June 18, 2012

Inspirational Monday: Electric Bras

You Sexy Little Thing

American Eagle outfitter, $29. 50 (on SALE NOW for $19.99)
H M underwire bra, £7.99 ($12)
American Eagle outfitter$29. 50 (on SALE NOW for $19.99)
American Eagle outfitter$29. 50 (on SALE NOW for $19.99)
American Eagle outfitter$29. 50 (on SALE NOW for $19.99)

I don't usually do post on lingerie but I couldn't help share my little pops of bright finds. This season is all about bright color and skin. No I'm not saying walk out the house with just a bra on but do show a glimpse of sexy by wearing a neon bra with a sheer top. Or my favorite look-- the muscle tee with bigger arm holes that bare the side of your straps of your bra. For this look pick a bra that has lace paneling and that is brightly colored. To really make your look pop still with dark t's. For sheer tops white is the best to really show off your assets-- just remember to choose bras for this look with padding you don't want to show off everything.

With this trend you don't need to spend a lot of money on new bras. My favorite is the Arie Vintage Lace Underwire Bralette they are originally $29.50 but are on sale NOW for $19.99! These come in four delicious colors (as seen above) and with a price tag like that you can stock up. Personally, I'm a huge fan of Arie undergarments, they are inexpensive, last along top, and so soft and plush. For the big spenders out there my pick is the Stella McCartney Jane Snuggling Underwire Bra ($140)-- I just adore the lace design and the back lace detail.

What do you think of the neon bras?

PS I got a lot of questions about my H&M boots in my last post. Yes I did get them recently...like last week recent lol. I really got lucky with them, there were only 2 left and one just happened to be in my size. 

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  1. I totally love the idea of a nenon bra and a sheer top
    have a nice and stylish week darling
    come and say Hi,
    The Dolls Factory

  2. ooh lala LOVE them! I recently bought a nude bra with neon orange accents and I LOVE wearing it under semi sheers!

    XO Sahra

  3. oh i love this neon trend in underwear.
    the stella mccartney and the h&m ones are really great.

  4. Great post: I like these sexy little things so much!!
    What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???
    Win a Yosi Samra pair of shoes

  5. Colors!!! Lovely bras!


  6. I like the idea of a neon bra under a sheer top, but I think it's a look best suited for smaller chested girls!

    1. I agree that the neon bra under a sheer top works better with smaller chested girls but for buster girls I think a muscle t or a tank top that shows some of the side panels would work well.

  7. Love that Stella one...it's so dainty and chic! But the AE ones are definitely more in my price range. Nice picks!


  8. Love these neon underthings and am totally gonna be pairing one of these under a tank with big arm holes.

    Sea and Swank


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