October 5, 2011

1 Piece 2 Ways: Halloween to Everyday

Halloween is right around the corner and you know what that means...costume time! This year lets try something different, instead of buying a new costume why not work with a functional piece that can work in your everyday life but can turn into a fun piece for Halloween with using everyday accessories. Here are a few ideas for this year's Halloween that won't break the bank!


The Everyday: The Forever21 Pleated Lamé Skirt ($18) can make any girl feel like Cleopatra during the day. The trick here is to not over accessorize your look. To get the Cleopatra feel pick a shirt like the Topshop embroidered shirt ($60). The embroidery on the shirt creates a bib look, something similar to a choker or thick collar necklace that she would have worn. Smaller accessories like the Zara rope belt, the ASOS leaf cuff, and Dorthy Perkins knot headband will give the whole look a Cleopatra feel without looking to much like a costume. Keep your shoes simple, a gold sandal or black heel will pull the whole look together.

For Play: Play up the look here! Now is our chance to really jazz things up. To bring out your sexy side (if you want) try a crop white top like the Topshop Vintage Embroidered Crop Top ($45). I you are insecure about doing a crop top then do a simple white tank top (don't do a rib top!). Go BIG and BOLD with your accessories. Do a wide tie belt that ties, stick with black and gold, like the Topshop Tassel Tie Belt ($68). Cuff bracelets and a chunky collar necklace will play up the Cleopatra look. To REALLY top off the look do a fun head piece like the Gold Chain and Green Drop Bead Headpiece ($40). This is the perfect piece to tie everything in and is a piece that you probably won't get to wear everyday but it's a funky piece to have. To pull the whole sexy look off do a bold gold shoe like the GUESS Shoes.


The Everyday: This Forever21 Color Block Midi Dress reminds me of Gucci's Spring 2011 collection. It's the purple that they choose and gold that is very reminsicent of the spring collection. This dress also has a very gypsy feel to it, again it's the color combo. To bring this dress into fall and still give it a fun playful gyspy feel try a dark red turban/headband like the Modlcoth Velveteen Habit Handband ($28). This headband can easily transition from outdoor wear to indoor wear, also red and gold is always a perfect combo. Sticking with the gyspy theme pair the look up with a gold pump, but don't go cheesy go classy like the Aldo Bremseth shoe ($60). This shoe is classic and can tansition from day to night. Instead of doing straight up bangles try something funky and sophisticated like the H&M watch bangles. It's has a gyspy feel thanks to that it's a pack of bangles but has a grown up look to it with the added watch effect. To keep the whole look grown up throw over a fitted black blazer like the ASOS Tailored Blazer with Power Shoulders ($119).

For Play: What gypsy is without her turban and bangles? Do a fun and funky turban like the Teal Luxe Turban Headband  by ROCK 'N ROSE ($28). The green color really stands out and will have a great twist to the dress. Since this dress is a little longer I would stay away from doing knee/mid-calf boots, but try to pair up the look with ankle booties. If you want to toughen up the look try a bootie that has a buckle or ties up. Do a think cuff bracelet like the Topshop Ridge Metal Cuff ($30). The bigger the better, the more bangles the better. Also go big with a big ring, stay with the rustic feel like the ASOS Just Access Popo Long Slim Ring ($22). To finish off the whole look do a bold red lip!

What are you guys doing for Halloween? Any costume ideas?

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