October 16, 2013

Photo Diary: Sweet Home, Chicago

 photo Chicago12_zpsba25caa4.png  photo Chicago11_zpsed999a2f.png  photo Chicago13_zps3219a872.png  photo Chicago10_zpsaae02eeb.png  photo Chicago3_zps649b3f44.png  photo Chicago5_zpsf32f87f0.png  photo Chicago4_zps25d8350a.png  photo Chicago7_zps016217ee.png  photo chicago14_zps6d0d62ac.png  photo Chicago9_zpsfff2bcf3.png  photo chicago8_zpscbb70fa7.png  photo Chicago15_zpse830235d.png  photo chicago6_zpsf50d474f.png  photo Chicago_zps5630e2c4.png  photo Chicago2_zpsdddec342.png
photos taken both by me and Ariel

Man, it's funny how you look forward to something for months then it flies by. I can't believe the weekend went so fast. It's like I blinked my eyes and I was back on a plane to NYC. The trip was a the perfect little get away from the city and work that I needed. I got incredibly lucky with the weather in Chicago over the weekend. It was so perfect. My best friend Ariel had a couple of surprises for me on Friday which included a boat tour on the lake of downtown Chicago then later on a day was a yummy yummy chocolate tour which included Glazed and Infused, MORE, and Vosges. So many yummy treats!! We also hit up the BHLDN store. Which I have been dyeing to go till since I booked this trip in April. By the way, if you don't follow me on instagram, I stalked BHLDN bride & groom riding around the city promoting their Pop Up Shop in NYC (which is happening this week!) last Wednesday and won a $200 gift card!! What total blessed luck! I ended up buying my beautiful headband that I have been eyeing forever. I wish I could share the photos with me and the headband but I don't want my fiancee to see it. I wish there was a BHLDN here in the city. The girls that worked there were SUPER sweet. Anyway, then we had a much needed girls night at her friend's place which including deep dish pizza, cupcakes from MORE, and facials. Saturday we totally chilled went to a yummy brunch spot then sat out on the lake for a bit. Sunday before I left I ended up running around with her to cheer on her friend, Kara, at the Chicago Marathon. It was a neat way to see parts of Chicago I probably would never get to see. I do need to get out to Chicago during the summer, the lake is so beautiful! And their beaches are so beautiful. The last and only time I was out there was in January where the City was covered in snow so I didn't get to see how beautiful their lake front really was. She's really lucky to live so close to the lake. Hopefully I'll get back out there soon.

How was your weekend?

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  1. $200! congrats that's awesome :D sounds like you had a lot of fun and love the pictures!

  2. adore this blog, I wish I could follow each other!

  3. Honestly I've never been to Chicago but it's way up on my list! I'm surprised it's still so sunny though, it's freezing here in Germany!


  4. beautiful photos. Looks like a great trip!

  5. lovely pics ,love your hair :)


  6. Such a lovely post and beautiful photos! The sweets with bacon caught my eye..haha. Is it good? Oh also love your braids so much! I always have same hair style and love to try braids like yours! xo akiko
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  7. Amazing photos :)


  8. Lovely photos! I've only been to Chicago while waiting in an airport lol I definitely need to visit... for real.


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