August 10, 2015

Backing Up My Memories with Google Photos

 photo googlephotos10_zpschqjme97.png

There was a day and time where I use to carry my point and shoot camera wherever I went. Every college party, random get togethers, vacations, etc. were all captured through my trusty point and shoot. Now and days all of my memories are captured on my iPhone. Unlike the old days where I would upload pictures from my camera to my computer instantly, I don't exactly do that with my phone (at least not as often as I should). Thanks to Google Photos they solved what could be my worst nightmare, losing all my photos! Through Google Photos you can back-up all your photos onto their cloud service. You can organize your photos into categories (food, places, etc.), instantly share photos, create albums and, my favorite, create animations. You can log-on to your Google account and checkout your backed-up photos on their online photo app.

In celebration of the Google Photos, Google drove around NYC in the Waffles & Dinges truck giving away FREE waffles for a week! Who doesn't love free waffles? All you had to do was #PayWithaPhoto by taking the Google Photo challenge, each participant had 20 seconds to find a item on their phone and you win a waffle. Even if you couldn't find the picture, like myself (who has a picture of an alley on their phone?!?), you still were a winner of a free waffle! After getting my waffle fix, my husband and I decided to walk around the city for a bit and creating our own memories. We took in the sights and the early Saturday afternoon hustle of Midtown East. It's nice to know that my photos on my phone now will saved.

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Dress: Zara | Sandals: Dollhouse via Necessary Clothing | Bag: Rebecaa Minkoff | Sunglasses: c/o Boohoo

pictures by Brian Cavanaugh

Learn more about Google Photos here and get the app for yourself!

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  1. Love the Rebecca Minkoff bag! And free waffle- that sounds amazing :D


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