October 28, 2013

Dana-Maxx Spring 2014

 photo DanaMax14_zps39cc9394.png 

Never have I ever been to a preview hosted in a suite hotel room....up until last week. As I wearily walked into the half open door of of the suite at the Carlton Hotel I was immediately greeted by the smiling face of Dana-Maxx, clothes lined up across the room and offered a cutest named tea of ice-tea, the unexpected fling, brewed by the Big T NYC (with a name like that how could you say no). It's always funny to me how every time I see Dana-Maxx it's like two old friends trying to catch up. We caught each other up on whats been going me wedding updates and her her Spring 2014 line. In Dana-Maxx style the Spring 2014 was full of delicious hues. Feminine dresses tailored perfectly for casual dressing and date nights. The soft loose fabrics and well thought out cut-outs is everything a woman needs for those hot sticky summer days.

 photo Dana-Maxx14-3_zps415b934e.png  photo Dana-Maxx14-9_zpsf7760402.png  photo DanaMaxx14-5_zps9d17e536.png  photo DanaMaxx14-8_zps2d28919f.png  photo DanaMaxx14-2_zps958243b2.png  photo Dana-Maxx14-4_zpsd7232c3c.png  photo DanaMaxx14-6_zps834ea81f.png
all photos taken by me. see more on my facebook page.

My favorite look of all is the dress that looks like a separate. This dress gives you the look of pairing a crop top with a skirt which is great for those woman who would never wear a crop top. It gives the you the coverage you desire but gives you the look that you want. I also love the long vest, it's a two for one. It's something that you can pair of with a pair of pants or wear as a dress. I love that Dana-Maxx knows the woman she is dressing for. That her girl has her finger on the pulse but won't sacrifice comfort for style.

What do you think of Dana-Maxx's Spring 2014 collection?

October 24, 2013

Ann Taylor Spring 2014

 photo AnnTaylorSS14_zps7c9c5bee.png
 photo AnnTaylorSS14-2_zps63014502.png
From the moment I walked into the Ann Taylor showroom last week I knew it was love. The first looks that greeted me for the Spring 2014 collection were zebra print and more zebra print...and stripes. In this spring collection you won't find a lot of neon and other brightly colored pieces but instead a collection of neutral colored prints. Much like Ann Taylors past few seasons this collection is both young and professional. Designer Lisa Axelson has stepped up Ann Taylor's game and has made it comparable to lines like J.Crew, who are know for fashionable sensible clothes. But unlike J.Crew, Ann Taylor is still reasonably priced for the average woman. Ann Taylor's clothes aren't just for the working gal or for the trendsetters in New York. These clothes are for woman who want to have clothes in their closet that go from day to night. Who want to feel comfortable and confident in their clothes at the office. What I love about Ann Taylor is that their pieces not only work for the office life but outside as well. Their spring collection isn't any different.

 photo AnnTaylorSS14-14_zpsa5d5dd5b.png   photo AnnTaylorSS14-10_zps02cd1d35.png  photo AnnTaylorSS14-9_zpsc27b2d14.png  photo AnnTaylorSS14-11_zpsa9a8a86e.png  photo AnnTaylorSS14-12_zps12ba8ef8.png  photo AnnTaylorSS14-13_zpscf1eacda.png  photo AnnTaylorSS14-8_zpsfcae2636.png  photo AnnTaylorSS14-2_zps63014502.png
I have to admit I have a laundry list of pieces that I want in my spring wardrobe. Okay not just the list but basically the whole collection.  I have a strange obsession over jackets and something is telling me that I need the zebra print jacket in my life. Along with the zebra print skirt...the stripe skirt...the striped sweater...and everything else. Not only were the clothes beautiful but so was the jewelry. Big chunky gems were displayed over big wooden boxes. Each prettier then the other.
   photo AnnTaylorSS14-5_zps186aec9e.png  photo AnnTaylorSS14-4_zps1a28254e.png  photo AnnTaylorSS14-6_zps3a46463b.png  photo AnnTaylorSS14-7_zps69fd4879.png
all pictures taken by me. see more pictures on my facebook page.

