January 30, 2012

DIY: Studded Friendship Bracelet

One day I was doing my usual online browsing when I came across Urban Outfitters Studded Friendship Bracelet. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that they were trying to sell this bracelet for $14! I loved the idea of this bracelet but was not willing to drop $14 on it when I knew I could do it myself for much less (I already have the friendship bracelet floss)...so what did I do. Order some studs online and DIYed it!

What you'll need: 

- Embroidery Floss (12 set from Blick Art $5.99)
- Studs (bought mine from StudsandSpikes.com for $2.06 for the Standard English 77 cones bag of 50)
- Safety pin
- Something to pin your bracelet to like a pillow...your jeans that you are wearing...whatever is easiet for you so that it doesn't move when making your bracelet. 
- Scissors

1. Start with friendship bracelet pattern. I started with a Chevron pattern bracelet. If you need a to learn how to make them I used this site...if you're more a visual person this video is also very helpful (there are  a lot of sites out there trust me I had to look them all up to relearn how to make them). Make sure to pin down your bracelet to a working station. **Remember to measure out your bracelet as you go along to the size of your wrist**

2. Once you have your bracelet measured out tie the ends and cut the extra floss off...leave enough tail behind to be able to tie it around your wrist.

3. Before pushing your studs through figure out where you want to place them.

4. Once you figured out your placement start studding! Remember to push the backs in if you are using push pin ones.

VIOLA! You have a studded friendship bracelet.

Just an FYI this is probably something that won't take you one day to do unless you really sit down and do it OR have fast fingers. Making friendship bracelets is a great project to do while traveling, that's for sure!

What do you guys think of this DIY? Are you going to give it a try? 

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  1. That looks really cute! Nice job :)

    XX Kathryn


  2. so funny ! I was do this when i was 13 ! The fashion is so amazing lol

  3. Cool DIY! I have everything expect those studs... I will be buying some :)
    xo V


  4. love your DIY!!!

    Love L

  5. Great DIY! Also love the ring on your right hand!

  6. Such a cool idea! Love the colors of the bracelet too!


  7. You are rocking some gorgeous finger candy in these shots. Love the rings.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. Wow this is so cool! The most stylish DIY I've seen in a while!


  9. Very cool! I used to make these bracelets (without the studs) all the time! I LOVE the idea of adding studs.

    You are adorable! Love the date night outfit too!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I just followed you on Bloglovin!

    Savannah Marie

  10. Omg you are going to have to let me know how those shorts are when you get them from Topshop! So jealous!!! xo V


  11. oh how cool! such an interesting twist on the classic friendship bracelet :)


  12. So great when you find cool stuff that you know you can DIY for less.

    Love your rings too.

  13. Seriously, Urban Outfitters charges sooo much for things that cost so little to make! Yours looks so good.
    xoxo Charity
    ps--I am hosting a lovely giveaway, feel free to stop by!

  14. This would be so fun to do with a bunch of friends! I'm having a girls night this weekend...we might have to try this!


  15. aw this post is really interesting!!


  16. I've always wanted to know how to do this, so thank you so much for sharing!


  17. OMG what a pretty Bracelets. This is my first time to this site but my friend has told me about your work and you are very very good!
    Stud Bracelets

  18. Whoa! I think the knitting is awesome. It must have taken a lot of skills and attention to detail and create such a great pattern. You made it sound all so easy. Haha! Kudos on a job well done. I think this is gorgeous. :)
    Cindy Wilson

  19. I’m loving that friendship bracelets have made a comeback – so many memories! I don’t think mine look quite as perfect as yours does, but I’m into making red, white and blue versions this week :-)

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