March 12, 2010

Spring Fashion Accesories

Heart Watch Ring TopShop $19.14 (US Dollars)

Forever 21 $15.80

Nina Ricci $1,900

Miu Miu $1,650

Miu Miu $610

Nina Ricci Peep Toe Platform Booties $1,450

Christian Louboutin Peep Toe Mary Jane $995

Just a nice mish mash of designer and not so designer stuff for spring. I dream for the day that I can spend $1,000 on shoes. One day...One day...

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  1. Radar,

    A. I hear you on the spending 1K on shoes. I tried to see how much price tag shock I could take today going through the designer section of Nordstrom Rack and well...I kinda almost died. A lot. And I also kinda almost bought $200 Manohlo's until I walked out.

    B. I absolutely positively times a million and one love your blog.

    C. I feel like I should repeat B. Glad my best friends are getting big in the world :P .


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