i'm stuck with ridiculously tiny size 4's haha

  4. love them!! i actually just got those boots that ae from charloutte russe cant wait to wea them :D


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