March 26, 2012

Inspirational Monday: The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

So here is the nerd in me...I'm a total Hunger Games freak. I have been wanting to read this book and when I finally got around to it I read it in less then a week. I haven't been so captured by book in a long time...the last one I can even think of is Water For Elephants (which that to was turned into a movie). I love the way Suzanne Collins writes in the tone of Katniss and her attention to details. Even though through the first book and now the second one I have to often remind myself this is a teen novel. The love story that is intertwined in the book plays an important role but sometimes is over powered and sometimes I wished she focused on the darkness of the Capitol...With saying that these books are dark and I was actually quite surprise how bloody it is (yes I knew what the book was about but honestly you feel the power of the Hunger Games through her writing). Anyway...I love Peeta and I think Josh Hutcherson did a great job portraying this love stricken, charismatic guy. I even must say Hutcherson is so awkwardly cute. Sorry Gale but I have a super soft spot for Peeta. There were times during the book where I had to hold back my tears since I was on the train and let me tell you I definitely cried during the movie. I was really impressed by the costume for Effie and Elizabeth Banks portrayal of her. Before the movie I wasn't sure how that was going to work out. But to my surprise Banks was spot on with her character. I even loved the costume design for really helped that Collins gave such detail explanation on her characters look.

Effie Trinket and Katniss from

I was a bit disappointed in the chariot scene since in the book it's SOOOOO grand but to me in the movie it fell so flat. has up a gallery of designer sketches of Katniss Firedress...they should have went with one of them....Just saying.

Overall the movie was good, not as great as the book. If they put all the details from the book into the movie it would have to have been more the 2 hours and 22 minutes for sure.

PS The nerd in me really wants a replica Hunger Games Training shirt! SO BADASS! Also loving the China Glazer Hunger Games nail polish.

Are you into the whole Hunger Game fandemonium?

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  1. ohhh I want to see this movie SO BAD.

  2. Mm, I want to see the movie as well, but maybe I have to read the books afterwards.

  3. I want to see this movie so badly! I love that dress so much too, the colour is amazing.

    Alexandra xo

  4. Yes, I am VERY into the fandemonium, I agree, I thought the chariot scene fell short BUT still loved the movie!
    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

  5. She had a really cool coalminer's daughter meets Lanvin look for the movie.

    That red dress is great!

  6. I love the Hunger Games! I saw the movie the other night and I thought it was fabulous. The book was obviously better because you really feel the experiences that the characters go through, but for a book-to-movie adaptation I thought it was amazing. And I definitely cried too!

    Xo Chelle

  7. Love that movie!!

  8. woah didnt know there was a hunger games china glaze collection.. i havent read the book but I'm gonna do so :)

    re: pandora charms are expensive too here.. they start at like 50$ or something like that for the silver ones..


  9. Thanks for the insperation, now i know what to wear for the premier!! ♥

    xoxo Carolina Ferretti //

  10. omg. love, love, love this post. i'm a huge fan of the books. these pieces are all so appropriate! thanks for sharing!



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