February 25, 2010

Winter Blues

I'm seriously going through some winter blues. This past weekend was such a tease with the nice weather. I was able to just wear a scraf and my leather jacket while taking a walk through the park. Now it's a snowy mixed mess outside. I'm tired of having to bundle up before leaving the house. I just want to wear summer dresses, skirts without tights, and flip flops. These are the things that I look foward to with the warmer weather. I want to be able to walk outside with out a coat, a scarf, and a hat on. I would be happy just to walk outside with a hoodie or a light jacket. I'm also tired of seeing snow. I want to see the sun. I want to feel it's warmth.
As Brand New lyrics says "I need the smell of summer, I need it's noises in my ears."

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