September 13, 2010

Lady Gaga's Night at the MTV VMA's

Did anyone watch the VMA's last night? I was sort of disappointed in the fact that there wasn't a lot of action but Lady Gaga's looks killed it last night. She looked absolutely AMAZING in her Alexander McQueen EVERYTHING! She also wore a steller Armani dress.
Then she wore a dress made of meat. YES. A dress made of meat. It was by the designer Franc Fernandez.

What a Gaga thing to do! I'm not feeling the meat dress as creative and innovative as it is. But the McQueen and Armani dresses were a total win.

What do you think of Lady Gaga's looks?

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  1. I love her look(s)! It's very Gaga. She is her own product and it's selling well with her own unique touches, and help from a few talented designers of course!

  2. I love her look, but sometimes it's too much!
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  3. I like the 2nd outfit, it kind of reminds me of the statue of liberty. and man how can she walk in those lobster heels?! lol not digging the mean outfit though, I'm thinking of ecoli just looking at it

  4. the meat is a little gross!! but i agree the first two dresses look amazing, and her hair! those mcqueen shoes have always reminded me of crabs claws though! haha

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  5. LOVED the McQueen on her!

  6. Love the first look, those shoes are insane, I don't know how she walks in them! :O im not a fan of the meat dress lol xx

  7. I love gaga!!! Yes I knew someone would post on it!! I freaking love her! lol she looked absolutely amazingg!!!!! When I saw her in The Alexander McQueen Dress I was giddy with excitment and the getas! yess!! Loved the armani dress as well!!! Omygosh shes amazing.. =)


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