October 18, 2013

Foodie Friday: Party Popcorn

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I had saw this popcorn on pinterest way back in February when pinning ideas for our engagement party. We didn't end up making it for some reason, but this little receipe has been in the back of my mind ever since I pinned it. After fashion week and the craziest settled my fiance and I had a date night in so I made dinner at home and for dessert made the Party Popcorn for us to enjoy while we watched movies and sipped of Prosecco. It was an easy little snack to make and was a nice change up then the usual popcorn.

 photo PartyPopcorn_zps5d6539c7.png

- Natural Popcorn (I used Newman's Own Natural Microwaveable Popcorn)
- White Chocolate Chips (you can also use white chocolate melting wafers)
- Sprinkles

STEP 1. Pop popcorn in the microwave...or if doing a stove top pop over the stove. Once popped place on a cookie sheet to cool.

STEP 2. While popcorn cools down, bring a pot of water to a boil. Once to a boil use a dish that fits on the pot (make sure this bowl can handle high heat). Pour chocolate chips in batches, you need to keep an eye on white chocolate it can be tricky to work with. You want the consistency to be melty, if you over melt it it will become clumpy. Once melted start to pour over the popcorn and fold in. I recommend using half a bag of chocolate chips, this really depends on your taste level.

STEP 3. Once you've poured all of your white chocolate onto the popcorn, sprinkle on the sprinkles. You can never have to many sprinkles.

STEP 4. Place your mixture into a bowl, use plastic wrap to cover the top of your bowl. Place into fridge for chocolate to harden. This can be done placed in the fridge for 30 to an hour before your party.

STEP 5. Take out of the fridge and ENJOY!

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I love this because its sweet and simple. It also makes for a great Halloween party snack. You can do dark chocolate in stead of white chocolate and use Halloween Sprinkles.

What do you think of this little recipe?

{PS} I hope you enjoyed this feature! I'm thinking of adding this feature more as I get into the baking spirit of the holidays. Maybe not every week but maybe once or a couple times a month. Plus I pushing myself to be more creative in the kitchen. A lot of my "specialties" though are sweets and baking, since that's what I enjoy making the most.

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