March 3, 2012

NYFW: Whitney Eve's Fall 2012 Collection Debuts at Lincoln Center

above photo taken by me (see fb page for more photos)

Whitney Eve by designer Whitney Port was another show that I was super excited to have gotten an invite too. I have been a long time fan of Port-- ever since she was on The Hills I wanted to be bffs with her. And then I was probably one of the very few that watched The City. I adore her and her style and was SUPER excited to see that she was showing at Mercedes-Benz Fall 2012 Fashion Week. But the real stunner to me was that I was invited to cover her show. It was another freak out in front of my computer but this time my bf knew what I was talking about since I use to make him watch The Hills and The City with me.

I wasn't surprised that Port had her models walking down the runway to Beyonce "Who Runs the World (Girls)" and M.I.A "Bad Girls."  Her aesthetic was what I had expected to see from her-- very girly feminine looks. I loved her use of unique prints, light and flirty materials, and a mix of materials. Her inspiration was based off of a kaleidoscope that she found in her grandmother's closet hence the unique patterns. Some of the looks were a total hit to me like the first look of the spotted pattern peplum top and matching pants along with the third look of the cut out flirty dress with the cardigan. Unfortunately some of the looks totally missed the mark to me. The ruffles on the shoulders on some the shirt appeared to big and made the models look bulky. Also the some of the styling on the looks were over styled. The the mix of to many patterns threw my eye off, I couldn't concentrate on the article of clothing. I had really wished she took the leggings off of some of the dresses like the velvet black splattered dress. I found that dress so appealing but seeing it with the leggings made me cringe a bit. Not saying that the leggings weren't pretty but just not mixed with the heavier dress that can stand out on it's own. Also I don't know if I would have paired up a peplum top with velvet wide leg pants, I feel like tops that are peplum should stick with a slim shiloutte. Honestly, I think if you were to divide out the collection and looked at pieces singularly the collection works. There are lots of pieces that I would wear but definitely style differently to my taste. It is a collection that I think tons of woman can pick through and style the way they see fit.

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Okay so there were some bumps in Whitney Eve's collection but this was Port's big first showing. I can see her growing and really coming into her own.

What do you think of Whitney Eve's Fall 2012 show?

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  1. oh that nude dress!perfect.beautiful outfits.

  2. lovely collection!

  3. Love the printed maxi skirt! She really has grown as a designer!

  4. love the collections!

  5. omg such a beautiful collection!! love your blog, wanna follow each other darling? :) xo

  6. These collections look gorgeous, as you said very feminine! I love the patterns and colours used. xx

  7. she has had a lot of criticism for this show, such a shame! i watched the city too, i love Whitney and she will be crushed! hope she does better next time x

  8. wow lucky you!
    I'm a new follower to your blog! x

  9. Wow, congrats to Whitney for her first! But the collection is very simple and yet colorful. Love it!


  10. Great collection!!
    I loved your blog! Thank you for visiting my!
    I'm following you!

    Kisses, Rebeca

  11. My favorite look is the upper left. I agree about peplums and slim silhouettes.


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