March 21, 2010

Nice Day for A Walk in SoHo

Today I went down to SoHo to the Young Designer Market called The Market. There were some really great designers there and got some business cards from them. Didn't buy anything though since I was basically there for a homework assignment plus I really need to start budgeting myself. Anyway after wards I walked around went to different boutiques and stores. I went into Rebecca Taylor's boutique and loved EVERYTHING. I absolutely love her spring collection. Lots of floral prints and vibrant colors. You can check out her collection on her website.

Also found another store that I absolutely loved it's Pinkyotto! Their clothes are so cute! Lots of dress with lots of different prints. I loved this one dress that was white and had black little stars on it. Also had lots of floral prints and frilly tops and dresses. Pinkyotto carries some cute jumpers too. If you're ever in NYC, LA, or Boston you should defiantely go to their store. You can visit their website but their shop online feature doesn't work. Which is def a total bummer!

I came close to buying a pair of shoes that were on sale for $39...they were originally $145! But for some strange reason I talked myself out of it! UGH! What was I thinking! Also sound some cute shorts that were on sale for $29 from $100something but they only had a size small! Wish I could have squeezed into them! I guess it's better that I didn't. My bank account and closet and draws can't handle anymore new clothes. Next apartment needs a bigger closet.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

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