March 19, 2010

Kevin Devine

I'm so excited I'm seeing Kevin Devine tonight at the City Winery! I've seen Kevin Devine plenty of times but it never gets old!

If you don't know who he is, you need to check him out. He is a singer/song writer from Brooklyn New York. He's a indie-emo artist that I guess you can say sounds a little like Bright Eyes. To say the least he is probably one of the most humble musicians you will ever see live. You honestly can tell that he is thankful to be playing whatever show it is no matter where it is. He also has a stage present unlike anyone I have ever seen. Someone that is willing to share random stories about his life and might not even be good for his image but thats the great thing its like he's saying fuck it this is who I am. Also how many other musicians would play a song twice because they didn't think the first time sounded all that great? If you ever have an opportunity to see him live, just do it!

And there this podcast video that Manchester Orchestra did while they were on tour with Kevin Devine and Brand New well Jesse Lacey.I find it HILARIOUS and whenever I'm sad or upset I watch this because it just makes me laugh. Actually all the podcast from this tour are pretty damn funny. Makes me wish I was there BFF!

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