October 5, 2012

NYFW: Joanna Mastroianni's Majestic Garden by Kimberlee Van Der Wall

Joanna Mastroianni's Spring 2013 

by Kimberlee Van Der Wall from I Have a Degree in This 

Joanna Mastroianni's Spring/Summer 2013 show was inspired by her own personal garden that is full of "majestic beauty." Not be too harsh, but I think she took the inspiration a little too literal. The first looks with silk and floral watercolor prints were gorgeous. About half way through the show she started sending out fabric that resembled astro turf-- which was apparently hand-shredded silk organza. There were metallic pieces that was meant to resemble tree bark, I understand nature inspiring art but sometimes it doesn't always work.

all photos from WWD, banner made by me

The collection seemed all over the place to me. I really liked the beginning pieces where the floral prints were beautiful and looked more like paintings but then she lost me at the end. I did love the twisted buns styled by Edward Tricomi for Warren-Tricomi. I'm all about big hair! The eye makeup was like sunset with yellows and reds blending together by Dominic Cruz for Kryolan Professional Makeup who also paired it with a pink, coral lip and dewy skin.

While the collection did not contain any pieces I'd wear, I could see an eccentric pop star like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga wearing one of her designs.

What do you think of this collection? Would you be bold enough to wear it?

Note from the editor:

Thank you to Kimberlee from I Have a Degree in This for not only covering the show for Fashionista NY Girl but for giving us your honest opinion. I firmly believe in honesty, especially when it comes to fashion. Lets be real for a minute -- we are going to see things that aren't so great and that will make us go "wtf were they thinking?" Why would we ever want to hear about how something that was "fabulous" when it really wasn't for the person seeing the collection. Honesty is the best personality. And so is authenticity. I like to keep it real here.

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  1. Thanks for the support. Not everyone is going to like every show. Laura covered Zang Toi for me and she LOVED the show, me not so much hehe

  2. Loved that this was super honest & totally agree, there were some beautiful pieces that really stood out, but all in all it was a bit all over the place & unfortunately it seems the beautiful pieces were the minority!

  3. haha yeah it is a little messy and crazy in my eyes as well. the first dress just by itself, is quite lovely though :)



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