March 1, 2010

Mission: High Heels

I always see woman in high heels and wonder how they can manage to walk in the city with them and how their feet don't hurt within 10 minutes of walking. I had a friend in High School that wore high heel boots all the time and anytime she had on sneakers or anything else she use to complain how uncomfortable they were, which is such a weird concept to me. I usually wear Uggs, flats, flip flops, sneakers, etc. on the weekends or to work (at work I have two pairs of heels that I can change into) but I barely ever wear heels out. On New Years Eve I wore high heels and I couldn't last. Mind you I was standing all night but still plenty of other girls were and were dealing much better then I was. Now my mission is to start practicing wearing and walking in heels. I have plenty of cute open toe shoes with heels on them and I would like to wear them more often then just once on a special occasion with spring/summer. I have a habit of buying high heels and never really wearing them because I always go back to what I'm more comfortable in. I want to feel comfortable in heels because I feel great wearing them. They make me feel more sexy in whatever outfit I have on. So today I decided to start putting this into effect: I wore my H&M high heel mid cut boots. Not so bad so far. Almost slipped on some ice this morning and the cobble stone near the school/trainstation in Brooklyn isn't so easy to walk on with heels and snow/ice still covering it but all in all my feet are still in good condition. Even my boyfriend this morning told me how pretty I look, he's usually still half a sleep by the time I'm almost out the door. Now I just wish that it would stop rain/snowing so I can wear my heels more often.

Lets consider this Day 1 of Mission: High Heels

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