October 31, 2012

Outfit Post: Having a J.Crew Moment

Shirt: Zara
Jeans: Forever21
Shoes: Aldo
Bag: Urban Expressions c/o baghaus.com

pictures taken by Brian Cavanaugh

When I put together this look I couldn't help but feel a little like I popped out of the J.Crew catalogue. Even though I don't have a single J.Crew thing on-- I just mean with all the candy colored fall colors that I have going on I feel a little J.Crew-esque. I even felt like I could climb into one of the beautiful fall leafed trees by our near by park and camouflage into them. Fall is definitely here.

What do you think about the fall candy color clothing?

PS HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Hope everyone has a happy and safe one! 

October 29, 2012

DIY: Floral Crown

I actually did this DIY project a little before fashion week. Why did I wait so long to share? Um...been busy? Anyway what better time to share this then now. It's a creative last minute idea if your still looking for a Halloween costume (hippy flower princess duh!). Or if you are are looking to brighten up your fall. Shoot, you can even do it with some fake fall leaves!

  • a basic plastic headband
  • fake flowers (used my flowers that I got when I was a brides maid)
  • hot glue gun

1. Take your fake flowers and start to pull them apparent. Most fake flowers are detachable from the stem so look for flowers that can be easily pulled apparent.

2. Before you start gluing,  decide how you want your flowers to be aligned. Start from the middle down.

3. Now the hot mess begins! Glue the bottom part of the fake flower to your headband. Make sure to work from the middle of the headband down.

4. Once you have all your flowers on wait for all the glue to be dried up. Don't want to get your hair full of glue.

5. Place it on your head and freely dance around!

How did I rock the floral crown? With my Theysken's Theory dress during NYFW!

Dress: Theysken's Thoery
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Sunglasses: Brooklyn Flea Market
Bag: c/o Remi & Emmy

 Pictures were taken at NYFW by the lovely Chris at The Tiny Tie Rant!

What do you think of this DIY project?

October 25, 2012

Dana-Maxx Spring 2013

This past Tuesday I was invited to the lovely Dana-Maxx showroom to preview her Spring 2013. I first heard of her and her collection back in February when I was a guest at the Polyvore Live show where Dana-Maxx and a couple of other designers (including Ven Budhu from this past season of Project Runway) debuted their Spring 2012 collection. I was a total fan of her and her collection from that point: bright colors, feminine, and tailored-- what more could I ask for?! Then I finally meet her at another event this August where she was showing her Fall 2012 collection and once again she won me over but this time not only with her details in her clothing but her sweet personality.

I love going to designer showrooms and previewing their collections since it's such an intimate setting that you don't get to have at a show or presentation. It's the one time where you not only get to know the clothes but also the designer and her team. I've always been the shy girl but blogging has really helped me step out of my comfort zone. Walking into a showroom alone can be intimating but it's nothing like being greeted by smiling faces and warm hellos like you are a long lost friend who you haven't seen in years. It's also comforting to have beautiful clothes lining the room. As small as the showroom might be it didn't feel that way with the bright punchy mints and neon pinks that were set along the racks. Of course my eye went right towards the mint green pieces. We aren't talking muted mints but the bolder ones that stand out with sequin detailing. Dana-Maxx's Spring 2013 collection was inspired by Mexico and the beautiful colors that one might find down there, which was very clear with the mints that she was using. I loved her use of color and playfulness that is seen through her collection like her use of abstract watercolor flowers or the detailed waist band.

Maybe it's me since I have been all about weddings these past few weeks and have been looking at nothing but Pinterest (follow me: fashionistanygl) for wedding ideas but there were a few things in her collection that would work great for a bride and her party. I feel in love with this soft pink slip dress that had a detail braid strap of mint and purple. For a summer bride who are using these colors -- this is the perfect little brides maid dress. Or if your a bride looking for a punch the neon pink halter dress with the nude strap might be up your alley.

What about the bride? Dana-Maxx has two perfect little white cocktail dresses that would be perfect for the rehearsal dinner. Within the collection there was also a maxi white crochet dress that I could see a boho bride getting married out on the beach in. Okay maybe this is a stretch but these are also timeless pieces that can be worn again and not just for one day. Practical!

Practical is what her line is made up of- beautiful feminine practical pieces for practical woman. Want to wear a neon dress to work but not stand out how about her overlay lay crotchet dress. Plenty of mix and match pieces that can be worn together or not. Crotchet crop top to match the crotchet high waist skirt on weekend or pair the crotchet skirt with a simple top. Either way these pieces can be fully functional for any time or occasion or wardrobe.

all photos taken by me (see more on my facebook page)

I truly am a fan of this collection. I'm a particle woman always looking for fun pieces that can work in my day and weekend life. Things need to be able to transit and with this collection she can help take you from the office to the beach. What do you think of Dana-Maxx's Spring 2013 collection?

October 22, 2012

DIY: Metallic and Glitter Pumpkins

Thanks to my newly found obsession -- Pintrest -- for this DIY project. Yes I'm late this game but I've been putting it off since I felt like I was already on sites that I'm slightly addicted too but then I got engaged...and what kind of newly engaged woman doesn't hop onto Pintrest (psssst you can find me here)? Anyway, while pinning away bridal stuff I came across some really great DIY projects like the metallic and glitter pumpkins! I love the grown up feel to this. It's a great way to spruce up your home with fall decorations and it's a great take on decorating pumpkins!