I seriously can not wait for the spring collection to hit the shelves. I'm in the point in my life where I still love my casual and edgy dressing but also looking for a more grown up wardrobe. I have been living in Ann Taylor LOFT for the past couple of months slowly building my wardrobe with functional "grown-up" pieces. I love that even with the funkier pieces in this collection it comes off chic and sophisticated.

What do you think of Ann Taylor's Spring 2014 Collection?

October 21, 2013

Inspirational Monday: The Sweater Dress

The Sweater Dress

The sweater dress is one of my favorite go-tos during the fall and winter months. It basic wear that is fun to accessorize. During the cooler fall days I love pairing it up with a circle scarf and a long necklace to add a little something. Then during the colder winter days I love pairing up a sweater dress with colored or printed tights, especially when the dress is a neutral color. The best part about a sweater dress it is a staple that will never go out of style. Plus, it's something that you can throw on and go, whether it's to work (add high heels boots) or out to the grocery store (tall flat boots for a casual look). Its a go to look for those mornings when you can't figure out what to wear.

I recently picked up a new sweater dress from H&M. This sweater dress in particular caught my eye since it had a little of a high low hem going on. It's something that I can layer with tights, leggings or jeans, but it's also something easy to pair with booties. 

 photo SweaterDress4_zps2a389d99.png  photo SweaterDress_zps9b6b10f0.png  photo SweaterDress3_zpsf4349103.png  photo SweaterDress2_zpsd06e6bec.png
Sweater Dress: H&M | Shoes: Zara | Scarf: c/o Hugssy.com | Necklace: c/o Kensie | Bag: Alexander Wang
| Sunglasses: No Names

photos by Brian Cavanaugh

How do you wear your sweater dress?

October 18, 2013

Foodie Friday: Party Popcorn

 photo PartyPopcorn2_zpsa3980e36.png

I had saw this popcorn on pinterest way back in February when pinning ideas for our engagement party. We didn't end up making it for some reason, but this little receipe has been in the back of my mind ever since I pinned it. After fashion week and the craziest settled my fiance and I had a date night in so I made dinner at home and for dessert made the Party Popcorn for us to enjoy while we watched movies and sipped of Prosecco. It was an easy little snack to make and was a nice change up then the usual popcorn.

 photo PartyPopcorn_zps5d6539c7.png

- Natural Popcorn (I used Newman's Own Natural Microwaveable Popcorn)
- White Chocolate Chips (you can also use white chocolate melting wafers)
- Sprinkles

STEP 1. Pop popcorn in the microwave...or if doing a stove top pop over the stove. Once popped place on a cookie sheet to cool.

STEP 2. While popcorn cools down, bring a pot of water to a boil. Once to a boil use a dish that fits on the pot (make sure this bowl can handle high heat). Pour chocolate chips in batches, you need to keep an eye on white chocolate it can be tricky to work with. You want the consistency to be melty, if you over melt it it will become clumpy. Once melted start to pour over the popcorn and fold in. I recommend using half a bag of chocolate chips, this really depends on your taste level.

STEP 3. Once you've poured all of your white chocolate onto the popcorn, sprinkle on the sprinkles. You can never have to many sprinkles.

STEP 4. Place your mixture into a bowl, use plastic wrap to cover the top of your bowl. Place into fridge for chocolate to harden. This can be done placed in the fridge for 30 to an hour before your party.

STEP 5. Take out of the fridge and ENJOY!

 photo PartyPopcorn3_zps88f8855c.png

I love this because its sweet and simple. It also makes for a great Halloween party snack. You can do dark chocolate in stead of white chocolate and use Halloween Sprinkles.

What do you think of this little recipe?

{PS} I hope you enjoyed this feature! I'm thinking of adding this feature more as I get into the baking spirit of the holidays. Maybe not every week but maybe once or a couple times a month. Plus I pushing myself to be more creative in the kitchen. A lot of my "specialties" though are sweets and baking, since that's what I enjoy making the most.

