January 21, 2012

Activist Eyewear X Alfred Julius

Back in December I was invited to go to an event by Activist Eyewear for their launch of their collaboration project with Alfred Julius....bowties + sunglasses who could pass up on that....WELL unfortunately work has been crazy busy for me and I spend most nights in the office on the weekdays then outside so I had to miss the launch party. Thankfully the Creative Director at Activist Eyewear, Mark Craig, shot me over the lookbook to share with you guys! Just hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen because ladies I'm sure you are going to want your man in these shades and bowties and guys prepare to shell out some cash.


The whole idea behind this collaboration is fantastic to me. I love that it's branding a name that has just launched, Alfred Julius, with an eyewear company that looks at the bigger picture. Activist Eyewear isn't only just about making sunglasses but are about making sunglasses fit for you. They have crafted form fitting technology which they call Split Fit (so that you don't feel the weight of your sunglasses just on your ears or the bone behind your ear) and they also custom design nose pads (each frame has a different type of padding for the right amount of softness and grip). They also take in consideration of your glasses being well kept. Their case is made of waxed canvas and "with a double-snap closure and a neoprene gasket to seal out dirt..." (activisteyewear.com) and their microfiber handkerchiefs are not only meant for keeping your glasses clean but also your pockets colorful and bright. Now with this collaboration your neck can get in on the fun with a funky bow tie.

I'll be honest I'm in TOTAL love with this man in the lookbook. If I saw him sitting across from me on the train I would def. stare at him...because I'm a creeper like that and I love well dressed people....I'm also in love with the Walkabout frames (second picture on the right)! The lens are out of this world. It's a nice twist on your usual aviators.

So where can you buy this combo: ActivistEyewear.com or if you live in New York the Tina Catherine Eyewear and Optical Boutique.

What do you guys think of the combo?

Now I leave you with a video from the event.

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  1. Sounds good, my sunglasses always hurt my nose, not comfy at all! Would be good to have them fit correctly and be more comfortable.

    Just found your blog, following you now. Love your style, especially your peach jeans and Litas in the post before!

    I hope you'll stop by my blog sometime to say hey and follow me back if you like it :)

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


  2. Nice post! He looks handsome with his outfit.

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  3. He is so stylish; love it when men are dressed like that hehe.
    Hope all is well! xo


  4. really nice and so different, thanks for your lovely comment! ^^
    xoxo, Alena


  5. thanks for your comment! my sister has put up a new post on our blog and we would love to hear what you think!



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  7. OMG this is fabulous! Is this collection coming to Australia? Business Chic gents here need this please! THx for sharing !

    1. BusiChic - we would love to share our collection with Australia. Can you make any stockist recommendations for us? anthony at ActivistEyewear dot com.

    2. How fabulous - I'm sending you an email now :)

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