February 28, 2010

Recent Buys

Yesterday I dragged my boyfriend to the Amanda Uprichard Warehouse Sale. I love shopping with him because he's the most honest person that I know. If he doesn't like it he'll say so. Which was perfect for yesterday since the store was small and they only had two mirrors one in the back where all these girls were crowded and one huge mirror in the front. It wasn't packed when we first walked in there but it got pretty full while we were in there. I must say it was great! I ended up buying two dresses that were $30 each but the woman at the counter cut me a little deal so it ended up only costing $50 for both. If you haven't gone yet defiantly make it a point to hit it up today since today is the last day of the sale! Also just be prepared to take some of the clothes in to the dry cleaners. Some of the dresses and shirts (like the ones I bought) are pretty wrinkly. Either way these clothes are a steal!

Afterward we hit up the Manhattan Mall so I could get some much needed white tank tops. I wear them almost every day under a t-shirt for work but most if not all have holes in them. I went to Charlotte Russe since they have Buy 2 for $15 on tanks. I must say it was really hard not to buy anything else from there. All their spring stuff is super cute! Lots of pastel colors. Lots of flower trimmed tanks and halter tops. I do however want to go back this week and try on this white dress that I saw, I just remembered last night that I have $25 Visa Gift card that I haven't used yet. I was disappointed that they didn't have any cute belts, they only had two selections. But I did buy 2 earrings that would go perfectly with my new dresses. Even their accessories are pretty pastel colors with flowers. Also they have the best dale 2 for $8...how can you go wrong?

We also went to see Shutter Island last night and can I just say... O M G! I thought it was great while the boyfriend said it was ...Okay. No it was great. I thought the movie was going one way and it totally went the other way. Also the colors and imagery in the movie were AMAZING! I recommend going to see it. It is a little long but I say go see it!

Anyway time to get dressed and start my day. Laundry and food shopping ahead for this girl!

Hope you all have a great Sunday!

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