March 24, 2010


One of my friends on facebook invited me to become a fan of this fantastic organization called ChemoClothes.

Like many individuals facing cancer, Deb Levy took comfort in knitting scarves
while she endured the debilitating effects of chemotherapy. After she lost
her courageous battle, her son, Jared Levy, realized he wanted to do more
than just participate in walks and other existing ways to raise funds for
cancer research, treatment and programs.In 2008, Jared founded ChemoClothes
in order to turn handcrafted items into contributions. Together we collected
handmade works, held a few fundraisers and spread the word. In our first
full year of operation, we raised $13,000. -Facebook profile

I think that is absolutely fantastic. As someone who has lost a loved one from cancer and has another loved one who is a cancer survivor this is just fantastic. If you're creative and looking to get involved with an organization I defiantely think you should donate whatever it is that you make. Take a look at their website. Or if you are looking to buy some handmade crafts why not buy from Chemocares! Cute homemade crafties and for a great cause! These have everything from jewelry to cermaic pots to quilted blanks to knitted goods!
Handmade Sweater $25

Beautiful Multi-colored Quilt $300
Wool Knit Cap $10

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