May 21, 2012

Inspirational Monday: Studded


I've always been a fan of studs. In high school I had studded everything: belts, bracelets, etc.. I'm a little punk rocker at heart. I'm in love with the gurney lower eastside...especially what St. Mark's Place use to be like. I miss the grittiness of CBGB's. Even though I dress pretty polished or girly I'm really a New York Rocker at heart. I love studded items and I'm starting to get the impulse to stud everything again. I love that Zara has studded girly pieces and that Chloe came out with Susan Studded Ankle Boot. They are the perfect mix of feminine and rockstar glam.

What do you think about studded items?

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  1. Those boots are killing me! I've been dreaming about them for years now. I NEED THEM!

    1. Nasty Gal has a similar pair of boots for only $188 lol

  2. amazing things!!! Boots are great!

  3. Love the chloe boots and the studded lapels on that blouse. Def a stud fan!

  4. Seriously - you and I are cut from the same cloth. You love studs, have a soft spot for CBGBs and aren't afraid to be a little punk rock. Perhaps we're related? = P

    House Of Jeffers

  5. Loving studs right now!

    xo Jennifer

  6. oh I've always been a fan of studs too! my friends used to make fun of me lol
    these items are absolutely gorgeous! x

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  8. I love studs, and I'm about to buy some similar boots in another color!

  9. Ahh ! i think i just read like a million posts on your blog. Love it. And this post made me squeal in delight. I love studs. and I actually saw a pair of boots similar to those today and i was in love. amazing stuff! happy blogging :)



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