October 24, 2013

Ann Taylor Spring 2014

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From the moment I walked into the Ann Taylor showroom last week I knew it was love. The first looks that greeted me for the Spring 2014 collection were zebra print and more zebra print...and stripes. In this spring collection you won't find a lot of neon and other brightly colored pieces but instead a collection of neutral colored prints. Much like Ann Taylors past few seasons this collection is both young and professional. Designer Lisa Axelson has stepped up Ann Taylor's game and has made it comparable to lines like J.Crew, who are know for fashionable sensible clothes. But unlike J.Crew, Ann Taylor is still reasonably priced for the average woman. Ann Taylor's clothes aren't just for the working gal or for the trendsetters in New York. These clothes are for woman who want to have clothes in their closet that go from day to night. Who want to feel comfortable and confident in their clothes at the office. What I love about Ann Taylor is that their pieces not only work for the office life but outside as well. Their spring collection isn't any different.

 photo AnnTaylorSS14-14_zpsa5d5dd5b.png   photo AnnTaylorSS14-10_zps02cd1d35.png  photo AnnTaylorSS14-9_zpsc27b2d14.png  photo AnnTaylorSS14-11_zpsa9a8a86e.png  photo AnnTaylorSS14-12_zps12ba8ef8.png  photo AnnTaylorSS14-13_zpscf1eacda.png  photo AnnTaylorSS14-8_zpsfcae2636.png  photo AnnTaylorSS14-2_zps63014502.png
I have to admit I have a laundry list of pieces that I want in my spring wardrobe. Okay not just the list but basically the whole collection.  I have a strange obsession over jackets and something is telling me that I need the zebra print jacket in my life. Along with the zebra print skirt...the stripe skirt...the striped sweater...and everything else. Not only were the clothes beautiful but so was the jewelry. Big chunky gems were displayed over big wooden boxes. Each prettier then the other.
   photo AnnTaylorSS14-5_zps186aec9e.png  photo AnnTaylorSS14-4_zps1a28254e.png  photo AnnTaylorSS14-6_zps3a46463b.png  photo AnnTaylorSS14-7_zps69fd4879.png
all pictures taken by me. see more pictures on my facebook page.

I seriously can not wait for the spring collection to hit the shelves. I'm in the point in my life where I still love my casual and edgy dressing but also looking for a more grown up wardrobe. I have been living in Ann Taylor LOFT for the past couple of months slowly building my wardrobe with functional "grown-up" pieces. I love that even with the funkier pieces in this collection it comes off chic and sophisticated.

What do you think of Ann Taylor's Spring 2014 Collection?

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  1. Gorgeous collection! Love the prints :)

  2. Ho la la, the checked coat looks simply amazing!

  3. loving the prints! especially windowpane; that is quickly becoming my favorite print for spring!

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    XO Sahra
    Que Sera, Sahra

  4. Lovely post


  5. OMG these pieces are amazing. I wish I could get my hands on them. Ann Taylor has really stepped up their style!


  6. Oh goodness! That windowpane coat and the mesh skirt need to come home to me.

  7. Ann taylor has seriously upped their game!! Such amazing pieces lately.. Lovely.


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