April 10, 2013

Introducing Jewelry Desinger Daria de Koning

I feel so lucky to live in a city full of creative people, and I love meeting people that are passionate about their work. I had the pleasure of meeting fine jewelry designer Daria de Koning at her studio space. De Koning is not only passionate about her jewelry work but her jewelry is unique and creative. Even her background is unique, she is formally trained in art and graphic design, but then went into graduate school to become a Gemologist. She not only has these trades, along the way she picked up metalsmithing which she uses to hand create all her jewelry pieces. Since her jewelry is hand crafted, her pieces can be customized.

I truly fell in love with all of her jewelry. As a bride-to-be I gravitated to her pearl earrings, which really are the perfect wedding day earrings. Along with the wedding/engagement ring bands. I have gotten into a habit of stalking out wedding bands and I loved the simplicity and daintiness of  de Koning's bands.

All of de Koning's jewelry are statement makers. It's amazing to think that de Koning has hand designed and made the pieces herself- especially as someone who always wished she could whip of a piece of fashion. In high school my best friend and I tried to make charm bracelets. Well, I was constantly in the beading stores in the Fashion District because I lost at least a charm a week. Needless to say I am not a jewelry maker...and I can barely sow. I'm totally impressed with de Koning unique creativity. She thinks outside the box, which a lot of woman now and days are looking to stand out amongst the rest.

De Koning's pieces speak for themselves. I look forward to working with de Koning on future projects. You all will have to wait and see with that. And I look forward to seeing what other unique designs she will come up with next.

Visit her website to learn more about her and her work: Daradekoning.com

What do you think of her jewelry?

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  1. absolutely love that first necklace! It's all very nature inspired which is totally me <3

  2. They look SOOOOOO GORGEOUS! Love the shapes and the earrrings are SOOOOOOO outta this world!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  3. love the first earrings, they are awesome!
    wanna follow each other? let me know!:)
    xx Vanes



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