August 11, 2012

[GUEST POST] Let Your Confidence Shine: Style and Personality by Anya Sarre

I don't usually do guest post but celebrity stylist and Shoedazzle stylist Anya Sarre reached out to me asking if she can do a guest post on my blog. How could I have said no?! I'm very honored to bring you this guest post from Anya Sarre! 

Let Your Confidence Shine: Style and Personality

A woman’s sense of beauty comes more from how she accepts and internalizes her own appearance. But there are many ways that a woman can make immediate changes to herself to help boost her self-confidence and feelings about her outward appearance. We all know that when we look good we feel great! Although we are all different, confidence is a must have accessory for all!

Contentment with one’s style is probably the greatest factor influencing that personal sense of beauty. One woman is completely comfortable and content in sweatpants and a t-shirt, exuding beauty not because of her clothing but because of her satisfaction with her apparel. Another woman may not feel this sense of beauty in casual wear, finding that fancy dresses and elegant shoes are the necessary wardrobe elements that provide confidence and self-worth. The power of fashion is a funny thing in that it doesn’t create beauty so much as it creates attitude. Two women wearing the same design elements will look completely different. Both may look beautiful, but it’s not a function of the clothes. It’s a function of how they feel about their clothes.

Women's shoes are fun to explore in their relation to women’s beauty. Some women’s shoes appear crazy in design yet provide a distinct and amazing appearance when worn by the right person. One woman can’t stand high heels, while another can’t live without them; both women exude an attitude of confidence when wearing fashion that makes them feel comfortable and beautiful. Other people can sense this confidence and will remember that impression about her fondly.

Feeling beautiful in one’s own skin is important. Comfort and confidence are at the root of personal beauty, and what is charming for one woman is not desirable to another. Choice and interest are displayed no more fully than in a woman’s choice of wardrobe. Casual flip-flops and summer shoes can portray the cool confidence that translates to beauty for some, while brilliant embellishments will matter for another. Pretty styles like maxi dresses and wedge heels can combine to create a casual elegance without costing a fortune. For others, the exotic appeal of designer labels motivates and inspires. Regardless of preference, it’s not expense that is at the root of the sense of beauty. It’s that personal satisfaction with the pieces worn and their fit and feel. Strut your style this summer for the world to see!

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  1. lovely post! if you get a sec, i have a new post up, would love to now what you think of it!

  2. True to the whole comfort and confidence message, very true and very right! ;) If you wanted to know what went on at yesterday's UK Blogger Sales, check out my newest post.

    xx nathan.niche


  3. What a lovely post! Great tips.

  4. Thanks for the tips!!! Loving the shoe :) Oh and great blog by the way!!

  5. Nice tips!



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