October 25, 2012

Dana-Maxx Spring 2013

This past Tuesday I was invited to the lovely Dana-Maxx showroom to preview her Spring 2013. I first heard of her and her collection back in February when I was a guest at the Polyvore Live show where Dana-Maxx and a couple of other designers (including Ven Budhu from this past season of Project Runway) debuted their Spring 2012 collection. I was a total fan of her and her collection from that point: bright colors, feminine, and tailored-- what more could I ask for?! Then I finally meet her at another event this August where she was showing her Fall 2012 collection and once again she won me over but this time not only with her details in her clothing but her sweet personality.

I love going to designer showrooms and previewing their collections since it's such an intimate setting that you don't get to have at a show or presentation. It's the one time where you not only get to know the clothes but also the designer and her team. I've always been the shy girl but blogging has really helped me step out of my comfort zone. Walking into a showroom alone can be intimating but it's nothing like being greeted by smiling faces and warm hellos like you are a long lost friend who you haven't seen in years. It's also comforting to have beautiful clothes lining the room. As small as the showroom might be it didn't feel that way with the bright punchy mints and neon pinks that were set along the racks. Of course my eye went right towards the mint green pieces. We aren't talking muted mints but the bolder ones that stand out with sequin detailing. Dana-Maxx's Spring 2013 collection was inspired by Mexico and the beautiful colors that one might find down there, which was very clear with the mints that she was using. I loved her use of color and playfulness that is seen through her collection like her use of abstract watercolor flowers or the detailed waist band.

Maybe it's me since I have been all about weddings these past few weeks and have been looking at nothing but Pinterest (follow me: fashionistanygl) for wedding ideas but there were a few things in her collection that would work great for a bride and her party. I feel in love with this soft pink slip dress that had a detail braid strap of mint and purple. For a summer bride who are using these colors -- this is the perfect little brides maid dress. Or if your a bride looking for a punch the neon pink halter dress with the nude strap might be up your alley.

What about the bride? Dana-Maxx has two perfect little white cocktail dresses that would be perfect for the rehearsal dinner. Within the collection there was also a maxi white crochet dress that I could see a boho bride getting married out on the beach in. Okay maybe this is a stretch but these are also timeless pieces that can be worn again and not just for one day. Practical!

Practical is what her line is made up of- beautiful feminine practical pieces for practical woman. Want to wear a neon dress to work but not stand out how about her overlay lay crotchet dress. Plenty of mix and match pieces that can be worn together or not. Crotchet crop top to match the crotchet high waist skirt on weekend or pair the crotchet skirt with a simple top. Either way these pieces can be fully functional for any time or occasion or wardrobe.

all photos taken by me (see more on my facebook page)

I truly am a fan of this collection. I'm a particle woman always looking for fun pieces that can work in my day and weekend life. Things need to be able to transit and with this collection she can help take you from the office to the beach. What do you think of Dana-Maxx's Spring 2013 collection?

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  1. Looks like a beautifully feminine collection! Will have to check her out :)

  2. fine pics; DD



  3. Oooh yay a new designer to love. I love her pieces from the patterns, to the cuts. Very nice. Thanks for sharing
    Shasie of Live Life in Style
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  4. i love it! the colors are great, and i am a sucker for matching crop tops and skirts! :)


  5. Hi dear!! I have just discovered your cool blog and this post is amazing!! What a wonderful brand, I have never seen it before!! I'm going to see their website!
    You have a new follower and I wait to see more of your wonderful posts!

  6. This crochet two piece is to drool over! Love love love!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  7. What a beautiful collection! I really really love the dress with the v-neck :)


  8. I'm very impressed! She has gorgeous pieces! I love the white lace skirt!

  9. Wow! seriously awesome collection, those prints and graphic lines are so gorgeous!

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    With Love From Hollywood,
    Fashion Addict


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