October 16, 2013

Photo Diary: Sweet Home, Chicago

 photo Chicago12_zpsba25caa4.png  photo Chicago11_zpsed999a2f.png  photo Chicago13_zps3219a872.png  photo Chicago10_zpsaae02eeb.png  photo Chicago3_zps649b3f44.png  photo Chicago5_zpsf32f87f0.png  photo Chicago4_zps25d8350a.png  photo Chicago7_zps016217ee.png  photo chicago14_zps6d0d62ac.png  photo Chicago9_zpsfff2bcf3.png  photo chicago8_zpscbb70fa7.png  photo Chicago15_zpse830235d.png  photo chicago6_zpsf50d474f.png  photo Chicago_zps5630e2c4.png  photo Chicago2_zpsdddec342.png
photos taken both by me and Ariel

Man, it's funny how you look forward to something for months then it flies by. I can't believe the weekend went so fast. It's like I blinked my eyes and I was back on a plane to NYC. The trip was a the perfect little get away from the city and work that I needed. I got incredibly lucky with the weather in Chicago over the weekend. It was so perfect. My best friend Ariel had a couple of surprises for me on Friday which included a boat tour on the lake of downtown Chicago then later on a day was a yummy yummy chocolate tour which included Glazed and Infused, MORE, and Vosges. So many yummy treats!! We also hit up the BHLDN store. Which I have been dyeing to go till since I booked this trip in April. By the way, if you don't follow me on instagram, I stalked BHLDN bride & groom riding around the city promoting their Pop Up Shop in NYC (which is happening this week!) last Wednesday and won a $200 gift card!! What total blessed luck! I ended up buying my beautiful headband that I have been eyeing forever. I wish I could share the photos with me and the headband but I don't want my fiancee to see it. I wish there was a BHLDN here in the city. The girls that worked there were SUPER sweet. Anyway, then we had a much needed girls night at her friend's place which including deep dish pizza, cupcakes from MORE, and facials. Saturday we totally chilled went to a yummy brunch spot then sat out on the lake for a bit. Sunday before I left I ended up running around with her to cheer on her friend, Kara, at the Chicago Marathon. It was a neat way to see parts of Chicago I probably would never get to see. I do need to get out to Chicago during the summer, the lake is so beautiful! And their beaches are so beautiful. The last and only time I was out there was in January where the City was covered in snow so I didn't get to see how beautiful their lake front really was. She's really lucky to live so close to the lake. Hopefully I'll get back out there soon.

How was your weekend?

October 14, 2013

Outfit Post: Orange is the New Black

 photo Orange5_zpsc32d7f38.png  photo Orange6_zps5821d3d3.png  photo Orange2_zps263754ba.png  photo Orange_zps3f89dc24.png  photo Orange4_zps97955e44.png  photo Orange3_zpsc6c2a628.png 
Jacket: American Eagle | Shirt: c/o T by Alexander Wang (from the Wang Event) | Skirt: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target | Boots: Zara | Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target | Hat: Glow Accessories | Bracelets: c/o Ann Taylor
Watch: American Eagle

photos taken by Brian Cavanaugh

 No I'm not in a orange jail jumper...But I am all in orange. Well for the most part. I got lucky enough to nab the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target skirt online. That and the sweater were the only things that I was lucky enough to get, the trench coat I really wanted was sold out! UGH. But my cousin is the best and got me the bag for my birthday!

Speaking of Orange is the New Black. My fiance and I are obsessed with this Netflix series. We are only like 5 episodes away from the end of the season. EEE!! I need him to come back so we can finish it. I'm probably on the late boat on both the series and this tidbit of info, but I just learned that series is passed of a actual memoir by Piper Kerman. Um this makes the series even more better/sad/crazy.

What do you think of the Phillip for Target collection? ORRRR more importantly are you watching or have watched Orange is the New Black?
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