February 23, 2010

Rainy Days

Today is a rainy, cold, windy day in the city. I found it hard to actually get up out of bed this morning because it was still dark outside but I still got up, got dressed, put my rain boots on and headed to work. Days like today I am thankful I decided to buy my rain boots since I have to walk 3 avenues to a train station. Mine are nothing to special they are just black with white and red plaid but there are some super cute rain boots out there. I saw one girl with just a simple powder pink boots and another woman had on just black rainboots that had a heel to them. So I decided to investigate online and find some cute rainboots.

My finds:

Woman's Retro RainBoots- Grey $24.99 - Target

Chooka Victoria Secrets Rainboots $69.00

Delia's Henry Ferrera Graffiti Rainboot $49.50

Also is it possible to be in love with rainboots because I think I am with these:

Chooka Moto Studded Rainboots-$80.00 Shopbop.com

I have this weird obession with any Hello Kitty and Cupcakes...so OF COURSE I love these rainboots and I wish I had them on right now!
Chooka Hello Kitty Cute! $49.99

For some reason I like these....They are probably really great in snow too:

Lacoste Bundle NS- $87.96 Zappos.com

And these are just some FASHIONABLE rainboots!

Aquatalia by Marvin K- $259.90 Zappos

How much would you be willing to spend on rainboots? I don't think I'd spend anymore then $24.99 on rainboots no matter how much I love them....

What did you think of these finds? Do you own rainboots?

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