  • Pumpkins (4 small, 2 mediums)
  • Metallic paints (gold and silver)
  • Loose Gold Glitter
  • Tea light candles
  • a knife (for carving)
  • a spoon (to gut the pumpkin)
  • paint brushes

1. Make sure to clean off your pumpkins and that they are dried before you start the painting process.
2. Once you have cleaned your pumpkins start with the painting process. I started painting the silver metallic ones first. The first layer of paint looks lumpy but don't worry to much you'll need a couple of coats depending on what look your going for.
3. Do the same to your gold pumpkins.
4. Set aside and wait for the first layer to dry.
5. Once your first coat of paint is dried start with your second layer of paint. 
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 if you need more layers of paint.

1. Make sure to clean off your pumpkins and that they are dried before you start the painting process.
2. Trace a circle out line on top of your pumpkins. Leave enough space to be able to gut the insides and to place a space tea light candle.
3. Once your cut a lip to your pumpkin gut out the insides (ps if you like pumpkin seeds set aside the seeds to make your own!)
4. Take your gold paint and paint around the pumkin. Don't worry about the look of the paint you just want make sure you coat it enough so that the loose glitter sticks.
5. Sprinkle your glitter around the pumpkin.
6. Once your have your coated glitter pumpkin set aside and wait for it to dry.
7. Once your pumpkin is dried, the real fun begins! LIGHT THE PUMPKIN AND WATCH IT SPARKLE!

What do you think of this DIY project? 

October 17, 2012

Photo Diary: Hawaii

1 & 2 Sunset at Waikiki Beach (wear: Zara top, Target shorts, Glow Accessories sunglasses, and c/o Lodinatt Bag), 
3. Sunrise at Hanauma Bay, 4. North Shore (wearing: H&M Dress, Target Shorts, Karen Walker Sunglasses, Mara Hoffman Bathing Suit), 5. Fish in Hanauma Bay 6 & 7 Chief's Lua (wearing: Roxy Dress and Kensie Necklace), 8. Waimea Valley Waterfall, 9. Fish in Hanauma Bay, 
10. Mona Falls, 11. In front of the condo (wearing: H&M Skirt and top, Forever21 Flipflops, and c/o Rebecca Minkoff bag)

photos taken by Brian Cavanaugh and myself

There are some places that will take your breathe away. There are moments in life that will literally leave you speechless. There are times when you realize that some of life problems aren't as big as they can possibly be. Hawaii was the most beautiful and eye opening places I have ever been. There aren't many places where I can say I can see myself moving too. There are cities that I love and would visit again, but without a doubt I could pack my bags today and leave NYC behind for Hawaii. Every direction that you looked it was natural beauty. I was lucky enough to have visit the island of Oahu where we traveled the island and stumbled upon some gems like the waterfall at Waimea Valley. I can't think of a more special place to have the most wonderful thing ever happen to me. The most loving genuine man in my life proposed to be during the sunrise at Hanauma Bay on our very first full day there. There will be more of that story when I post some of the engament photos that his sister bought us while we there. Anyway, being in Hawaii made me feel so small and made me remember that we are a small piece in this big universe. That even when I feel at my worst life can be much harder.

1. Engagement Ring // 2. Runrise at Hanauma Bay
3. View of the sunset from our condo // 4. Sunday Breakfast on Waikiki Beach: Malasadas from Leonard's Bakery and Hawaiian Nut Latte from Honolulu Coffee.
5. Shaved Ice from Matsumoto // 6. the view from the car ride from the North Shore
7. Writing in the sand in Waikiki // 8. Turtle watching with the fiancee 

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October 15, 2012

New this Fall-- Lodinatt Two Level Suede Bag

Sweater: T by Alexander Wang (find here)
Pants: Zara (old)
Shoes: Target (old)
Bag: c/o Lodinatt
Ring: BirdHouse Jewelry (from the Brooklyn Flea Market)
Sunglasses: Tobi.com

pictures taken by Brian Cavanaugh

This fall I'm all about chunky sweaters and the burgundy color. Both the sweater and the bag are brand new additions to my closet. The sweater was a birthday gift from the boyfriend and the bag was courtesy of Lodinatt. When Lodinatt asked me to do another review I couldn't pass up on the opportunity, especially when it's a bag in a color that I've been obsessing over and in suede. Much like their last bag I did a review on (which you can read here) it has the two part sectional for shoes or any other goodies. But unlike the last bag this bag has more of a structure to it and the separate compartment is more hidden. I love that what looks like a front pocket really is the separate section for shoes or camera or anything else you might need to bring along. Plus, the structure is more sturdy, which gives a bag a more grown up feel. This bag is great for the everyday woman (or man) who is on the go. There is enough room to store your shoes and whatever else one would need. On this particular day I carried along my shoes and my lunch, along with my everyday essentials: make-up case, iPhone, iPod, keys, and wallet. The Lodinatt bag comes in perfect timing for fall/winter when I tote around most of my shoes (opting for winter boots when outside). Plus, the color is perfect for this fall! It goes with everything quite easily.

What do you think about Lodinatt's new Two Level Suede Bag?
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