February 19, 2010

Have to Have This!

There are few things from American Eagle that I go "I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!" Yesterday was one of those times. I decided to take a walk to the new AE on 42nd St., which is huge and gorgeous! It was actually really hard to take everything in at once. They have a much bigger jewelry section then any other AE that I've ever been too and Aerie has it's own floor, which is like having an Aerie store within AE. There were a lot of cute jewelry that I passed up buying and lots of pretty flowery skirts and shirts. But the one thing that caught my eye was their Poncho Hoodie. So soft. So me. So I had to have it.

American Eagle $39.95

I also ended seeing a cute yellow and blue plaid shirt that was on sale for $19.95 and figured hey why not! (Which is what I'm wearing today!)

American Eagle (on the website it's $29.95 but bought it in store for $19.95?)
All in all American Eagle has some really good finds for the spring. Lots of bright colors. Execpt I wouldn't buy anything just yet (besides the Poncho Hoodie). I feel like most stuff at AE goes on sale pretty quickly. I usually end up waiting to buy anything from there to see if it goes on sale, unless it's one of those I have to have it moments.

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