June 8, 2012

Nailspiration: Drip Nail Art

image from Pale Divison

I was going through my daily blog roll when I came across Pale Divison's entry about her Chanel Drip nails. I totally fell in love with them! From the pink to the gold background. I was also more impressed that she was able to do the dripping Cs. I do not have a steady enough hand but I did think that just maybe I could pull of this drippy nail art myself. I guess you can be the judge....

What I Used: 

1. Base Coat used: Essie Protein Base Coat
2. Your Base Color used:  Chanel Graphite 
3. Nail Art Polish- Black- used: Sinful Color Time Off
4. Nail Art Polish- Pink- used: Art Club Lilac 


1. Start with you base coat. Here I used the Essie protein base coat since my nails are so delicate they need the protein. 

2. Pick a metallic base coat. I went with my Chanel (in spirit of the project) Graphite color. It's the perfect hint of shimmer and metallic. 

3. Start the dripping process!! I started with the Lilac nail polish from Art Club. I used this on all my fingers but the pinky and pointer finger. Use fine thin nail art paint brushes, you want to gather enough paint on the end of the thin brush that you can. Start at the tip of your nail and pull down the paint. This will start  to create the dripping feel. On the pointer and pinky I used my black Sinful Color nail art paint.

*Create dripping Cs. I didn't opt for this because I am NOT craft enough for this. But give it a shot if you have steady hands.

*Top coat. You'll have to wait awhile before applying but a bit of top coat won't hurt. Just make sure your nails are dry when you apply.

Finished product: 

What do you think of the drip nail art?

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  1. I love that nails! they are so cool! kisses! ^^


  2. love love ur nails, nice blog

  3. Stepping up your nail art game ;) I like it!

  4. Oh wow such a great idea!

  5. LOVE it! I'm clearly a big fan of drip nail art ;)

    XO Sahra

  6. your nails are so cute!
    Pnk and Gold are my favorite colors!!!
    I follow your blog now!


  7. wow this is incredible! thanks for the tutorial, I might have to try this haha. love the "drip" effect!


  8. Wow, this looks really good! Thanks for the tutorial, I might try this, maybe using pastel colours to avoid looking like blood from the very first photo haha thanks for the idea :)


  9. Totally in love with this! I'm not usually a nail art fan, but this is just amazing! I'm tempted to have a go, but not sure if I have the patience to... Hah!

  10. wooooow that is one awesome idea, your nails look great! i may have to try this out myself soon.


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  11. such a lovely design. i love this soo much and i love ur gold polish. would you like to follow each other?


  12. So nice and creative! I`m your new follower because i love your blog!
    I have beauty blog, maybe you can follow me back, i have lots of Nails of the day :P



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