March 8, 2010

Let's Get a Little Personal

Here's to wishful thinking. I just signed up for a course at FIT (Fashion Institute of New York) that starts next week, March 18th. I'm really hoping that the course isn't full yet. I really need to start taking some classes or something. After graduating college I feel like theres a void that is empty. That I need to start working towards something. Right now I work in the radio business, I like my job but maybe it isn't excatly what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. I love music and I love fashion. Always have always will. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this class just thinking about it makes me feel excited. The class is called Introduction to Fashion Styling and the class description just sounds awesome:
If you have a strong visual sense and an aptitude for working with color and
proportion, consider becoming a fashion stylist, creating visual solutions for
publications, media, and entertainment events. This course provides an in-depth
study of the stylist’s role in print and interactive media, with an emphasis on
fashion and home fashion. The actual work and responsibilities of the assistant
stylist and stylist—from shopping and prepping merchandise to working with
models and layouts—are covered. The specifics of styling professionalism are
taught. Program is highly interactive, with work assignments.

Also another good thing about this is if I love the direction of this course and want to following it after I take TWO courses I can sign up to be certified for a Fashion Stylist. So lets keep the fingers crossed that the class isn't full!

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