March 31, 2010

Wedding Rings?

I was flipping through the blog A Cup Of Jo and found her post on Wedding Rings. She had posted this picture:

I'm absolutely in love with this ring. It's from a Brooklyn shop called St. Kilda. I love how simple and classic this ring is. I love the script writing on it and that it says "Loved." So very cute.
I'm also in love with:
Once again just love the simplicity of it and the little diamond to give it a little something.
Whenever I look at Wedding things I always feel bad. It's like every time I hear a great love song I always thing "O that needs to be played at my wedding reception." I think I just feel bad because I feel like I might be pushing further ahead then my boyfriend is, but I'm a girl I'm allowed to. Right? I think most of us have been planning our weddings since we were little girls anyway. But gosh I really love that first Wedding ring.

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